DIY Cushion Cover Ideas to Make | Handmade Pillows Ideas

Here are 49 DIY Handmade Pillows Ideas that can Adorn your Home for any occasion! All of these ideas are creative cushion cover ideas to make, that you can try easily.

1. Bow Pillow Covers

If your love for pillows is way too particular, you’ll surely love this DIY project. Add joy to your room decor with this stylish no-sew pillow covers, it’s easy and fun to make. Visit DIY Projects to get detailed instructions.

2. DIY Cactus Pillow

Add desert fashion to your bedroom by creating a DIY-ed cactus pillow cover. Here’s the easy-to-follow tutorial.

3. Pillow Talk

Grab a cotton pillow cover, write on it using a sharpie and an alphabet stencil, it’s just that simple! For more information, visit Wit & Whistle.

4. Hoppy Pillow

Bring joy to your kid’s room with these adorable hoppy rabbit pillow DIY. Visit AGF to get a detailed article.

5. Donut Pillow

This is possibly the best food-pillow that you can create using scissors, glue gun, fabric and stuffing! This is an easy no-sew pillow that you can learn from DIY Projects.

6. Printed Cover

For this DIY, purchase fabric of your favorite print and get sewing the cover as per your pillow size. Get the sewing instructions here.

7. Sew Pillow

This DIY is inspired by DIY Projects, buy a suitable fabric for your pillow, and follow the tutorial available here.

8. Little Madam Cushion

This DIY is one of the simplest DIYs you could create today! This little madam cushion is utterly attractive and impactful. Check out the tutorial article here.

9. DIY Knot Pillows

Add texture to your bedroom with these little knot pillows, that you can create in a day if you have all the supplies ready! Visit Little Inspiration to get the instructions.

10. Sharpie Pillow

Choose a word, pattern or phrase and design it on your pillow cover using sharpie with this easy tutorial. It’s an amazing idea to personalize your pillow in a cost-saving manner.

11. Watercolor Paint Pillow

Learn how to paint watercolors on fabric, the patterns look fabulous and it’s simple to create this DIY. We found the idea here.

12. Moroccan Blanket Pillow

Create this lovely looking Morrocan blanket pillow for your room decor or for wedding occasion! Visit here.

13. Printed Pillow

Print a leaf to your pillow fabric by applying fabric dye to the leaf to recreate this DIY. You’ll get the tutorial here, which you can easily translate.

14. Pom Pom Pillow

Decorate your room in a cute fashion with this DIY pom-pom word pillow! To make one such pillow for yourself, follow the tutorial here.

15. Christmas Tree Pillow

Custom decorate your house with these faux leather Christmas tree pillow, perfect for the holiday season! Get the tutorial here.

16. Old Jeans Hexagon Pillow

Recycle old jeans in your wardrobe to replicate this jean hexagon pillow! This way you’ll get a brand new pillow cover without spending a penny on it. The idea is here.

17. Drop Cloth Pillow

Use hot glue, buttons, and drop cloth to create this eye-catchy pillow DIY. The tutorial is here.

18. Sweater Pillow

Recycle your old useless sweaters and some buttons to recreate this DIY pillow project. It’s absolutely easy to make! Here’s the idea.

19. Felt Circle Pillow

Attach felt circles to your pillow fabric either by using hot glue or sew them to the fabric! Visit Whats Your Home Story to get the detailed full post.

20. DIY Tufted Pillows

Create these cute and colorful tufted pillows with a tiny pop of contrasting color in the center! Get help from Sugar and Cloth.

21. Yarn Fringe Pillow

Crochet yarn fringe patterns to any woven pillow cover using just thick yarns of different colors, crochet hook, and fabric scissors! We found the idea at A Beautiful Mess.

22. Scrap Buster Fall Pillow

You should have fabrics of exceptional patterns and a sewing machine to create this spring DIY for your home decor. Once you have all the materials ready, follow this tutorial.

23. Bunny Pillow

Design your home in cute fashion with these snuggle bunny pillows. Read this step-by-step tutorial to know more.

24. Cat Face Pillow

Your kids will definitely love this pillow DIY by A Beautiful Mess. You are just limited by your creativity, create different animals using the same procedure!

25. DIY Upcycled Pillow

Use assorted baby clothes to make this pillow, this can be a perfect gift for mother’s day or as a keepsake favor to your mother! The instructions are here.

26. Sprocket Pillows

These sprocket pillows are beginner-friendly, which means they are easy and fun to make! Follow the sprocket pillow pattern template here.

27. Knit Pillow

You’ll need a bunch of knitting supplies to replicate this project. Once you arrange every material, follow this tutorial.

28. Cat Pillow

This is surely an out of the blue pillow idea you’ll love to try! To modify your home with these realistic cat pillow, see the DIY here.

29. Ornament Pillow

This DIY is perfect for holiday season room decor, you can use them in every holiday and yet you won’t be bored with them! The tutorial is at Studio DIY.

30. Heart Pillow

How about surprising your partner on their special day with this heart pillow project? The idea is here.

31. Silhouette Pillow

Embellish your living space with a little bit of statement by creating this Silhouette pillow DIY.

32. Chunky Plaid Pillow

If you love crochet patterns inside your home, this DIY is the most ideal for you!

33. Pom-Pom Print Pillow

For this DIY, print your favorite designs on a pillowcase using manual efforts and attach cute little pom poms on the four sides! The detailed article is here.

34. Totoro Cushions

You’ll totally love to create this project cushions for your kid’s bedroom, it’s fun and easy to make too! Visit Patches of Colour to get the directions.

35.  Mandala Lavender Pillow

Represent the universe inside your house with these mandala pattern pillows! If you don’t know what mandala patterns are exactly, check this Wikipedia link. For the DIY, visit here.

36. Strawberry Pillows

These strawberry look-alike pillows are easy to make and look utterly delicious! The idea is here.

37. Boxy Floor Cushions

Modify your floors with these boxy shape floor cushions that are quick and easy to model! Watch this video tutorial.

38. Monogram Pillow

DIY a custom buttoned monogram pillow, you can either adorn them in your house or sell/gift them to others!

39. Sequin Pillow

Brighten up your living space with these shiny sequin pillow DIY. This DIY is inspired by My Sister’s Suitcase.

40. Pillow Knockoff

Have one such whimsical pom-pom tassel pillow for yourself by following the tutorial available at The Inspired Room.

41. DIY Pretzel Pillow

If you never get bored of eating pretzels, this DIY is for you and it gives the visual of pretzels all the time, of course! Follow this link to get the tutorial.

42. Rosette Pillow

Fashion this pillow DIY to welcome spring season this year in a different way. Visit Thrifty and Chic.

43. Puppy Pillow

Design a puppy pillow for your kids, they’ll definitely love these! Here’s the idea.

44. Butterfly Collection Pillow

Check out this tutorial to replicate this “CELEBRATING MOM” butterfly pillow DIY.

45. Hello Pillow

Here’s the tutorial to this interesting and inexpensive DIY project!


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