DIY Clay Slime | How to Make Clay Slime

Are you looking for inspiration for your new DIY clay slime project? We got you covered. Read on to discover the perfect list of ideas for a crafty and happy summer!

1. Ice Cream Sandwich Slime

Are you looking for the perfect DIY summer craft? Follow the tutorial for insights on how to make an ice cream sandwich DIY clay slime easily! It’s unique, fun, exciting, and a fabulous learning experience for kids and adults. The tutorial directions are beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about never having done a slime project before. It’s alright if it is your first time working with clay slimes!

2. No Borax Slime Project

Follow this tutorial to make two slimes- a clay slime and a butter slime, using one base slime and two different clays, with no borax! So this slime recipe is non-toxic, quick, excellent, and has the potential to become your favorite one so far. Therefore, use your spare time for good and follow the tutorial for complete information!

3. Unique DIY Clay Simes

Are you looking for underrated slime inspirations to use when you’re in your craft phase? We have some unique, exciting, educational, fun recipes for you in this tutorial! Watch the video when you run out of imagination and want to spice up your usual slime recipes!

4. Huge DIY Clay Slime Collection

This is 1-hour video on all sorts of cool, fun, exciting, de-stress, and awesome DIY clay slime ideas! Clay slimes are beautiful because of all the colors, and they are practical, comparatively easy to store, quick to make, and don’t cost as much. So, what’s the wait? Follow the tutorial and get started!

5. Donut Clay Slime

Follow this beginner-friendly tutorial and learn how to make donuts from clay and put them into slime! This recipe is super cute, original, and exciting, and you will have lots of fun playing with it. The process is pretty quick, so you don’t have to put in much time and effort. Moreover, you can change the color, icing, and shape of the donut as you like! Happy Crafting!

6. Pastel Clay Slime

This DIY involves muted shades, which gives the slimes an elegant text and makes them so pretty! It is inspired by a Korean slime idea and uses light paper clay, which does not sink into the slime and makes the process much easier! Follow the tutorial for a fun and beautiful clay slime recipe!

7. DIY No Glue Clay Water Slime

Do you want to fix yourself a slime in less than 5 minutes? Well, it is possible, and the tutorial is right here! You only need clay, water, a slime activator, and lots of kneading to make this DIY. It’s a quick, fun, beginner-friendly, and meditative exercise! Try this whenever you have 5 minutes to spare and some clay on hand. Have fun!

8. Fluffy Clay Slime

DIY Clay Slime1

Fluffy slime looks soo pretty and is fun to play with! Here’s another fluffy slime tutorial, but this one uses clay to make the fluffy slime even more exciting! For this DIY, you will need two bottles of 40-ounce glue, two packets of polymer clay, moisturizer, slime activator or borax, and lots of kneading, and you’re all set!

9. DIY Clay Slime: Crabbe and Goyle Cupcakes

Are you a Happy Potter fan? It’s okay if you’re not because all of us slime fans want to try out different recipes and make slimes in all sorts of shapes, with many unique and exciting decorations! Here’s a quick and fun clay slime tutorial for Crabbe and Goyle cupcakes from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets which will instantly cheer you up and brighten your mood! Follow the tutorial for details!


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