13 Deer Skull Mount Ideas | Mounting Ideas for Deer Skulls

These deer skull mount ideas will give you some insight into how you can mount deer skulls on your bedroom or living room hall.

Deer Skull Mount Ideas

1. Store-Bought Deer Skull Mount

If you do not want to make a mount from scratch then you can try buying such kind of deer or animal skull with a metal mount that can easily be attached to any wall. Watch the video to understand better.

2. Multiple Deer Skull Wall Mount

For a more comprehensive look, you can hang multiple deer skulls on a wall. It displays just the faux horns and not the entire skull so that it does not get overwhelming.

3. Wooden Deer Skull Mount

This tutorial shows how instead of hanging directly on the wall, you can use a wood cookie or a tree cookie as the base for the deer skull. Furthermore, you can also find a tutorial to make tree cookies as well in the video above.

4. A Deer Skull Stand

For an authentic look, you can try making this deer skull stand. The wooden log, fake leaves, and other things make it look quite genuine and are a unique way of decorating it. Additionally, this idea is also suitable if you do not want to hang it on a wall and rather keep it on a shelf.

5. Cheap Deer Skull Mount

This tutorial shows an economical way of making a deer skull mount. By using just an L bracket and a screw, you can make this mount. It is important to make sure how wide your antlers go to the back before buying the bracket.

6. Budget Deer Skull Mount

Another budget deer mount, this tutorial shows how you can use a hook for making one so that the skull pops out of the wall rather than being flat on the wall.

7. Vertebrae Skull Mount

Bring a little more life to the deer skull by buying one with a small portion of vertebrae as well. You can also buy artificial ones separately. This way you can mount the skull starting from its vertebrae and make it more three-dimensional.

8. Wire Mounted Deer Skull

This tutorial shows how you can use a wire to mount the deer skull on the wall. It does not require any drilling and you can use an existing nail for hanging the skull.

9. DIY European Mount for Deer

This tutorial shows a step-by-step process for making a deer skull mount from scratch and refurbish it to be suitable for hanging on the wall.

10. DIY Professional European Mount

This tutorial shows a detailed process for preparing the antelope skull from scratch to being ready to hang in the wall. You will find a few extra tips and tricks for cleaning and bleaching the skull.

11. DIY Tutorial for Deer Skull

Another detailed tutorial for cleaning up the deer skull to getting it ready for hanging as a decoration. However, we recommend you buy faux skulls rather than hunting down deers.

12. Cedar Base Deer Skull Mount

You can use an old log from a tree to create a panel for mounting the deer skull on it. The video has a tutorial on how you can create this panel from scratch or buy from the store.

13. Pedestal Mount

Deer Skull Mount Ideas1

For a more lifelike deer skull mount, you can take inspiration from this idea. It creates a nice pedestal for it to sit on and add a different charm to the room.


Always use either faux deer skulls for such decorations or the ones that have naturally died. It is not recommended to hunt for skulls and use it for decoration.


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