9 Painted Deer Skull Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Painted skulls are in trend! Check out these painted deer skull ideas to beautify your space while matching with the color theme of your home!

1. DIY Spray Paint Dipping a Skull Mount

In a fairly big container, add water and spray considerable amount of combinations of spray paint into the water. Slowly submerge the deer skull into the water and take it out after a few seconds, that’s it.

2. Flaming Deer Skull

Painted Deer Skull Ideas 2

If you’re often moved by the beauty of the blazing hot fire, you would definitely love doing this painted deer skull. However, we couldn’t find a tutorial for this, you can get the inspiration here.

3. Painted Deer Skull Ideas – European Deer Skull

For this DIY, we’ve no information except for the fact that it’s painted using spray paints and that it’s a great idea to show patriotism. To make it easy, you can try this DIY with acrylic paint instead. Watch the video for inspiration.

4. Red Spray Painted Deer Skull

Create a ferocious painted deer skull using black and red spray paint, some water, a large bin, and a deer skull. The steps to the final product are easy and explained in the video above.

5. Layered Painted Deer Skull

This deer skull idea requires you to cover the skull in atleast 14 layers of spray paint before sanding the top to get a marvellous effect. It might take time and effort, but it’s worth it since it looks amazing!

6. White Gloss Acrylic Painted Faux Deer

Painted Deer Skull Ideas 6

If you’re not a hunter and neither support the use animal skulls as a decor piece in your house, you can give this faux deer head a try. Later, you can paint it in whichever fashion you like. You can check out the tutorial here.

7. Awesome Spray Paint Dipped Deer SkullPainted Deer Skull Ideas 7

Most of the deer skull painting ideas use the marbling technique to get a distinctive effect on the surface. You can experiment with the color choices to personalize the skull to suit your place. Find the idea here.

8. How To Hydro Dipping Skull With Camo

We found this DIY different from other camo deer skull painting ideas since it uses a snowblind hydrographic film. Watch the tutorial in the video.

9. DIY Carved and Painted Deer Skull

Painted Deer Skull Ideas 9

If you want to stand out from the ordinary and try something unusual, you can try to carve your deer skull using mechanical pencil and a compass. Have a look at this Instructable.


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