9 Uses Of Alum and Rosewater for Skin

Alum and rosewater, when combined, leave amazing benefits on the skin. Read the details of alum and rosewater for skin in this article.

Alum is a form of salt with various household purposes and medicinal properties. This beauty treasure is also a great ingredient for skin care. Rosewater, on the other hand, is a staple in many skincare routines. The combination of these ingredients can give you amazing results. Let’s explore the benefits and recipes with alum and rosewater for skin!

Alum and Rosewater For Skin

1. Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hairs

Alum and Rosewater for Skin1

The combination of alum and rose water helps in removing unwanted body/facial hair permanently. In a set ratio of 1:2 (increase as per requirement in the same ratio), apply the mixture of alum powder and rose water after threading/waxing. Keep the mixture for 20 minutes and wash with cold or lukewarm water. Apply coconut oil on the area for moisturizing. Continuous application of the mix after hair removal decreases and finally eliminates the growth of hair in the area. Make sure you don’t apply the mix too close to the eyes.

2. Remove blackheads

Alum and Rosewater for Skin 2

Mix a pinch of alum powder in a teaspoon of rose water and gently apply on your nose or blackhead affected area. Leave for some time and wipe off gently with a water-soaked cotton swab and pat dry. The mixture uproots and cleans the blackheads gently when applied continuously over a period of time.

3. Lightening of Dark Underarms or Inner Thighs

Alum and Rosewater for Skin 3

If you are facing issues like dark underarms or inner thigh area; alum, and rose water might be the right solution for you. Take an alum block and dip it in rose water for 30 seconds. Rub on the dark areas. The combination of alum and rose water cleans and lightens the area. Make sure you use this remedy only thrice a week as the daily application of alum might lead to dryness in the area.

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4. Helps Get Rid of Dark Circles

Help Get Rid of Dark Circles

Mixing a pinch of alum powder with rose water and applying carefully over the affected area can help you get rid of dark circles. Leave the mixture for about 15 minutes and wipe it off with a soaked and rinsed fabric.
Note: Even as using alum and rosewater is a really effective method to get rid of the dark circles, make sure you do not apply it really close to the eye or on the eye. The same can do major damage. Use carefully.

5. Acne Treatment and Skin Tightening

Acne Treatment and Skin Tightening

Making a face pack using alum powder, fuller’s earth, and rose water have multiple benefits. The alum powder works on acne marks and helps in skin tightening. Fuller’s earth also helps with the acne marks, apart from improving the skin texture and cleaning the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water soothe the skin and restore its moisture.

Mix 1 teaspoon of alum powder in 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth and rose water to form a paste. Apply and keep on the face for 20 minutes or until its dry. Avoid applying on eyes and the surrounding area. Gently massage in a circular motion and scrub off the face pack. Wash your face with lukewarm water, pat dry and moisturize. You will be able to see evident changes in some time.

6. Helps Clean Oily Skin

Helps Clean Oily Skin

Alum is known for its abrasive properties and dries up the skin when used too often. The same properties prove to be really beneficial for people with oily skin. Cleaning your face with alum dissolved rose water, helps control excess production of oil on your face. Which results in clean glowing skin.

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7. Works Well on Insect Bites

Works Well on Insect Bites

A concentrated solution of alum powder and rose water provides instant relief from mosquito bites. The anti-septic properties of alum fasten the healing process and rose water soothes the skin.

8. Heals Cracked Heels

Heals Cracked Heels

Using alum powder and coconut oil mixture works extremely well to heal cracked heels. To do this, heat a medium-size piece alum over low heat till it starts foaming. Turn off the flame and let it cool, then crust it with a spoon to get a fine powder.

Mix it with an equal amount of coconut oil and massage on your feet in a circular direction. After massaging, wash your feet thoroughly and clean with a towel soaked in rose water.

9. Gets Rid Of Smelly Feet

Gets Rid Of Smelly Feet

To get rid of extra sweat and smelly feet, rub an alum block soaked in rose water. Alum and rose water obstruct extra perspiration from the sweat glands of the feet. Resulting in fresh feet all day long. Make sure you moisturize your feet every night with glycerin or coconut oil whilst using the alum block.


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