Castor Oil and Lemon Peel for Eyelashes

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your eyelashes, try using castor oil and lemon peel as a quick remedy! Learn how to use castor oil and lemon peel for eyelashes below.

Long and thick-looking natural eyelashes are a dream for most of us. Suppose you are one of those who look at other people’s eyelashes and wish you would have such thick-looking and long eyelashes, then this article is for you. Having long fluttering eyelashes can make your eyes look even prettier.

There are many reasons why eyelashes can become sparse. These reasons include poor makeup habits, vigorous rubbing of eyes, vitamin deficiencies, or even genetically thin lashes. Eyelashes usually lose their volume as you age. While there are many artificial ways in which you can give an illusion of thicker and longer eyelashes, you can try some DIY natural methods which can help in improving their texture and volume. Such a way is to use castor oil and lemon peel for eyelashes. Keep reading to find more about it.

Castor Oil and Lemon Peel for Eyelashes

Castor oil and lemon peels, individually, have many hair quality and growth benefits. Combining them with eyelash oil can help in increasing the volume and improving the length of the eyelashes. Castor oil nourishes fatty acids such as ricinoleic acid, a natural humectant that helps in moisturizing and nourishing the eyelashes. Besides, it helps strengthen the hair follicles, which can reduce the falling of eyelashes. When you combine castor oil with lemon peels that have Vitamins A and C, it can promote hair growth and make the lashes long, thick, and lustrous.

How to Use Castor Oil and Lemon Peel for Eyelashes

DIY recipe


  1. 5-6 lemon peels
  2. Castor oil
  3. Sealable jar
  4. Mascara wand


In a sealable jar, take about half a cup of castor oil. Make sure you use the natural cold-pressed castor oil, suitable for application on the skin. Now, add about five to six lemon peels to the oil. Ensure that the lemon peels are clean and free of any pesticide residue.

Submerge them inside the oil seal the jar and keep it aside for at least three days. For best results, let it stay for about five days. Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from any direct heat sources. After that, filter it out in a tube with a mascara wand or any jar, whichever is easy for you to use. Apply this serum gently over the eyelashes every night before going to bed and you will start seeing results in two to three weeks.

Otherwise, you can apply it twice daily, the condition being that you rest your eyes for a minimum of 15 minutes after using this serum. After application, immediately wash your eyes with cold water if you feel any irritation and discontinue using the remedy.

Home Remedies to Improve Eyelashes Volume

1. Petroleum Jelly

Take a small amount of Vaseline/petroleum jelly and apply it over your eyelashes before sleeping. This helps moisturize the eyelashes and the eyelids, which can help improve hair growth. 

2. Green Tea

Boil a few green tea leaves in water or use a green tea bag instead. Let it cool and gently apply the tea bag over the eyelashes. Do this once a day and you will have thick and long eyelashes in a few months. The antioxidants in green tea can reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

3. Shea Butter

Vitamin A and E in shea butter can help improve the quality of eyelashes. Melt a small amount of shea butter and apply it over the lashes before going to sleep.

4. Vitamin E Capsule

Just like for the skin, the Vitamin E capsule can do wonders for your eyelashes as well. You can either apply it directly or mix it with your other eyelash serums. 

5. Coconut Oil

An economical and organic way for thicker eyelashes, you can directly apply coconut oil over eyelashes. Additionally, use a Q-tip for applying it over the eyelids. This will increase the volume of your eyelashes naturally.

6. Olive Oil

Olive Oil consists of a compound called oleuropein, which helps promote hair growth. You can either directly apply olive oil or use it as an alternative to castor oil in the above DIY recipe.

7. Aloe Vera Gel

Use a mascara wand to gently apply aloe vera gel to your eyes. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water. Aloe vera helps in nourishing the eyelashes and promotes healthy growth. However, be careful when you remove aloe vera gel from the lashes.

How To Care For Eyelashes

  1. The basic yet most important tip is to never sleep with makeup on your eyes or mascara in the eyelashes. This can prevent the regular repair and block the hair follicles, that ultimately prevents growth. 
  2. Clean your eyelashes regularly with a mild lotion. Gently rub around the eyelashes and do not use harsh movements. 
  3. Use natural and organic mascara as chemicals in commercial mascara can damage the eyelashes and prevent any natural growth. Besides, removing store-bought mascara can be a little harsh on the eyelashes.
  4. Do not rub your eyes as it can harm both, your eyelashes as well as your eyes.
  5. If you tend to stress your eyes a lot during the day with prolonged screen times, give a little massage with any moisturizing lotion or oil before going to sleep. This will help improve circulation and improve the overall look of your eyes. 
  6. Lastly, having a balanced diet can ensure the overall health of your body, skin, and hair. Hence, a good diet can improve the effects of aging on your eyelashes.


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