Castor Oil for Face Cleansing | Skincare With Castor Oil

Read all about the most effective way of cleaning your face right here! Know all about castor oil for face cleansing and the benefits of adding it to your skincare routine.

What is Oil Cleansing?

The idea of cleaning your face with oil might sound wrong, considering we have been taught to wipe oil and dust from our faces for glowing skin, but it is one of the most underrated and efficient beauty tips ever. Certain natural oils and combinations break down and remove the dirt from the pores while maintaining the natural balance of oils in the face. The process not only eliminates the use of chemicals for the skin, but it also keeps the skin nourished and moisturized.

An interesting fact breaks down the process and explains what happens with oil-cleansing—a principle of chemistry states- “like dissolves like.” The principle, in this case, means sebum, a non-polar solvent can be dissolved by using another non-polar solvent of similar composition.
Cleaning your face with castor oil can deep clean the pores, removing dirt and acne-aggravating bacteria from the skin. The cleansing process removes the unwanted oil and dirt from the pores, replacing it with the beneficial oil properties of castor oil. Regular oil cleansing of the face can help you deal with various skin issues, including blackheads, sensitive skin problems, dry skin patches, and discoloration, as well as acne and blemishes due to oily skin. Oil cleansing can be your answer for a complete chemical-free skincare routine.

Note: There can be an adjustment period for the skin to adapt the oil cleanse, which means you can face more breakouts, before getting none from the process. Consider this to be a detox reaction of the purge; however, if you move past the stage, you will witness nourished flawless skin.

Why Castor Oil?

Castor Oil for Face Cleansing2

A natural astringent, castor oil can easily pull out all forms of impurities from the skin. The healing properties of castor oil also soothe the skin and treat red spots, rashes, and irritated skin patches. Apart from the healing properties, the oil is extremely rich in nutrients and has various skin-boosting benefits. These properties of castor oil help nourish and boost the skin’s health while cleaning the face.

Other oils that can be used for the oil cleanse process are as follow:

  • olive oil
  • sweet almond oil
  • grapeseed oil
  • avocado oil
  • sunflower oil
  • jojoba oil

Castor Oil For Face Cleansing

  1. Mix a teaspoon of castor oil with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. (Ideal oil combinations: For dry or combination skin mix, 1:1 ratio of olive oil and castor oil. For acne-prone and oily skin, use 1:1 oil ratio of jojoba oil and castor oil)
  2. Wipe your face with a tissue to dry your face. Apply the oil mix on your face and massage it gently with your fingertips for two minutes.
  3. The massage helps alleviate make-up, dirt from the pores, and pollutants in the skin as well.
  4. After the massage, gently clean your face with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not scrub or be harsh on your face with the damp cloth as the same can lead to breakouts.
  5. Pat dry with a towel or tissues.
  6. You can apply a small amount of moisturizer if you feel your skin is dry.
  7. Use the oil-cleanse method once a day for the best results. It is best to use this cleansing method at night before bed, so the skin is not exposed to pollutants immediately after the cleanse.

Note: Even as the oil cleanse process is entirely natural and beneficial for all skin types, it can cause allergic reactions or clogged pores for some. Remember to do a patch test and monitor it for twelve hours, before using any new method on your face. 

Are you already using the oil cleansing method for your face? Let us know what oil combination works best for you!


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