8 Cost-Friendly Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks

On a lookout for easy and effective cleaning solutions for your whiteboard? We have eight DIY whiteboard cleaning hacks right here!

Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks1

Whiteboards are a versatile surface to scribble your ideas, strategies, and more, and are a common feature in many classrooms and workplaces. However, after a while, you can feel the wear-and-tear of the board and see the remnants and smudges of continual work, or marks of the accidental use of permanent markers on the dry-erase board. Even as there are readymade cleaning agents for the whiteboard in the market, they can be expensive for some. Here are some hassle-free, inexpensive whiteboard cleaning hacks.

Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks

Method 1: Using Toothpaste

Using Toothpaste

You’ll need:

  • White toothpaste
  • Soft-cloth or duster
  1. Apply the toothpaste on tough stains and marks on the whiteboard.
  2. Spread an ample amount of toothpaste with the duster in a circular motion and leave it for a minute.
  3. Clean the surface with a damp cloth and wipe off with a dry duster.
  4. Repeat the process if necessary.

Method 2: Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is among the most popular ways of cleaning the whiteboards as it cleans the board effortlessly.

You’ll need:

  1. Soak one end of the duster with a generous amount of rubbing alcohol.
  2. Rub the duster on the ink-stained surface till you notice the board getting clean.
  3. Once the ink stains come off, clean the board with the dry end of the duster.

Note: For permanent marker stains or difficult stains, use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol. Spray the rubbing alcohol directly on the stain and leave for a minute. Then, wipe off the surface with the duster.

Method 3: Whiteboard Marker/Duster/Eraser

One of the most fun way of cleaning the whiteboard, this method allows you to have some fun with the markers.

You’ll need:

  • Dry-erase board or whiteboard marker
  • Whiteboard eraser
  1. Scribble or doodle over the old ink stains on the board, covering the stained area properly. 
  2. Rub the stained area with duster to clean the board.
  3. The new ink of the marker reactivates the old ink, making it vulnerable to the duster and coming off quickly.

Method 4: Using Hand Sanitizer

Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks2

Sanitizers are alcohol-based, and since alcohol works to reactivate the ink, they work as the perfect substitute in cleaning whiteboards in the absence of rubbing alcohol.

You’ll need:

  • Hand sanitizer bottle
  • Microfiber duster
  1. Squirt a generous amount of hand sanitizer on one corner of the duster.
  2. Wipe the stained area thoroughly with the soaked end, till the old ink marks come off.
  3. Use more sanitizer if needed.

Method 5: Use Wet Wipes

You’ll need:

  • Baby wipes (Any brand with alcohol content)
  1. Clean the stained whiteboard surface with a baby wipe till the ink stains come off.
  2. Repeat on difficult stains.

Method 6: Using a Glass Cleaner

You’ll need:

  • Glass cleaner spray
  • Microfiber duster
  1. Spray the glass cleaner (any brand) directly on the stained area and wait till you notice the ink dissolving and streaking down.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface with the duster as the glass cleaner dissolves the ink markings.

Method 7: Baking Soda Mix

Baking Soda Water Mix

Ideal for tough stains, baking soda uses some labor but cleans the whiteboard well. The abrasive properties of baking soda gently work on the ink stains on the whiteboard.

You’ll need:

  • Three tablespoons of baking soda
  • Water as required
  • Microfiber duster
  1. Create a smooth paste with baking soda and water in a bowl.
  2. Apply the paste and let it work for a few seconds.
  3. With a dry duster, buff the surface of the board properly. 
  4. Repeat the process if necessary.

Method 8: Use Vinegar and Water

You’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup of white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • Few drops of dish-washing liquid soap
  • Microfiber duster
  1. Mix and pour the water and vinegar in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray the mix directly over the stained areas on the whiteboard.
  3. Let it stay on the surface for a few minutes.
  4. Thoroughly clean with the microfiber duster.
  5. Repeat if necessary.

Clean the whiteboard surface regularly to keep it as good as new. You can buff the surface of your whiteboard with baby oil to maintain a smooth finish as well. 


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