DIY Bowling Ball Polish | Care Routine for Bowling Ball

Proper care for any sports/games item is essential to ensure the long life of the respective item! Learn these DIY bowling ball polish ideas with tips to keep your bowling ball clean at all times!

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Pro-bowling players can easily tell the difference when their ball is dirty and is not striking as expected. Bowling balls can easily wear out with time because of the dirt and oil it accumulates from the tracks. But when you spend money on a bowling ball, you don’t want it to lose its value in just 20-25 games, that is sometimes just a practice session. Here, we have some DIY solutions for you to keep your bowling ball clean and spotless, and not affect your gaming league. Try this DIY bowling ball polish and care routine to keep the ball striking the tracks as it’s new.

Why does the bowling ball get dirty?

The tracks in all the bowling arenas are polished with oils. This can lead to oil build-up over time if it is not cleaned immediately. The ball loses its grip, which makes it unable to hook and hence, can affect your game scores. Here we have some easy DIY cleaner recipes to take care of your bowling ball which will not only help in keeping your game unaffected but also maintain its aesthetic sheen.

DIY Bowling Ball Polish

Method 1: Cleaning after the game

What you Need


Add equal quantities of all three ingredients in a spray bottle. Mix thoroughly and spray it evenly on your bowling ball and wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

Method 2 – Deep Cleaning

DIY Bowling Ball Polish2

What you Need


Start with covering the finger holes with waterproof tape. This ensures that the water does not seep into it. Now fill a bucket with hot water and add a little dishwashing soap into it so that the water lathers well. Place the bowling ball in it and keep on spinning the ball occasionally. Take it out after 20 minutes, and thoroughly clean with a microfiber towel.

Points to keep in mind

Do not perform this process after every game. Wait for about 50 games before you deep clean your bowling ball. Also, be mindful of what dishwashing soap you are using because some soaps have a fatty base that can seep into the pores of the ball and accumulate more dirt with time.

Method 3: Regular cleaning

What you need


Keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a microfiber towel handy when you go for a league. Keep on cleaning the ball regularly after either every shot or a few shots. Just take a few drops of alcohol on the towel and rub the surface of the ball. Make sure you dry it completely before taking your shot.

Regular cleaning is the most effective way to keep your ball shining and free of any wear and tear. When the ball returns, you can usually find black oil rings or rubber skid marks. Cleaning them immediately will ensure that your bowling ball lasts longer and be as effective as it was in its first game.

How to Take Care of a Bowling Ball

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One of the best ways to maintain your bowling ball is by cleaning it with a microfiber towel after every shot. This ensures that oil does not stay in for long and seep into the ball. After the game, you can clean it using a bowling ball cleaner or use one of the above DIY cleaning processes. Always do a deep cleaning after 50 odd games to get all the oil buildup out of the ball.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t store the ball in a dirty place.
  • Don’t let any liquid enter the finger holes.
  • Overcleaning of the ball can make it lose its original grip.
  • Don’t keep your ball uncleaned for too long.

Now that you have three different DIY bowling ball polish ideas for different timelines, you can take good care for your bowling ball and ensure that it lasts long.


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