Air Freshener Health Risks | Dangers Of Air Fresheners

Read this article throughout to know the many dangers of air fresheners, which you use almost daily in your life!

Having kids and keeping washrooms smelling fresh is a difficult to impossible task. Kids most of the time forget to flush the toilet after using or they just don’t care about the odor. Your washroom stinks because of the ill bacteria present in your toilet. It’s highly embarrassing in front of guests and especially when you have thrown a house party. A number of people use your toilet and you don’t have enough time to take care of your washroom every now and then. An easy way to overcome this issue is to either buy a commercial freshener spray or make a one for yourself. While the former is an easy way, it has its demerits attached to it. Follow the article to know the dangers of air fresheners and stop using it unless it’s time!

Harmful Ingredients In Commercial Freshener Sprays

How do you know the presence of air fresheners in your surrounding? Of course by its strong, synthetic fruity or floral scents. These sprays are used in a high percentage in public washrooms. You should never use commercial freshener sprays inside your home because they are the major source of indoor pollution. You must be aware of the fact that “indoor pollution is way more than outdoor pollution.” Common toxic ingredients used in most of the sprays are:

1. Phthalates
2. Formaldehyde

Phthalates are commonly found in synthetic sprays and can result in many major health problems even infertility.  The other ingredient, formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.

Effects of Artificial Freshener Sprays

1. Asthma

As you know, one of the most prominent respiratory health issues is asthma and artificial sprays add on to the issue. The tiny chemical particles released by the freshener sprays are inhaled by us on a regular basis. These particles can result in inflammatory reaction into the respiratory organs causing respiratory infections and allergies.

2. Skin Problems

The chemical particles released by odor fresheners often land to our skin, or the surfaces we touch. This direct contact with the toxic chemicals can lead to a wide range of skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema.

3. Infertility

As mentioned above, there are many toxic ingredients such as phthalates present in fresheners which can result in birth defects and infertility.

4. Headaches

Some people senses are more sensitive to artificial smell as compared to other people’s senses. This can cause severe headache issues or sneeze in such type of people.

5. Cancer

Like formaldehyde, many other ingredients used in sprays are human-carcinogen. Even if companies nowadays are avoiding the use of such ingredients, you don’t know whether they are present or not without a laboratory test.

After reading the wide range of discomforts that fresheners have to offer, you might not want to use them again in your life. Instead of opting those fatal room sprays, you should try alternative methods to freshen your room or toilets like going natural by using essential oils or a combination of essential oils. You can even make natural room sprays at home such as this OR these.


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