8 Mala Bracelet DIY | How to Make a Mala Bracelet

Here are 8 Mala Bracelet DIY ideas to turn your mala into a pretty bracelet designed to your liking! Check out the ideas below.

1. Bracelet using a T-bead

Wearing mala bracelets is a unique fashion statement that speaks to your own style and intentions. Watch the video above to learn a basic DIY for a mala bracelet.

2. Tassel bracelet

If you do not have a T-bead you can make a knot using the two edges of the thread and cover it up with a tassel. This tutorial shows an easy way to create a tassel to accessorize the knot on the bracelet.

3. Simple knotted bracelet

This tutorial shows how you can make a mala bracelet using just beads and a jewelry drawstring. It ties the ends of the string twice in a square knot followed by a balloon knot to tightly secure it. Tying three knots in this particular fashion makes sure the knot does not loosen up when you trim the edges off the string.

4. Mala Bracelet with Tassel

A mala bracelet with tassel at the end will not only look super cute but will also hold the beads together and prevent from falling. Watch the video for the tutorial.

5. Beaded bracelet wrap

Create a wrap bracelet using a long mala, you can add as many sets as you want to depend on how wide you want it to look on your wrist. This tutorial ties a surgeon knot at the end and seals it with some glue to avoid the knot to come loose.

6. Durable mala bracelet

If you do not want your mala bracelet to stretch or the elastic to worn out, you can take inspiration from this tutorial. You can tie a simple knot after adding each bead which will prevent the beads to move around and also not allow you to stretch them.

7. Embellished bracelet

Customize your mala bracelets with embellishments and gems to give your bracelet a traditional look. It uses different types of beads, such as a lotus bead or a charm at the end that has a larger hole to hide the knot into. You can accessorize it with tassels or some other charms.

8. Mala Bracelet DIY

Mala Bracelet DIY1

Adding a large-sized bead to tie your mala bracelet is another way to hide the end knot. This extra bead becomes the highlight of the bracelet. A knot can easily slide into this bead and you can add some glue on both ends of the bead to avoid it from coming out.


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