Brown Sugar and Sea Salt for Insomnia | Power-Packed Remedy

Brown sugar and sea salt for insomnia might help you find your deep slumber! Read on, and this will open your eyes to simple kitchen ingredients that make the best sleep remedy.

Brown Sugar And Sea Salt For Insomnia1

Insomnia, a sleep disorder that makes it hard for people to sleep or stay asleep, is becoming a common condition these days. Insomnia also encourages and triggers other health issues such as general fatigue and laziness, anxiety, and depression. Considering how bad the sleep disorder is for physical and mental health, there are several medications available in the market for insomnia. However, these should only be taken in severe cases, when prescribed by the doctors.

There could be multiple reasons for developing insomnia; one of them is a stressed metabolism. Circadian rhythms are the peaks and drops of hormone levels that balance the hormone cycle 24 hours. Stressed metabolism disrupts the cycle, shooting the hormone levels abnormally high. The process initiates a stress response that disturbs the sleep patterns, which means either you won’t be able to sleep or wake up at odd hours and will find it challenging to get back to sleep.
Believe it or not, there is a natural unconventional kitchen remedy for this problem that can help you get rid of sleeping pills. A mix of sea salt and brown sugar can help you improve your sleep patterns.

Brown Sugar and Sea Salt for Insomnia

You’ll need:

  1. Five teaspoons of brown sugar
  2. One teaspoon of sea salt

How to use it:

  1. Mix the ingredients in a clean jar.
  2. Keep the mixture in a cool and dry place, or by your bedside, so it is easy to reach.
  3. Take 1/2 a teaspoon of the mix and place it under your tongue. As soon as the miracle dust melts, you’ll find yourself falling in deep slumber.

Note: Always keep in mind the ratio of salt to sugar is 1:5. Also, use unrefined salt and sugar only.

How does it work?

There is pure science behind the reason; this home remedy works well for insomnia.
Sea salt (sodium) and brown sugar (glucose) are essential ingredients for the body that help maintains a healthy metabolism, balances the hormones, and manage stress levels. Where sugar shuts down the production of stress hormones, salt helps the body maintain a homeostatic state, that keeps the adrenaline in control.
Even as consuming extra sugar and salt is considered bad for the health, taken in moderation, they are beneficial for the body. The combination improves the immunity system, relieves stress, alleviates headaches, and also helps in increasing the serotonin and electrolytes production in the body.
This homemade remedy will make the sleep disorder slowly drift away and help you with the essential eight hours of sleep for a power-packed morning.

Other suggestions for a night of sound sleep:

Brown Sugar And Sea Salt For Insomnia2
  1. Studies suggest that improving your bedtime routine can also help you get better sleep. The method should include indulging in calming activities like meditation, listening to music, or reading an hour before going to bed. Also, avoid taking your phone to bed and avoid watching television at bedtime.
  2. Bright lights in the evening are said to disrupt the circadian rhythms. So, take in the sunlight during the day and dim the lights in the bedroom before going to bed.
  3. Heavy meals in the evening can cause discomfort and spoil your sleep patterns as well. Try and eat three hours before bedtime for a sound sleep. If you fancy a meal late in the night, try to snack on lighter food options to sleep better.
  4. Exercising and any form of physical activity during the day also helps the body to drift into slumber.
  5. If you are facing issues to sleep at night, try and avoid taking small naps during the day.

Let us know what works best for you when you can’t fall asleep.


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