80 Cool Rock Painting Ideas | Fun Rock Painting Crafts

Create unique rock art and paintings with these cool rock painting ideas and inspirations and get a list of required materials and supplies for the ideas.

1. Landscape Rock Painting Idea

Take inspiration to make impressive landscape rock art and paintings with this video tutorial. In addition to the final product, the video also shows the painting techniques and material required to make the displayed rock art.

2. Eye-catching Rock Painting Ideas

Know how to create these awe-inspiring rock paintings with this video tutorial. Furthermore, get a glimpse of the materials required to make these masterpieces.

3. Fun Art Rock Painting Ideas

Simple, fun, and oh-so-cool, try these summer-inspired rock paintings with your kids today. Not only are these extremely easy-to-create, but making them with your kids can help you spend valuable family time away from the television or video games.

4. Treasure Hunt Painted Rocks

Treasure Hunt Painted Rocks

Create a fun outdoor activity for your kids with these treasure hunt painted rocks idea. These themed painted rocks are also a fun way for the kids to learn about new things, animals, plants, and more.

5. Crafty Rock Painting Activity Idea

Crafty Rock Painting Activity Idea

Another exciting activity for the kids, this DIY idea lets you plan a craft class. Get all the details of the painting idea, the list of materials, and the steps of execution here.

6. Bohemian Painted Rocks

Bohemian Painted Rocks

Are you a fan of bohemian decor? Then, this craft idea is perfect for you! Get inspired and create these simple yet beautiful rock paintings to adorn your space.

7. Intricate Rock Painting Inspiration

Intricate Rock Painting Inspiration

Get inspiration to create intricate patterns on rocks with these images. You can create bold and big designs for your home decor. However, if you are a fan of intricate designs, follow these patterns for a beautiful addition to your home.

8. Mandala Design Rock Painting

Mandala Design Rock Painting

These intricate mandala and pattern rock art can be an ideal activity for adults. In addition to being fun, this is an interesting way to use your ideal time decorating your home with small details.

9. Simple Rock Painting Ideas

Simple Rock Painting Ideas

A perfect gifting option or painting activity, especially for kids, get ideas to make simple yet effective rock paintings here.

10. Doodle Art on Rocks

Doodle Art on Rocks

Simple and cute rock art idea, create impromptu doodle art rocks with your little ones. Also, get an idea of materials to be used for your doodling sessions in this inspirational piece.

11. Chalkboard Rocks for Art Idea

Chalkboard Rocks for Art Idea

Get a step-by-step paint detail and material requirements to make the chalkboard art rocks here. Not only are these rocks a cool way to exchange messages, but it can also help you create themed vases with just appropriate text on the stones. You can also change the artwork on these rocks easily.

12. Love Rocks

Love Rocks

A perfect way to make someone else’s day. Know how to create and leave behind these love rocks for people to find and smile. In addition to being simple, this DIY can help you achieve your daily ‘act of kindness’ effortlessly.

13. Ladybug Painted Rock

 Ladybug Painted Rock

Get your guide of materials and steps for painting a cute little ladybug on a rock in this DIY craft. Moreover, this DIY displays the step-by-step progress for you to follow and complete this art project with precision and details.

14. Rainbow Painted Rocks

Rainbow Painted Rocks

Create your own set of rainbows with this DIY. In addition to making use of the imperfect rocks, this painting idea is a family-friendly project for summers and monsoons.

15. Marbleized Look Rocks

Know how to create a marble look or swirl paint look rocks in this tutorial. In addition to the process guide, get the supplies list, and finished art gallery look in the DIY.

16. Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Hedgehog Painted Rocks

Another wildlife inspired rock art tutorial, know how to make hedgehog design painted rocks here.

17. Blue Birdies Painting Idea

Learn how to make these adorable bluebirds painted rocks in this tutorial. In addition to being easy, these buttons or gem sized painted rocks are perfect vase and bowl fillers for your decor.

18. Galaxy Inspired Painted Rocks

Galaxy Inspired Painted Rocks

Create a craft project that is simply out of this world! Make notes of the supplies and the design process of these galaxy-themed painted rocks in this tutorial.

19. Pebble Domino Rocks

Pebble Domino Rocks

Create and gift these pebble domino rocks to your friends or loved ones. You can also make them for your family fun sessions and game nights. In addition to being elegant, this handmade river rock domino game is an excellent personalized gift.

20. Graphic Sunset Painted Rock

Graphic Sunset Painted Rock

Simple, elegant, and tasteful, learn how to make this sunset painted rock in this DIY.

21. Painted Rock Magnets

Painted Rock Magnets

Using fridge magnets is the perfect way to put up your or your kid’s artistic creations on the refrigerator. However, you can create your own set of small and beautiful fridge magnets with painted rocks. Learn how to make these magnet rocks in this tutorial.

22. Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks

Learn how to spread love and kindness with these unique message rocks. In addition to a detailed tutorial for the craft project, this DIY also answers any queries you may have about the project.

23. Glow in the Dark Painted Rocks

Glow in the Dark Painted Rocks

A cute addition to your home during the day and a glowing one at night! Learn how to make these glow in the dark painted rocks in this tutorial. You can also create themed glowing rocks for the festive season, for instance, scary glowing rocks for Halloween.

24. Painted Animal Rocks

Painted Animal Rocks

Create your collection of woodland animals painted rocks with these simple directions. You can also pick up different themes, such as birds, domestic animals, etc. So, find your set of assorted rocks and get creative!

25. Painted Rock Monsters

Painted Rock Monsters

A perfect craft for kids, especially during Halloween, learn how to make these painted monster rocks here. In addition to the supply list, get a step-by-step guide for bringing this craft project to life!

26. Pokemon Painted Rocks

Pokemon Painted Rocks

Create the most fun Pokemon search and hunt with these painted rocks! Go catch ’em all!

27. Painted Inspiration Rock

Painted Inspiration Rock

Learn how to create these beautiful and inspirational painted rocks in this tutorial. Bright and vibrant on the front, and adorned with inspirational messages on the back, these are the perfect paper-weights for your work desk!

28. Painted Love Stones

Another inspirational creation, learn how to create these beautiful motivational painted rocks in this video tutorial.

29. Rock Painting Guide for Beginners

Rock Painting Guide for Beginners

You might be a fresher to the craft and would like to start with basics before indulging in creating intricate designs. Therefore, we have found the perfect beginner’s guide for you right here!

30. Artist’s Board Rock

Cool Rock Painting Ideas1

Get inspired and create a beautiful mixer plate as your first craft project. The following painted rock would be the perfect ode to this creation.

31. Mario Bros. Painted Rocks

Follow the theme of the popular Mario brothers and create these painted rocks to adorn your game room. They can also be an apt addition for your kid’s bedroom as well. You can also follow some other game theme, for example PAC Man.

32. Harry Potter Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas2

The perfect inspiration for all Potter-heads! Not only would this be a fun project to create for Harry Potter fans, but it could result in magical decor outcomes for their rooms as well.

33. Snoopy Inspired Painted Rocks

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If you have been a fan of the ‘Peanuts’ comic strips or Snoopy, this DIY craft inspiration is tailor-made for you. So, pick up your acrylic paints and permanent markers to bring this or any other comic series to your home.

34. Garden Gnome Painted Rock

Garden Gnome Painted Rock

Add on these statement decor pieces to your garden this fall season. Not only do these garden gnome rocks adorn your gardens, but they help keep unwanted visitors at bay as well.

35. Snake Pattern Rocks

Snake Pattern Rocks

Create these patterned look painted rocks, that come together to form a beautiful snake. Get your step-by-step craft guide for this idea here.

36. Rock Skulls

Rock Skulls

Spruce up your space or work desk with these skull painted rocks. In addition to the inspirations and designs, get your craft details here.

37. Pokemon Rocks Inspiration

Cool Rock Painting Ideas3

Another inspiration for the Pokemon followers, this cute craft is just a few rocks and paints away! So, get your material and start painting.

38. Halloween Painted Rocks

Halloween Painted Rocks

Take your Halloween decor to the next level with these simple yet scary painted eyeballs rocks idea. Also, get your material list and instructions for the craft here.

39. Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Make your kids Easter super fun and unique too with a special treasure hunt! Know how to make these beautiful Easter eggs painted rocks with this tutorial.

40. Minions Painted Rocks

Minions Painted Rocks

So, this one is for ‘Minion’ lovers! Learn how to make or paint these cute minion rocks in this tutorial.

41. Pet Cactus Painted Rocks

Pet Cactus Painted Rocks

Pet rocks were a popular concept in the past! So, bring it back to life with these cute and pretty cactus pet rocks. In addition to being a decorative accessory, pet rocks can induce a habit of caring and loving in kids. You can also customize the pet rock with an animal and ask your kid to look after it.

42. Vintage Painted Rocks

Vintage Painted Rocks

Know how to create this vintage camper painted rock here. You can also create other camp-inspired painted rocks with this inspiration!

43. Toy Story Alien Painted Rocks

Toy Story Alien Painted Rocks

Extend your love for the ‘Toy Story’ to your art collection or your home decor with these simple yet meaningful painted rocks. Get your material list, instructions, and a video tutorial for this DIY.

44. Painted Rock Sharks

Painted Rock Sharks

We have the perfect beach activity for your kids! Find rocks a day before the visit. Next, start painting amazing sea creatures and take them with you. Finally, on the beach, you can help your kids learn about these sea creatures or create a storytime with them. You can also leave behind the interesting crafts for someone else to find and play with them. Know how to make these rocks here.

45. Strawberry Painted Rocks

Strawberry Painted Rocks

A garden bed covered with sweet strawberries– how tempting it could be! Learn this easy yet fantastic, rock painting activity here to keep your kids busy in some strawberry hunting right in your garden.

46. Painted Easter Chicks

Painted Easter Chicks

Well, to keep your space lively and kids-friendly, here is a little something you can simply paint and place in your home; especially when Easter is on its way. Know how to paint these cute chick rocks here.

47. Halloween Candy Corn Painted Rocks

Halloween Candy Corn Painted Rocks

Make Halloween decorations extra special with these treats. These rocks painted like candy corns will brighten up your surroundings. Choose sweet over spooky!

48. Painted Fairy House Doors

Painted Fairy House Doors

Dreamy, exciting, and pretty, these fairy house door painted rocks are small gems that can easily adorn your gardens. Know how to paint these fairy doors in this tutorial.

49. DIY Ladybug Painted Rocks

DIY Ladybug Painted Rocks

Want to add colorful ladybugs to your flower beds? There is no better way to do that, than trying these mess-free marker ladybug rocks.

50. Floral Painted Rocks

Floral Painted Rocks

Ideal for people who don’t have a green thumb! Add these beautifully painted rocks to your home or garden for a vibrant touch. Get your flower painted rocks tutorial here.

51. Christmas Theme Painted Rocks

A cup of hot chocolate, cozy knits, and these cute, winter-themed painted rocks will keep your place absolutely perfect for the cold weather. Learn how to make these festive rocks with this video tutorial!

52. Zombie Theme Rocks

Zombie Theme Rocks

Spruce up your Halloween decor with these zombie-themed painted rocks. Get your step-by-step painting guide for this craft project here.

53. Flag Themed Painted Rocks

Flag Themed Painted Rocks

This is probably one of the best ways to make your kids know about different countries and their flags. Do a rock painting session with them based on this very informative theme, and you know you did the wisest activity out there. The tutorial also has the Olympics flag in it as a bonus!

54. Watermelon Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas30

No matter the shapes and sizes of the rocks you collect, just put an adorable and colorful watermelon face to them to spread some fun and fruity vibes around. This DIY is an ideal summer craft project, especially if you are a fan of the fruit!

55. Rock Painted Turtle

Cool Rock Painting Ideas29

Contrary to the other designs on this list, this cool rock painting idea explores the option of binding or sticking rocks together to create something spectacular! Your garden is missing out on the fun elements if you haven’t tried something so animated like this.

56. Painted Fish Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas28

Know how to paint this adorable fish themed rock in this DIY tutorial.

57. Tic-Tac-Toe Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas27

Super easy and interactive – this theme for rock painting will keep you and your kids playful throughout. Once you finish this, don’t forget to carry them along to garden picnics to enjoy some light games in between. You can also carry along ribbons for your outings to create the frame without a base.

58. Painted Pumpkin Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas26

Surprised, amused, scared or all smiles – let’s make the pumpkins full of expressions when you paint them on rocks following these easy steps.

59. Dot Paint Technique Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas25

Wise words from the rocks! This rock painting idea needs the right words and an abstract background to inject life into your personal space. Create these dot-paint technique rocks with this tutorial.

60. Magic 8 Ball

Cool Rock Painting Ideas24

Fortune-telling fun session! Not literally, though. Make your own magic 8 balls out of rocks taking inspiration from the image above.

61. Snowflake Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas23

Have you got “Frozen” fans in your house? Then this rock painting theme is the best way to make your kids relive those enchanting, “frozen” movie moments. Make these themed painted rocks here. For adults, these can also act as the perfect seasonal decor for the fireplace.

62. Rock Painted Snowman

Cool Rock Painting Ideas22

Create an exciting puzzle for your kids by painting “Olaf,” aka the “Frozen” snowman or a traditional snowman in bits and pieces on rocks. Your kids can have fun building new snowman every day!

63. Smiley Emoticons Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas21

The world of emojis can be outside your phone as well. How? When you get inspired by this idea and turn rocks into fun smileys.

64. Casper Inspired Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas4

Straight out of spooky stories for kids! Halloween or not, this rock painting idea is here to add the right amount of quirk to your space, both indoors and outdoors.

65. Morning Message Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas5

Nothing brightens up your breakfast menu better than a sunny side up! Let your kids and loved ones feel the same when you gift them this hand-painted cheerful rock. You can also use any message you like.

66. Panda Inspired Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas6

What can be cuter than pandas? Nothing! Take inspiration and create these panda rocks for your home or garden today.

67. Winter Scene Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas20

White Christmas or snow! That is what you would imagine while painting the rocks according to this theme.

68. Unicorn Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas19

Know how to create these unique unicorn painted rocks here. Also, get a glimpse of the materials required and colors used for the craft project in the post as well.

69. Plaid Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas18

An ideal addition for your home office, especially if you are into fashion or plaids! Learn to create these flawless plaid pattern rocks here.

70. M&M’s Inspired Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas7

Everybody loves them! Time to add more chocolate to your life and decor with these scrumptious M&M treat additions. Inspired enough, so, get to work and make these delicious looking rocks today.

71. 3-D look Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas17

Create a mirage or illusion with these 3-D look painted rocks. Learn how to add more life to the stones you collect from your garden in this DIY.

72. Mother’s Day Special Hand-lettered Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas16

A handmade gift for ‘Moms’, know how to make this special creation here.

73. Cute Fish Rock

Cool Rock Painting Ideas8

“Let’s find Nemo!” – That can be your way to call out your kids and engage in this rock painting session. Get inspired and get creating.

74. Donuts Theme Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas9

Tempting, delicious donuts right here! If you have a sweet tooth, you would definitely love these painted rocks idea. Not for eating though, just for looking and getting inspired to order fresh ones!

75. Dot painted Rocks

Painting effortless, colorful dots can be meditative too. Know more when you experience the same while trying this cool rock painting idea. You can also give these dots different frames to create beautiful shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, and more.

76. Zetangle Hearts

Cool Rock Painting Ideas15

When you want to get extra creative with your painted rocks, nothing paves the way as effortlessly as intricate doodles. Here is how you can create intricate heart designs.

77. Mandala Heart Painted Rock

Cool Rock Painting Ideas14

More colors, and patterns for your inspiration board. Create a mandala painted rock that brings uncomplicated Zen. Make this rock art here.

78. Funny Messages Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas10

Another inspiration for your painted rocks! Create this taco painted rock or use other funny puns and quotes to spruce up your home or work station decor.

79. Rainbow Painted Rock Discs

Cool Rock Painting Ideas13

This particular idea uses same shaped disc rocks as a canvas. Learn how to make these circular rainbow op-art rocks here. You can also use these as coasters!

80. Fall Theme Painted Rocks

Cool Rock Painting Ideas12

What brings Autumn or fall season to your living room? A little bit of yellow, a few drops of orange and soft strokes of red! Create these fall theme tree painted rocks here.

We hope that these Cool Rock Painting Ideas are inspiring enough for you to arrange a family evening together to indulge yourselves in this fun activity. If you happen to innovate something new, show it off to us and everyone in the comments section.


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