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Using avocado oil for seasoning cast iron is a great idea because of its high burning point and neutral taste. Scroll down to learn how to season, health benefits, and more.

Avocado Oil for Seasoning Cast Iron 1

Cast iron skillets are made from an alloy of iron consisting of 2-4% carbon. They provide numerous advantages because of their relatively low melting temperature and high compressive strength. Their ability to retain heat helps in even cooking, and high radiation allows the heat to reach through the top of the food, making it a great choice for frying food and searing meat.

Known for frying, they have other advantages, making them a must-have in the kitchen.

Advantages of Using Cast Iron Skillet

1. Iron Boost

Even though it is not an alternative for iron-rich foods, cooking in an iron pan can increase the level of iron content in your food, depending on absorption levels, quality, moisture, and cooking time.

2. Low Maintenance

Cast iron pans are tough, have a long life, and are low in cost. It is nearly impossible to ruin them. It requires limited maintenance, and you can clean it with just water after cooking.

3. Non-stick

A properly seasoned cast iron skillet naturally turns into non-stick as you keep using it. It requires little to no oil every time you cook.

Seasoning a cast iron pan is essential to benefit from its various properties. It is a process of treating oil into the pan to create a natural cooking surface. It prevents corrosion and creates a non-stick surface.

Find below how you can season a cast iron using avocado oil and some other methods as well.

Avocado Oil for Seasoning Cast Iron

Avocado Oil for Seasoning Cast Iron 2

Avocado oil has a high smoke point of 520 ºF, making it one of the best seasoning options. When you heat the pan close to this temperature (never greater than it), a bond is formed, and a layer of avocado oil seasons the pan. This process is called polymerization. Using avocado oil is beneficial because such high temperatures are not usually used for cooking. Hence, the smoke point of the oil does not reach as easily, making the seasoning last longer. Also, it is a neutral-flavored oil and does not affect the taste of your food.

How to Season Cast Iron

Clean your Pan

Before using it for the first time, wash the pan with mild soap and dry it out completely.

Bake the Pan

Pre-heat the oven to the temperature below the smoke point (You do not want to burn the oil). For avocado oil, you can preheat to around 450F. Place an aluminum foil on the rack of the oven. Layer the pan with avocado oil, spread it evenly. Put it upside down and let it bake for an hour.

Let it cool in the oven and your pan is ready for use.

Other Oils for Seasoning

Other Oils for Seasoning

1. Vegetable oil (Smoke point: 425F – 450F)

Vegetable oil is one of the most common oils used for seasoning because it has a high smoke point and is easily available cheaply.

2. Flaxseed oil (Smoke point: 225F)

Even though it has a low smoke point, it is considered one of the best oils for seasoning. One of the main reasons is that it is the only ‘drying oil’ that is edible. It hardens to a solid, tough film after exposure to air and is great for creating a non-stick surface.

3. Grapeseed oil (Smoke point: 420F)

Like avocado oil, it has a high smoke point, neutral flavor with the added benefit of the moderate cost compared to avocado oil.

4. Olive oil (Smoke point: 375F)

Using olive oil comes with multiple health benefits, and even with a moderately high smoke point, it can be used for seasoning.


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