Can You Pour Milk Down The Drain?

Are you looking for sustainable ways to utilize spoiled milk? We have the perfect list of solutions for you. Read on to discover the details!

Can you pour milk down the drain?1

There are numerous ways we might be harming the plumbing system in the kitchen or indirectly affecting the environment by just being unaware of whether it is acceptable to pour things down the drain. We all tend to throw many items down the drain, especially kitchen ingredients. But what we do not realize is that most of these ingredients are spoiling the drainage system. Clogged or damaged pipes can be costly and time-consuming to repair, and even if it does not affect the house’s plumbing system, such things negatively impact the drainage system and, consequently, the aquatic life. Can you pour milk down the drain? Let’s find out!

Can You Pour Milk Down The Drain?

Milk is one of those dairy products that expire way too fast. If you forget to use it before it gets spoiled, it leaves a sour taste and a pungent odor. The natural tendency is to pour it down the kitchen sink, however, this is not advised and is quite damaging. 

Milk requires a lot of oxygen to break down and can stay in the water for more extended periods while using up the oxygen. It is considered one of the most polluting substances and should not be poured into the drain. Moreover, spoiled milk is full of bacteria that use up the oxygen, depriving the aquatic life of it and posing a threat to the ecosystem. Therefore, some regions also have specific regulations to prevent this and protect the environment. Like milk, one must also avoid pouring any other dairy product down the drain as they have a similar impact on the drainage system. 

What To Do With Spoiled Milk?

There are various ways to use spoiled milk in the kitchen, keeping in mind that it is just a little acidic or spoiled and has not started to curdle or grow mold. Here are a few ways you can still make use of the slightly sour milk and not directly throw it off. 

1. Baking

Baked goods usually use milk as an ingredient for a soft and fluffy texture, and it is possible to use spoiled milk instead. Baking removes the sour taste, and it helps achieve a perfect texture for cookies, scones, bread, etc. 

2. Salad Dressing

Can you pour milk down the drain?2

Similar to the taste of sour cream, you can use spoiled milk as a replacement for salad dressings. Combine it with ranch or blue cheese for a consistent texture. 

3. Make Cottage Cheese

You can use spoiled milk to make cottage cheese. Heat up the milk until it boils and bring the temperature down. Now add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to it and keep stirring until it starts to curdle. Pour it on a thin muslin cloth and drain away all the water to obtain a block of homemade cottage cheese.

4. Tenderize Meat

The acidic nature of spoiled milk makes it perfect for marinating or tenderizing meat before cooking. It helps retain the juiciness of the meat, keeping it soft and tasty. Therefore, if you have spoiled milk in your home already, no need to buy curd for marinating the meat!

5. Watering The Plants

If you are unsure of using it in the kitchen, you can use spoiled milk to water the plants as well. Add equal amounts of water and milk into a watering can and use this to provide moisture to the plants. Watering the plants with spoiled milk is helpful for plant growth as the soil retains the nutrition of the milk. 

Other Food Items To Avoid Pouring Down The Drain

1. Coffee Grounds

Can you pour milk down the drain?3

Since coffee tends to stick together, it can form lumps in the pipes and clog the drainage. Therefore, instead of throwing coffee grounds in the kitchen sink, use them as compost for plants. 

2. Oil

It may not seem something that needs to be avoided, but fat in the oil can solidify in the pipes and thereby, clog the plumbing. Hence, one should avoid pouring cooking oil or grease such as bacon down the drain.

3. Flour

As you combine flour with water to make the dough, similarly, when drained through the kitchen sink, flour turns into a paste after getting mixed with water. The resulting flour paste can get stuck in the pipes and clog the whole line. 

4. Seeds

While cleaning dishes, you might throw the seeds or smaller grains down the drain. It might seem harmless at first glance, but these grains can also get stuck in the pipes and obstruct the drainage.

5. Starchy Food Such As Rice And Pasta

Can you pour milk down the drain?4

Once the rice and pasta are thrown down the drain and get in contact with water, it can absorb it and turn into a sticky mess. This makes it difficult to break down, eventually clogging the drain. 

6. Medications

Since the drainage systems are connected to the water bodies, throwing medicines down the sink can be toxic to aquatic life. These chemicals can contaminate the water and are damaging to the environment.

7. Paint

Like medications, paint is full of chemicals and toxins that contaminate the water. Moreover, paint can stick along the sides of the drainage pipes affecting their quality and durability. 

8. Eggshells 

Smaller eggshells might not be as harmful, but larger pieces can obstruct the flow in the pipes. Hence, you should not throw eggshells in the kitchen sink and use them as compost for the garden instead.

9. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

We tend to drink seeds like chia seeds, basil seeds, etc to aid in our weight loss regime. However, if you throw such seeds down the drain, it might prove harmful as these seeds expand when in contact with water. This can potentially clog the drainage system.


We are usually unaware of a lot of insignificant acts that seem too trivial to have a huge impact on not only our life in general but on aquatic life as well. Throwing spoiled and useless stuff down the drain is one such act. Can you pour milk down the drain? Pouring milk down the drain is unsustainable and harmful to the environment; therefore, it is best to use the above-listed alternatives for a better, healthier, environmentally conscious, and safer life. Thank you for reading!


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