Are Centipedes Dangerous to Cats | Centipedes Dangerous to Cats

Does your cat loves chasing and playing with bugs? Does it often eat them? Let’s find out are centipedes dangerous to cats in this article!

Are Centipedes Dangerous to Cats

Cats are natural hunters and tend to chase and prey on insects. Even the slightest sound can alert the cats and can make them jump in their wild hunter mode. It is worth noting that many common insects are not harmful to the cats, but some of them are harmful and can cause serious injury to the cats or, worse, can poison them. Therefore, you must watch out for what your cats eat and keep track of their health after ingesting an insect. Are centipedes dangerous to cats? Learn about the connection between centipedes and your cat by reading the details below.

Are Centipede Dangerous To Cats?

Centipedes are small insects or pests that are not pleasant looking. A centipede has multiple legs, and therefore it is often infamous by the name- “The 100 Legger”. The 100 legger resembles a worm and has a long, flat body that contracts every time it attempts to move. The centipedes typically have very weak eyesight, and they depend on the sense of touch and smell to find their prey. It is also worth knowing that centipedes do not feed on wood or other furniture of the house.

Centipedes generally have venom, and they bite to capture the prey. Most small house centipedes are harmless to cats, and they don’t bite the cats. However, giant or fully grown centipedes can bite your cat if it attempts to attack, and this bite can lead to various reactions. Such reactions include fatigue, weakness, and fever. If you notice your cat being sluggish and not eating, check for signs of centipedes in and around your home. Most cats can be allergic to the venom of centipedes, and it is advisable to watch the area of the bite closely and monitor it.

When To See A Vet?

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The centipede bite can result in swelling, burning, vomiting, redness, and itchy skin. If the signs of illness persist for 24 hours or more, it is advisable to pay a visit to your vet. If a centipede has bitten your cat, make sure you clean the affected area and rub it with a damp cloth to soothe the symptoms.

It would be best to be careful enough that your cat doesn’t attack any centipede or comes near a centipede. Whenever you spot a centipede in or around your home, make sure you get rid of them. Besides the giant centipede, the giant red-headed centipede can be very toxic and deadly to cats. However, such centipedes are not found near human living societies, yet you should be careful.

How To Stop Cats From Eating Harmful Insects?

Centipedes Dangerous to Cats

It is essential to stop cats from eating or coming in contact with harmful insects. Follow the below measures to prevent your cats from getting in contact with harmful insects:

  • Keep feeding your cat an adequate amount of food and fresh water so that they do not have the urge to eat insects.
  • Ensure that your house is pest and insects free.
  • You can use insecticides to kill insects but make sure that you get rid of the dead bodies of the insects instantly. Ingestion of any harmful dead insects can trigger sever infections in cats and pets.
  • Give them cat toys and other play things to keep their minds away from the insects.

Insects That Are Safe for Cats

Not all insects are harmful to cats, and cats may or may not show signs of illness when they ingest cockroaches, butterflies, beetles, crickets, ants, grasshoppers, moths, and/or houseflies. Cats are safe from non-toxic and non-stinging household insects. However, they might show little signs of uneasiness, which should surpass within a few hours. If you feel that your cat has been ill for a long, visit the vet immediately.


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