Can Cats Eat Butterflies | Harmful Insects to Cats

Playful cats can go around and eat anything they want but it’s not always a smart choice! Know whether can cats eat butterflies below.

Butterflies have large, bright-colored wings that make cats chase them. Cats are originally predators, and since butterflies seem accessible to them, you can usually find them chasing them in open areas. They enjoy them as a snack now and then, which might cause some worry. The last thing you want is your cat facing digestive issues and having to visit a vet. And since cats are omnivores, it is extremely normal for them to eat a few insects. But can cats eat butterflies? Do butterflies cause damage to cats or is it safe for a cat to eat a butterfly? Get the answer to these questions and other relevant facts about cats eating insects by reading the article below.

Can Cats Eat Butterflies?

Yes, it is generally considered safe for cats to catch and eat butterflies. They do not pose any risk to their health until consumed in large numbers. This can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other digestive issues.

Though there might be a few species that may be poisonous for cats, such as the monarch butterflies, it is highly unlikely that they will try to eat them. These are very bitter to taste, and pets instinctively try to avoid them. But this might not be true for all cats. Hence, if your cat ingests a monarch butterfly, you should take them to the veterinarian immediately.

It might not always be possible to know what type of butterfly your cat has ingested; hence it is best recommended that you keep a close watch on your cats and keep them away from eating butterflies.

What Other Insects Can Be Harmful to Cats?

1. Spiders

Spiders have venom, which can cause digestive issues. But their digestive system can fight off this venom. Though, some species of spiders, such as black widows, can be extremely harmful. If you suspect that your cat has ingested spiders, one should closely observe them for a few days and take them to the vet in case of difference. A spider bite can also be harmful to cats, causing wounds, and should be treated immediately.

2. Fireflies

Consuming fireflies can cause serious health hazards among cats, even to the effect of being fatal. One should be very careful in case you have fireflies around your house. 

3. Beetles, Bugs, and Cockroaches

While the bugs might not cause any harm, the exoskeletons of these insects can cause some severe digestive issues. They might face symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and other such digestive problems. Take your cat to the vet if these symptoms continue for a longer time.

4. Bees and Stringers

Not just ingesting any bee can be harmful but a sting from bees and other stringers can cause irritation and inflammation in cats. Further, if cats lick the area where they were stung, it can increase the irritation even more.

5. Centipedes

Ingesting a centipede can cause weakness and fever in cats and not to mention, centipedes have venom that can affect your cat’s health even more. Moreover, if your cat tries to eat a centipede and the insect bites in defense and injects venom in cats, the pet can suffer from signs of illness.

6. Ants

While most ants don’t pose a risk to cats, the same isn’t true for fire ants. Fire ants if ingested can cause severe allergic reactions in cats that need immediate medical attention. Also, be mindful that your cat isn’t near fire ants if not eating them because the ants’ venomous bites can be harmful too.

Use natural pest control methods such as diatomaceous earth, fly trapper, etc., to avoid insects and bugs at home. This is because chemical insect repellants can deteriorate a cat’s health and escalate serious issues in them. Always remember to use pet-safe products. As a pet owner, it is essential to keep the house free from bugs, etc., which pose even a little harm to your furry friends.


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