30 Best Spring Living Room Ideas For The Spring Vibes

Incorporate these best spring living room ideas to decorate your living space with the joys and cheerfulness of the spring season!

30 Best Spring Living Room Ideas

1. Spring Makeover

Best Spring Living Room Ideas1

Give a makeover to your living room by adding different elements around the living room that complement spring and its natural pastel theme. Floral pillow covers, light artwork, more flower pots, and little items to accessorize in the spring color palette can help transform your living room on a budget. This blog has more information on simple tips that can help bring in the colors of spring while keeping it subtle and classic.

2. Floral Centrepiece

Floral Centrepiece

Flowers and spring go hand in hand and adding a big floral centerpiece might help bring in the spring vibe. Use fresh flowers or just make a nice arrangement of faux flowers, this is an easy way to modify the living room without changing a lot of things. Use bright flowers and add a mixture of different shades for a vibrant touch.

3. Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Lots of greenery in the house helps in creating a spring theme for the house, while also providing numerous health benefits. There are many easy-to-maintain house plants that can improve the quality of the air and promote positivity in the house. If you do not have space to add potted plants, this tutorial shows 50 different ways to easily make a vertical garden. This way you can have a green wall and save space while reaping all the benefits.

4. Hat Display

Best Spring Living Room Ideas2

Spring and Summer together mean a light and breezy wardrobe with a lot of hats as usual. If you have a collection of hats, then this tutorial is just for you. Learn how to make a hat rack for a neat and decorative display to get a summer vibe while saving some storage space. This is an ideal makeover way for beach houses.

5. Impactful Wallpaper

Impactful Wallpaper

Make a statement during the spring season with these bold, colorful and lively wallpapers. Make use of it to create an accent wall so that it does not overpower the whole living room. Such wallpapers can also help bring positive vibes during other seasons and not just during the spring.

6. Best Spring Living Room Ideas

Best Spring Living Room Ideas10

Looking for what color theme or palette to incorporate in the house for spring? Follow this blog to know more information on what colors work well together for a spring theme. Add these colors as curtains, bedsheets, covers, rugs, throws, or decorative pieces for an easy spring makeover.

7. Boho Theme

Best Spring Living Room Ideas3

With large prints, bold patterns, vibrant colors, and eclectic styles, a bohemian theme room can make for an inviting spring décor theme. Take tips from the inspiration to avoid getting overwhelmed and find the right balance of color for the spring.

8. Yellow Pendant Lights

Yellow Pendant Lights

The bold and bright yellow lights could be the perfect addition to your living room with the vibrant color perfecting the spring theme, but the warmth and intensity during the winter seasons. This blog shows three aesthetic styling ideas with yellow pendant lights for the living room or the kitchen.

9. Pastel Décor

Pastel Décor

The aesthetic appeal of these pastel shades makes the room more energetic while keeping it subtle as compared to using the bright hues of these shades. Pastel home décor has especially been popular for a vintage theme with hardwood furniture and fits in well for a spring vibe. This blog shows 20 different ways in which you can add pastel colors to the room in the most subtle and romantic manner.

10. DIY Star Mirror

Best Spring Living Room Ideas4

Mirrors have a way to make the room look larger, spacious, and inviting. This DIY star mirror made with ropes is a nice way to ramp up your room in an economical way. Such mirrors work well on the accent walls and have a way to bring the cheerfulness of the spring into the room.

11. Living Room Decoration Ideas

 Living Room Decoration Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to change your living room with a few elements, then you can go through this blog to learn different ways to add a little texture, and color or go big with makeovers for your spring-themed living room. It has a lot of ideas including the use of neutral shades, accent walls, restoring the walls, playing with fabrics, art, and many more ideas for having the perfect spring yet designer-looking living room.

12. Wooden Floral Centerpiece

This tutorial shows an easy DIY tutorial to make a wooden centerpiece without overspending on vases and artificial pieces. Use it to decorate with flowers and this little cute centerpiece would be enough for the spring vibe.

13. Seasonal Plants

Best Spring Living Room Ideas5

If you want to brighten up your house with flowering pots and plants this spring but are not sure what flowers are best to match this theme, seek help from here. Clear your mind palette and find which flowers are best to plant during the spring season and which ones to avoid.

14. Bright Furniture

Bright Furniture

Do not restrict yourself to small decoration items or art pieces to get the spring theme, and add a pop of color using a bright furniture piece in the living room. Whether it is just a separate lounge chair in a vibrant shade or a pop of colors around the dining table, this blog shows what works well if you plan to buy bright furniture for your living room space.

15. Spring Memories in Pictures

This tutorial shows a DIY idea to make beautiful picture frames that you can hang on the wall in the living room with the perfect spring memories. The cheerfulness of the pictures is an ideal way to match the happy vibe of the spring season. You can make it according to the size of the space you have and in different layers of wooden polish shades that match the other wooden furniture of the living room or even paint it up with vibrant shades.

16. Flowers In a Vase

Flowers In a Vase

Spring and flowers work in close association and usually one reminds you of the other. Vases are a great way for spring decorations and this tutorial shows how you can make different DIY vases for keeping flowers around the house.

17. Blue Hue

Best Spring Living Room Ideas6

Some shades just help in brightening up the room while at the same time keeping your mind and body relaxed. Blue hues in the living room coordinate very nicely with the modern and chic décor and also with greenery that you might want to have in the house during the spring.

18. Wall Arts

A basic way of decorating the living room, wall art is easy to have, does not require any extra space, and can still entirely change the vibe of the room. This DIY shows a quick easy hack for making simple and beautiful wall art for decorating your living room.

19. Vibrant Rug

Vibrant Rug

Vibrant rugs are another simple way of decorating the living room without going through the hassle of changing a lot of redecorating. The rugs that blend with the existing room décor but liven it up to the spring theme is a nice way for decorating the living room. Take inspiration from this blog with multiple ideas of different kinds of rugs for the room.

20. Colorful Bookcases

Colorful Bookcases

Functional, colorful, and quite pleasing to the eyes, bookshelves in the living room are definitely a different way of decorating the living area. Paint them in contrasting colors, use them for accessories, or add some bold prints on them, bookcases are quite a useful and attractive part of the living room décor.

21. Pampas Grass

Best Spring Living Room Ideas7

Add some fluffiness and texture to the room with these beautiful wheat-textured pampas grass. They complement the vintage decorations, pastel colors, and even the minimal and chic white walls. Keep it simple and use unique vases with different patterns or even vibrant shades for a beautiful aesthetic addition to the living room.

22. Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture made with woven material adds a stylish and neutral visual boost to the living room. This tutorial has different ways of making DIY furniture for the home or decorative pieces such as vases, trays, etc. The lightness of the material and the sheerness to let light pass helps brighten the room with the calming sunny rays of the spring.

23. Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors

The yellow and orange undertone of the wooden floors match the spring theme while also making the room simple and cozy. Though wooden furniture provides a luxurious look, it is important to find the right way to decorate the living room with hardwood flooring. This blog shows different ideas from which you can take inspiration for a perfect living room decoration.

24. Incorporate Rustic Style

 Incorporate Rustic Style

Rustic style with the touch of country décor is another way of having a beautiful spring-themed decoration for the living room. It provides a lot of versatility and natural elements that can help add a more fundamental spring decoration. Follow the inspirational blog for different ideas that you can take inspiration from for a living room makeover.

25. Vibes From The Vacation

Best Spring Living Room Ideas8

Simple elements can totally transform the room décor! This blog has some wonderful ideas to modify the room and bring in the vacation vibes of the spring season. You can find different design ideas such as woven baskets, rugs, aesthetic pastel curtains, and many more such design ideas in this blog.

26. Romantic Sheers

Romantic Sheers

Curtains make an important component of the living room, and a spring-themed living room with sheer curtains, or light neutral shades can bring in more natural light and better the mood in the room. This works well with other spring-themed décor items, or you can use bright colored curtains for the touch of color. Take inspiration for some romantic sheers from this website.

27. DIY Swing

Spring means charming and cheerful decoration items in the house. So, what’s better than a beautiful indoor swing for the living room. Create a light-hearted and joyful mood in the room for enjoying with natural light entering through the curtains. Follow the tutorial to know how to make one at home.

28. Rich Orchids

Rich Orchids

The luxurious and romantic orchids can change the vibe of the room. Learn different ways to set and place these orchids in different rooms to make them stand out and revamp an otherwise boring room.

29. Modern Wall Art

Best Spring Living Room Ideas9

One of the ways to makeover a living room is by upgrading one of the walls of the house. Add some modern art, fill it with a gallery wall, bookshelf, and many more ideas to revamp the wall in the most stylish way. Take inspiration from this blog for some unique and distinct ideas for your living room wall.

30. Layers of Floral Designs

Layers of Floral Designs

Another way of using flowers for spring decoration, try different ways of using layers of flowers around the living room. Use flower heads, floating flowers, dried flowers, and forage in different areas of the house to bring the spring environment.

31. Spring Living Room

This video shows around the living room and different little elements that can be incorporated for welcoming the spring season. From vases, potted plants, little wooden stools, and other simple elements, this is a nice inspiration for quick living room makeover.

32. Spring Decoration

Another way to take up your spring decoration up a notch is to follow this tutorial to clean your house and decorate it. Try decorating the room with different floral, natural, and neutral decoration items around the house.

These were some of the best spring living room ideas that you can try to incorporate in your living space to bring in the spring vibes into your room!


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