Can You Use Chalk Markers on Dry Erase Boards

Know whether can you use chalk markers on dry erase boards by going through this article. Keep reading to know about the topic even more!

Can You Use Chalk Markers on Dry Erase Boards1
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Dry-erase boards are used for all kinds of activities. As opposed to earlier times, they are not restricted to just classrooms anymore. People use it in the kitchen for writing reminders, making lists, creating calendars, etc. They have gained popularity in the restaurants as well to write down menus for a more rugged aesthetic feel. There are a variety of markers available for use on this kind of board. Here we will discuss whether can you use a chalk marker on dry erase boards and if yes, how should you use it.

What are chalk markers?

While there are many dry erase markers available in the market, chalk ink markers have gained popularity because of their vibrant colors and opaque writing. They give the feeling of chalks minus the dust. These are non-toxic, odorless, and have a bullet-pin for precision writing. The whole range of colors available in chalk markers has made them quite popular among crafters for paintings and artwork.

Can You Use Chalk Markers on Dry Erase Boards?

Chalk markers are compatible with all non-porous surfaces. These include surfaces such as metal, glass, porcelain, slates, plastic, whiteboards, chalkboards. One must not press them hard on the surface to avoid any kind of absorption or to damage the tip of the markers. They can be removed using a dry or a wet cloth and hence are suitable for use on dry-erase boards.


Always do a test on the corner of the board with a small point before using. Depending on the type of dry-erase board and ink markers, it might not be easily erasable.

If you have accidentally used a non-erasable chalk marker on the dry-erase board, you can first try to get rid of it using a wet cloth. If it doesn’t work, take a mixture of vinegar and water (30 – 70 ratio) and use it for cleaning.

How to use Chalk markers:

Can You Use Chalk Markers on Dry Erase Boards2

Before using them for the first time, gently shake the marker and place the tip on the board. Wait for the ink to flow and you are good to go. You should store them in an upright position for longer life. Make sure to tightly close the caps to prevent ink from drying.

You can use dry-erase boards to keep up with to-do things or simply to decorate your home/wall in your living room area to impress your guests. If you own a shop or café, you can use the dry erase board to set up your menu and give an aesthetic look to your café. Or simply let your kids live up to their imagination by getting creative on the board!


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