8 Beeswax Alternatives for DIYing Vegan Cosmetic Products

Are you thinking of switching to vegan options to replace beeswax for your DIY cosmetic formulations? We have a list of beeswax alternatives you can use!

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Beeswax is the most popular base-product for various cosmetic DIY recipes. In recent times, it has also become a difficult choice for people who are unwilling to hurt the bees and are always in search of vegan options. From a beauty perspective, beeswax from the honeycombs is a humectant and creates a protective layer for the skin, retaining the moisture levels and keeping the skin hydrated. The sealant properties make it an excellent ingredient for smudge-free products as well. However, once you have the right alternatives, you can easily create effective beauty products without harming the bees.
Let us introduce you to beeswax alternatives that can be easily used for your DIY cosmetic products.

What are Vegan Waxes?

A blend of fatty esters and hydrocarbons, vegan waxes are the extracts from fruits, leaves, and peels of different plants. The organic waxes can vary in colors depending on their source of extraction and the method.

8 Beeswax Alternatives

1. Candelilla wax

This vegan alternative is an extract from the leaves of a Mexican shrub called Euphorbia antisyphilitica. It is an ideal substitute for lip balms and lotion bars. Dense in nature, a unit of candelilla wax equals two units of beeswax, making it a more economical option for DIYs and homemade recipes.

2. Soy wax

Soy Wax

The all-natural substitute for the beeswax is soy wax and can be put in lip balms, body butter, and lotions. Soy wax is an extract from soybeans and is amongst the most versatile substitutes in nature. It is much softer than beeswax and certain additives must be added to make products like soap bars. It is also the most commonly found beeswax substitute in vegan candles.

3. Carnauba wax

Carnauba wax is an extraction from the Brazilian palm tree and is a beeswax substitute for lip-balms, creams, candles, and lipsticks. As the wax hardens at a fast pace, it is used in half the quantity of beeswax for similar results. Using the same amount of carnauba wax as beeswax can change the properties and texture of the finished product.

4. Olive wax

An ideal substitute for hair products and skincare products, olive wax has a soft texture and a balmy feel.

5. Berry wax

Beeswax Alternatives2

Another soft and light option for beeswax alternatives is to use berry wax. It is an extract from the berries of Rhus verniciflua tree. As the melting point of this substitute is low, it is the most popular choice for lip balms.

6. Myrica Fruit Wax

Myrica fruit wax is an extract from bayberries and has a distinguishably pleasant smell and pale color. Since it is soft in texture without being greasy, it is an apt choice for DIY lotions, body butter, balms, and various hair products.

7. Rice bran wax

The dewaxing of rice bran oil results in the production of this specific wax substitute. The wax has a smooth, non-greasy feel to it and is a popular ingredient in various emulsions, body butter and lip, and face balms.

8. Sunflower wax

Sunflower Wax

Sunflower wax forms when you dewax sunflower oil. High in oil binding capacity, this particular beeswax substitute imparts a glow and a non-greasy feel to the final products.

How to Use the Beeswax Alternatives

It is imperative to understand the properties of the substitute waxes to use them as alternatives in the products. Based on the understanding of the texture, melting points, and hardness of the wax, a substitute for beeswax can be a part of a recipe to maintain the properties of the product. High melting point beeswax substitutes can be a choice for harder finish products like soaps and candles. Substitute waxes with lower melting points are the best choice of beeswax alternatives for body butter, balms, and smoother texture products.



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