Are Orbeez Toxic | What to Do with Orbeez

Are Orbeez toxic? Learn more about orbeez and activities to do with orbeez with your kids in this article!

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Orbeez or water beads are super-absorbent polymers made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water. These expand around 100-150 times in size when placed in water and have been popular among kids and adults alike for their peculiar properties. These squishy balls can bounce and can transmit light and color which makes them more fascinating to play with.

Are Orbeez Toxic?

Orbeez is not poisonous as it is made of bio-degradable elements. They are completely safe to play with, but it is important to keep them away from children who are still at the age of putting things in their mouths. Recommended for ages 3+, orbeez do not pose any threat to your children. Even if your children accidentally swallow orbeez, they can pass through the digestive system but may cause irritation and uncomfortableness. Therefore one should always seek medical attention in such cases.

Activities to do with Orbeez:

Playing with orbeez can activate different senses in kids and are also great in teaching patience as they see the beads absorb water and grow in size. Once fully grown, you can do a variety of activities with them. Some of the activities to do with orbeez are listed below:

For kids

1. Observe under Light

Since orbeez transmit light you can place them below a lamp and observe how it looks under the light. If you do not have a table with a lamp, you can play with them outside on a clear sunny day.

2. Learning Math

Using orbeez for counting and basic mathematical operations is an interesting way to teach kids mathematics.

3. Sorting

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Another fun yet informative game for kids using orbeez is to learn to sort and identify different colors. Orbeez comes in different sizes and a variety of colors and you can use this as a learning experience.

4. Orbeez Art

Just like sand art, kids can use orbeez to create fun art objects and figures and get their creative juices flowing.

5. A sensory activity using shaving cream

The soft texture of shaving cream mixed with the sponge-like orbeez can make a fun activity for kids. Creating pretend-cakes, human formations, drawings or other creative ideas can all become a part of an amusing experience.

6. Add to the Pool or Bathtub

Large enough orbeez which cannot pass through the drain can be added to the pool/bathtub for an enjoyable bathing experience.

7. Bounce and Play

Since orbeez can bounce, you can use them to play with kids. The vibrant colors make it an enjoyable activity for kids.

8. Slime and Orbeez

Kids enjoy playing with slime and mixing them with orbeez can create a unique sensory experience.

9. Water Balloons

Add some orbeez before filling the balloon with air. These make a unique sound and they add weight to the balloon. A clear balloon can add to the sensory effect.

10. Develop motor skills

The tiny water beads can help in developing motor skills in kids by using them for activities such as placing them over golf tills, adding them into a balloon, placing them into containers of different shapes and sizes. Older kids can work on motor skills by passing a thread through them using a needle, or a skewer.

For adults/older kids

11. Craft Activities

You can use orbeez for creative DIY solutions at home. One of the examples is to place them in transparent flower vases as they add an extra vibrant look to your house. Also, they can be used to make air fresheners. Just place them in a transparent bowl and pour a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

12. Therapeutic Use

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Make a stress ball using orbeez. Fill a water balloon with orbeez completely and tie it up. You can now squeeze this balloon for relieving stress. For an orbeez stress ball tutorial, click here.

13. Smash Orbeez Balls

Once you are done playing with orbeez, you can freeze the water beads and smash them using a toy/heavy object. Smashing is fun for kids and is a great way to let anger out for adults.


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