Alternatives To Backcombing | Why Avoid Backcombing

Backcombing is becoming increasingly popular, but is it safe? Improve your knowledge about the trend and the alternatives to backcombing in the article below!

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Backcombing is a popular technique used for increasing the volume of the hair, making it look fuller, thick, and dense. It is usually assumed that having voluminous hair indicates good hair growth and minimizes hair damage. This is why backcombing is becoming popular these days among the masses.

Backcombing is typically used to lift bangs or make beehive hairstyles and dreadlocks. Popular as ratting or teasing, backcombing involves combing your hair backward, moving the comb from the tip to the root. Combing hair like this can make the hair look voluminous as you lift the cuticles, making them rise, which might otherwise look flat.

But that’s not all there is to backcombing. If you include it into your daily hair care routine, it is vital for you to be aware of the consequences to make an informed choice. Keep reading till the end to learn everything good and bad about backcombing and the alternatives to backcombing you can use instead.

Why Avoid Backcombing?

Backcombing involves scraping the cuticles in the opposite direction, moving from the tips towards the root. This causes excessive friction over the cuticles, weakening the hair follicles and eventually breakage. Detangling backcombed hair can be harsh to the hair. It will make your hair prone to split ends that will leave the hair unhealthy, damaged, and prone to fall and breakage. Further, it is impossible to get the cuticles back to the original flat position which causes damage to the hair. 

Alternatives To Backcombing

1. Blow-Dry Hair In The Opposite Direction

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If you want to volumize the hair, blow drying can be a helpful alternative. Dry the roots from underneath instead of from the top to give instant volume to the hair.

2. Thickening Serum

Right hair products can change the way your hair looks, including giving them the required volume and thickness. To avoid backcombing, try using a thickening hair serum as a more permanent way of thickening the hair to prevent backcombing. It helps in improving scalp health and increasing hair growth. 

3. Good Diet

Our diet is an essential part of how our skin and hair look and hence helps get voluminous hair, which does not require excessive backcombing. For more robust and healthier hair, have a diet rich in Vitamin C, such as citrus fruits, and Vitamin B like eggs, sweet potatoes, etc. 

4. Brushing

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Brushing the hair towards the roots can help add a little volume to the hair. Doing it towards the ends can lead to a flattering look, therefore you must try it in the opposite direction while lifting them off and giving voluminous hair.

Other Hair Care Routine

Temporary styling can be helpful for an event or an occasion, but regular care can give you good hair and that always-ready look. Here are a few tips to keep in mind for hair care: 

  1. Wash your hair with a gentle chemical-free shampoo, and do not shampoo every day as it can strip off the natural oils from your hair. 
  2. Never use hot water on the hair as it leaves the hair frizzy and causes damage. 
  3. Regularly condition your hair at least once a week for extra nourishment. Do not use a conditioner on the scalp as it will cause the scalp to become oily. Rather apply the conditioner to the length of the hair. 
  4. Avoid combing wet hair as they are more prone to damage. However, if it’s necessary, you must use a wide-tooth comb. 
  5. While sleeping, the friction with the pillowcases can cause damage. For smooth and silky hair, try sleeping on silk cases and make sure you change them regularly.
  6. Try oiling your hair once a week, especially massaging your scalp to improve blood circulation. 
  7. If it is a hair problem or skin problem, you must ensure that you hydrate yourself and maintain a balanced diet to ensure nourishment and proper health of the hair.
  8. Avoid chemical treatments or over-styling using heat as it can leave your hair brittle and prone to damage. 

There are many alternatives to backcombing that you should consider to shield your hair from the damage of this trend and yet get the volume and thickness you desire! Let us know your experience with the above tricks in the comments below!


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