35+ Bookmark Ideas DIY | Cute Bookmark DIY

Bookmark ideas DIY to pamper your inner reader or surprise a reading fanatic with something useful to mark their pages!

1. Linen Bookmarks

Bookmark Ideas DIY 1

Linen bookmarks are the most creative, handmade gifts you can present to anyone. For making them you require two pieces of linen, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine or you can hand sew them. You can write or draw on the linen to add texture and life to the bookmark. For more information, click here.

2. Labyrinth Fireys Bookmark

Labyrinth Fireys Bookmark

Labyrinth firey eyes bookmarks are easy and fun to make with popsicle sticks, glue, paint, and feathers of your favorite color. To start with, paint the popsicle stick and allow it to dry and then glue the google eyes and feather on one end, that’s all. For further details, see here.

3. Bookmarks Ideas DIY

Bookmark Ideas DIY 2

These DIY handmade bookmarks are quite effortless and a perfect handmade present for anyone. Here are four such craft ideas. All you need to DIY them is some thick papers, a pen, watercolors, and glue.

4. A Little Creative Fabric Makes A Great Book Monster

DIY Monster Bookmark

These little book pals are cute, innovative, and pocket-friendly to make. Cut off the two corners of a felt sheet and sew them together, make sure to leave space for the page to fit in. Clear out your confusions here.

5. Easy Sewing Bookmarks

Sewing Bookmark

This elastic bookmark is a perfect idea for a beginner and easy to execute, as well. With this, you’ll never again fear to lose a bookmark since it remains intact and doesn’t drop off the book as in the case of paper ones.

6. Salty Bookmarks

Bookmark Ideas DIY 3

Salt bookmark DIY is an incredibly new and different way of designing unique bookmarks with the use of salt. You can surely experiment with the patterns and designs to suit your spirit. You can see the detailed How-to here.

7. Tie-Dye Bookmark with Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol

Bookmark with rubbing alcohol

These bookmarks are made by rubbing alcohol technique, which you can understand at Happy Hooligans. To make these bookmarks, you will require a plastic jug, permanent markers, rubbing alcohol, spray varnish, medicine dropper or pipette, ribbon decorative buttons or beads, scissors, hole punch.

8. Starry bookmarks

Bookmarks with stars

If not for an older person, these bookmarks are surely a win-win to give to a young bookworm. However, you can customize and eliminate the stars at the bottom to some other shape or emoticon. Have a look at this DIY.

9. Use Spines Of The Books As Bookmarks

Repurposed Spine of Old Books

If you have a clutter of books lying around in your home, this is probably the best way to make use of their spines. All you need to do is to glue the spine to cardstock and adorn it with a ribbon or tassel. Click here.

10. Easy Duct Tape Bookmarks Ideas DIY

Duct Tape Bookmark

For this DIY bookmark idea, all you want is cardboard pieces, duct tape, and an Exacto knife. Cover cardboard with duct tape, cut out a desirable shape or alphabet, and then peel off the tape and stick on your bookmark!

11. DIY Bookmarks using Rhonna Designs Art

Rhonna Design Art Bookmarks

With Rhonna design, you get the opportunity to pamper your inner reader with bookmarks of extraordinarily unique patterns. We found these Rhona design bookmark ideas DIY here.

12. Heart-Shaped Bookmarks Out Of Paper

Heart Shaped Bookmarks Out Of Paper

For such heart-shaped bookmarks, you need an envelope, a white sheet of paper, a pencil, scissors, glue, and patterned paper. Look out for the translated DIY here.

14. Crafty Monster Bookmark

Crafty Monster Bookmark

Surprise your kids with these DIY crafty monster bookmarks that are cute and fun to make. You can even ask them to accompany you in creating these bookmarks and have fun family time together! Click here.

15. Shark Fin Bookmark

Shark Fin Bookmark

Although this shark fin bookmark might seem kiddish for a young adult or probably the elders, these are the right choice for kids. You can try this idea with cartoon animations and other catchy figures as well.

16. Bookmarks Made Out Of Gift Tags

Bookmark Tags

What do you do with plain old gift tags except for thrashing them in the garbage? Well, stamp a figure above the tag and add a ribbon or thread on the top to transform it into a rustic bookmark!

17. Bunny Bookmark

Bookmark Ideas DIY 3

If you haven’t any suggestion for Easter gifts to give to your bookworm friends, this DIY has got your back. With a handmade paper bunny and eggs, paper clips, twine, glue, and scissors, this bookmark can be made in no time.

18. Free Crochet Pattern Bookmarks

Crochet Bookmark

If bored by the regular paper bookmarks, this crochet daisy bookmark might catch your attention. You can get the crochet pattern and other details here.

19. Easy bookmarks made with Popsicle Sticks

Bookmark Ideas DIY 4

Probably the simplest in the list, color the popsicle stick and use ribbons and google eyes to add in other details. Get help here.

20. A Quick Cup Of Tea Bookmark

Cup Bookmark

A cup of tea and your favorite book in your hand is probably one of the best ways to spend a day in peace. So, here’s a bookmark DIY to perfectly suit the ethos. For the teacup bookmark, refer here.

21. Origami Shark Bookmark

Origami Bookmark

This pocket-friendly DIY is easy to make and doesn’t require more time if you’re already familiar with the origami techniques. See the creasing pattern for this shark tag here.

22. Basic Sewing Skills Ribbon Bookmark

Bookmark Ideas DIY 5

You’ll need a ribbon, hair elastic band, button, and a needle with thread to complete this idea. Since it involves basic sewing skills, you can guide your kids to some sewing techniques as well.

23. Bookmark Ideas DIY

Bookmark Ideas DIY 6

First, draw and cut heart shapes each smaller than the other. Trace the hearts on the art paper and stick with the cardboard. Now cut a ribbon as long as 30 cm and using a hot glue gun stick it to the back of the middle-sized heart. Now stick the hearts together, and your bookmark is ready to use. Visit Red Ted Art.

24. Easy Harry Potter Bookmarks

Harry Potter Inspired Bookmark

Be your sorting hat and decorate your harry potter inspired bookmark with the house badge you admire the most. Harry Potter fanatics, visit here.

25. Bookmarks Inspired By Books

Favorite Page Bookmark

What can be more good than having a bookmark of your favorite page from your favorite book? , print out the page, stick it to a colorful bottom, and add the ribbon or thread, that’s all. Have a look here.

26. Watercolor Leaf Bookmarks

Watercolor Leaf Bookmark

This is an autumn-inspired bookmark, which might give you some sense of nostalgia back from your childhood. To make it more exciting, ask your kids to join in the DIY too.

27. Cut A Animal Figure In Half Bookmarks

Animal In Half Bookmark

Cut a plastic toy in half and insert a paper clip to it to redo this animal figure in half bookmark. Check out this ‘out-of-the-box’ idea here.

28. Simple And Cute Button Bookmarks

Bookmark Ideas DIY 7

Secure a paper clip to the bottom of a button and cover it with a piece of felt to reincarnate a similar bookmark for you. I Heart Nap Time has a detailed tutorial.

29. Yarn Ball Pom Pom Bookmark

Pom Pom Bookmark

If you’re a big fan of pom-poms, this DIY yarn ball pom-pom bookmark idea will surely win your heart. Create a small pom-pom and secure it with a long yarn tail, that’s all! Visit Design Mom for more.

30. Dragon Inspired Bookmark

Dragon Inspired Bookmark

If you wish to have a similar or rather slightly different bookmark as above, you can check out this DIY by Red Ted Art.

31. Mermaid Bookmark

Bookmark For Kids

To make these lovely, summery looking Mermaid bookmarks, you need light card stocks, pens, glitter glue, glue stick, and a pair of scissors. For further description, click here.

32. Dog Bookmark

Dog Bookmark

If you are an advent pet lover, then you must try these cute looking DIY puppy bookmarks. For a pet bookmark ideas, check this link.

34. Fabric Flowers Bookmarks

Fabric Flower Bookmark

Love colorful patterns and designs, then why not make your bookmarks vibrant using fabrics of your choice. Follow here for further instructions.

35. Cat Bookmark Made With Metal

Wired Bookmark

For the DIY cat bookmark, all you will be using is a soft wire that bends easily and gets molded into your desired shape.

36. Jumbo Clip Bookmarks

Jumbo Clilp Bookmarks

Transform simple jumbo clips into a creative bookmark by simply adding a set of ribbons to the clip. Do check the link out.

37. Thumbprint Heart Bookmark

Bookmark Ideas DIY 8

If you are quite lazy and still want to surprise someone with your skills, then you should check on this easy thumbprint. To check out the steps, click here.

38. Heart-Shaped Paper Clip Bookmarks

Bookmark Ideas DIY 9

These DIY heart-shaped bookmarks made from bending paper clips is a cute, innovative idea to keep a record of your reading. To know the bending techniques, click here.

39. Cat Bookmark

Cat Bookmark

A cute, creative way to spend time with your children is by making these cute little cat bookmarks. The supplies you’ll be needing are crafting foam or felt, pom-poms, and some glue. For further queries, click here.

40. Avengers Bookmarks Ideas DIY

Avengers Bookmark Ideas DIY10

These Avengers inspired bookmark ideas DIY are a perfect gift for someone crazy about them or any other superheroes. They are also quite easy to make. For further details, click here.

We hope that you found ‘The bookmark’ among these bookmark ideas DIY to suit your purpose and match your psyche as well. If you happen to have more bookmark ideas DIY, feel free to share them in the comment section!


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