Cheesy Slimes Recipes | How To Make Cheesy Slime

Learn how to make cheesy slimes by way of these easy and hassle-free recipes that will give you the best results if you do it right!

Playing with slimes has become quite a popular activity these days. Whether you are a kid, hoping to enjoy another sensory activity, or an adult, using it as a stress buster, slimes have become a huge part of the day-to-day fun activities. With their popularity on the rise, there are numerous recipes available too. There have been many innovations related to the ingredients that can be used to make slime and different add-ons that make slimes even more fun to play. As you look for different kinds of slimes, you are bound to find numerous recipes, including fluffy slime, jiggly slime, and ones with various add-ons such as orbeez, neon lights, food colorings, beads, etc. We’ve collected some cheesy slime recipes in this article for you to experiment with and upgrade your regular slime!

What Is Cheesy Slime?

Cheesy slime is one such slime recipe that makes the slime look like cheddar cheese and with a similar stretchiness of melted cheese. With the right amounts of food coloring, you can make it look identical to cheese and create an illusion of playing with cheese. When completely stretched, this slime looks quite a lot like cheese nachos, making you hungry or crave for some cheesy nachos. 

It is important to remember that since this slime looks a lot like cheese, one should be careful and keep it away from actual food so that it doesn’t mix it up, especially around kids. 

Cheesy Slimes Recipes

If you have been making slime at home, then you will not find these recipes that different. Here is how you can make cheesy slime at home:

Recipe 1


  • 1 cup clear PVA glue
  • Three tablespoons hand lotion
  • One teaspoon baking soda
  • Four tablespoons contact lens solution
  • Three tablespoons yellowy/orange acrylic paint


In a mixing bowl, add some clear PVA glue and paint and mix well. Squirt a few drops of hand lotion and baking soda into the same bowl. Stir the solution well until completely dissolved. Slowly pore contact solution to this mixture, one tablespoon at a time. Mix after adding a spoon of contact solution and keep on adding depending on the consistency you need. We recommend four tablespoons of contact lens solution for a cheesy slice. Keep on stirring until it stops sticking to the bowl. Then knead well, and your cheesy slime is ready.

Recipe 2


  • 1/4 cup PVA Washable White School Glue
  • 3/4 cup corn starch
  • Orange Food Colouring 
  • Shaving foam


Take 1/4th cup of white glue in a bowl and add a few drops of orange food coloring to the glue. Use orange food color because when you mix it with white glue, it will give you a yellow tint like cheese. Add 3/4th cup of cornstarch to the mixture and stir well. Now, add a little bit of foaming shaving cream to create bubbles. Keep on stirring until it stops sticking to the bowl. Knead it well to give it the stretchiness. You may add more food color if the slime doesn’t look like cheese yet.

Recipe 3


  • 1-2 tablespoon Dish soap/Foaming hand soap
  • ½ cup Elmer’s white glue
  • 1 cup Baking soda
  • Orange Food Coloring
  • Water


Mix Elmer’s glue with about a tablespoon of dish soap and add 2-3 tablespoons of water and stir. The mixture will start to foam. Add a little bit of food coloring to this mixture and stir well. Now, add one cup of baking soda. Keep on mixing until it starts turning into a slimy texture. Now, take it out of the bowl and knead well. 


The trick to making a cheesy slime is the right coloring and a foaming ingredient such as shaving cream, lotion, hand soap, etc., which creates a cheesy texture. Try to use coloring as close to the shade of cheese. Use orange food coloring instead of yellow if you are using white glue as it lightens the color. If you are using clear glue, then a yellow pigment should be fine to create a similar shade.

How To Store It

Store slime in an airtight container away from any direct sources of heat. Knead it every few days to maintain consistency and to increase the shelf life. It can last for a few weeks if you knead it occasionally. Make sure you clean your hands before you take them out from the container for kneading or playing.

Always be around the kids when they are playing with slime, especially if they are at an age when they are not careful of what they put in their mouths. These recipes are not edible and adequate precautions must be taken while playing with the slime.


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