71 Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation

Are you stuck indoors? Don’t worry, try these fun things and ideas for home isolation to make it productive and exciting!

These fun things and ideas for home isolation consist of every field of interest so that nobody is left out. Try these fun things to pass the time and spread positivity among family members while you all are stuck indoors!

1. Clean Your Wardrobe

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation1

Make use of this extra time at home to clean, organize, and declutter your wardrobe. Not only will it help you find some long-lost clothes, but it will also take this neglected task off your to-do list.

2. Upgrade Your Cooking Skills

Well, not all of us were born with a spatula in hand. However, this is the ideal time to discover if you have a talent, even if you weren’t aware of it. So, learn to cook, or if you know the basics, upgrade your cooking skills.

3. Read a Book

Finally, pick up the book you were planning to read or finish the one you couldn’t before. Also, since nobody is around to judge you, read anything and everything you want to.

4. Learn Calligraphy

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation2

Invest some time in learning new designer writing skills. In addition to being beautiful, the writing skill is also easy to learn. So, sign up for an online class and start writing or designing the alphabet your way.

5. Lego 

Borrow, steal, or beg your kids for their precious Lego collection. Not only does the activity help you pass hours without noticing, but it also leads to fun family time indoors. In case you don’t have a Lego collection already, here are our top picks:

6. Watch a Series

Binge-watch your favorite series again or start a new recommended series. You can stay in your pajamas and in bed the entire day!

7. Dartboard

Perfect your aim and flaunt your skill once you are back in the urban jungle! Also, reward yourself with a delicious indulgence when you win. Here are some dartboards you can buy:

8. Do Crosswords

Sharpen your brain and increase your knowledge with these mind-benders. Start from easy and move on to the tough ones. You can play online crossword games now; however, nothing beats the newspaper crossword or the books designed with the puzzles.

9. Make a Photo Album

Bring your favorite photographs and memories in one place. Create a special photo album during your home isolation. Moreover, search your phone and laptop for photos to create something that can be passed on to your kids!

10. Do Gardening

Do Gardening

Start from the basics! Start growing herbs and then move on to vegetables and fruits. You can also just stick to ornamental plants and flowers. Here’s a quick guide for beginners.

11. Start a Blog

Bring your ideas to life and then spread your knowledge with your own blog. You can easily find tutorials and online workshops that would help you take the first step. So, what are you waiting for? Start your own blog today!

12. Learn Knitting

It’s not just for grannies! Pick up knitting needles to make a scarf for someone you love or crochet something for your home. Once you get a hold of it, knitting can help you relax as it takes your mind off everything else.

13. Exercise

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation3

Since you are not traveling every day to get to work on time, use those precious hours to exercise. Not only will it help you get in better shape, but it also enables you to improve your stamina and health.

14. Make a Travel Bucket List

We know traveling is not on the list in the immediate future. However, you can dream of going to places you have never been to before. So, start making a bucket list and visit those places, when you can!

15. Learn a Language

Download a language learning app and exit the isolation as a language pro. You can learn an exotic language or the language of a non-English place you will visit in the future.

16. Play Board Games

You can never go wrong with a simple board game for some fun time in the old ways. Board games are also a great family activity. From scrabbles to Monopoly, you can play anything.

17. Be Creative and Do Crafts

Refurbish your old table or pick up another exciting craft project, which you wouldn’t have found time for otherwise.

18. Learn an Instrument

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation4

It is also the perfect time to pick up a new instrument and learn to play it. In addition to being a fun activity, it helps you grow your skillset. You can also take video tutorials to learn the instrument.

19. Learn Makeup

From perfect contouring to smoky eyes that don’t make you look like a ghost, learn how to follow and perfect the makeup tutorials online. You can also go on to platforms like Pinterest for image guides and tutorials.

20. Be there for Someone Who’s Lonely

Depression and anxiety is a common problem these days. Keep in touch with your close ones, especially if you know they are suffering. Be there for them and talk to them more frequently.

21. Experiment with Your Hair

Experiment With Your Hair

Experiment with your hair, because it is the best time to do so. Your hair will grow back by the time you meet people again, or the colors will wash out. Go wild and have fun with your hair to make your isolation more exciting. No regrets!

22. Play Online Games

You can spend hours following our advice on this one. There is a vast variety of online games available these days, from time management games to war zones. Pick your favorite type and get going!

23. Give Yourself a Much-Needed Relaxing Bath

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation5

Remember the last time you had a relaxing bath or soak? Indulge in a warm bath with a glass of wine and a few candles. After all, you should give yourself some much-needed love and pampering.

24. Educate Yourself On The Ongoing Scenarios

While you are stuck at home, the world is changing at a rapid pace outside. So, we suggest you keep yourself updated and educated, especially about the ongoing pandemic. In addition to that, keep up with other things going on globally, from racial disputes to other happenings.

25. Listen to a Podcast

If you still haven’t listened to this piece of gem, you are missing out! Find a speaker or topic of your interest and listen to one today. You can find various apps and channels to listen to a podcast online.

26. Make Chocolates

Make Chocolates

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, we suggest you make a batch of delicious chocolates. Get your ingredient list and method from online videos. Next, make unlimited chocolates and eat them. After that, do some much-needed exercise.

27. Learn to tie-dye

Color your world in new shades with this fun technique. So, learn how to tie-dye and use it to spruce up your in-house fashion statements and home decor.

28. Stream Live On Social Media

In our list of fun things and ideas for home isolation, this idea might be the easiest. Give the world a glimpse of what goes on in your world. Stream live and have fun while you do it!

29. Take a virtual Harry Potter tour

Take a virtual tour of Harry Potter’s world and life right here. So, enjoy a day with Harry Potter in this video and let your being-at-Hogwarts dream come true.

30. Play at-home Scavenger Hunt with Kids

Create an excellent scavenger hunt activity for your kids during the home isolation period. Not only would it create new learning experiences for your kids, but it would also help you spend some valuable time with them.

31. Explore Hogwarts

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation6

Are you a Potterhead? Visit this magical place and explore Hogwarts at home! Take courses and earn accolades for your achievements.

32. Have Picnic In Your Yard

Pack a basket of goodies and have a fantastic time in your yard. It is technically outside, so soak up the Sun and enjoy the weather in safe surroundings. You can also have a special camping experience in your own yard, with the perks of a modern toilet. Everybody wins!

33. Try out DIY hacks

Have you ever come across a list of DIY hacks and wondered if they worked? Well, it’s the perfect time to put them to the test! Let us know if they worked, especially the food ones!

34. Make Candles

Make Candles

From scented to unique, learn how to make candles here. Make your own customized candles to light up your home with a unique touch.

35. Try Audiobooks

For a relaxing activity, try listening to audiobooks instead of reading them for a change. Not only would this help give you rest, but it could help you fall into a deep slumber as well.

36. Trip to a Virtual Museum

Take a virtual trip around the world and to the museums online. In addition to giving an unbarred view of the art and exhibits, the tour would also help you explore the entire area, which could prove to be tiresome on foot in the real world for some.

37. Click Photos and Embrace Yourselves

Learn to love yourself during this time. Practice the art of self-love by taking photographs of yourself and focusing on the positives. Your smile can brighten up someone’s day.

38. Make Slime

Make Slime

Another fun idea to spend your time, learn how to make slime at home here. Then spend hours like a kid with this indulgent activity!

39. Try Origami

Try to learn the intricate art form of origami during your time at home. Furthermore, learn basic folds, tips, and tricks of origami here.

40. Draw a Self-portrait

Another self-praising and loving activity is drawing how you see yourself and creating a self-portrait. Celebrate your imperfections with this fun activity.

41. Make Popsicle Arts

Enjoy a popsicle during your free time. Then, follow these ideas to create amazing craft projects with your popsicle sticks.

42. Make a Cardboard Dollhouse

You are never too old for a dream dollhouse. So, create your own cardboard dollhouse at home and decorate it as you wish!

43. Play at-home hide-and-seek

Get creative with your young ones and make the best use of the space you have with play-at-home hide-and-seek.

44. Try Rock Painting

Rock Painting

Another craft idea that can adorn your work desk as a paperweight, is a rock painting craft at home. From intricate mandala designs to simple flowers, create personal art pieces, and have fun!

45. Play Card Games

Become an expert in card games during the home isolation period. Play card games with your family to pass the time while having enjoyable family time. You can also play the virtual card game online.

46. Play Miniclip 8-ball Pool

This online game can be played with multiple members worldwide. So, enjoy a pool game with family, friends, or game lovers on this free game platform.

47. Tidy Your Home

Since you are spending more time in your humble abode, clean it, and tidy up the space. Decorate, clean, and love your space!

48. Make a shower caddy

Learn how to make your own shower caddy and then make it for everyday use. In place of a shower caddy, you can make different caddies to store your everyday essentials.

49. DIY Masks

Pamper yourself with DIY mask recipes you never have time to make and apply or sit for the required amount of time. Dedicate some time of the day to your face and see the evident changes.

50. Plan an indoor date

Locked in with your partner? Take this opportunity to plan the perfect date with an intimate settings. Enjoy the calm and the slow pace of things for once with your partner.

51. Make Terrarium

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation8

Create a small terrarium to adorn your home. Also, learn more about succulents and other plants you plan to take care of in your terrarium.

52. Label your Kitchen Containers

Organize like never before! Label your kitchen containers so you never have to open two jars before you find the ingredients you were looking for.

53. DIY a T-shirt

Learn how to stitch or paint a tee at home. Make a timeless design or a fun splatter of colors. You can try the famous tie-dye technique to create a unique design.

54. Make a temporary tattoo

Henna Tattoo

Try your artistic skills and make a temporary tattoo at home with pens and paints. You can also make henna tattoos on your hand.

55. Learn a Course

Pick up a subject, hobby, language, or anything that holds your interest and learn it from the professionals. Take a course and learn something new during this period.

56. Learn Sign Language

Learn this beautiful language to communicate better with people who understand and need the language to talk to people.

57. Learn Share Marketing

This testing time has definitely taught us the importance of savings and investments. Learn how to invest in the share market and use your money to secure your future.

58. Meditate


Be at peace and learn to calm your mind, body, and soul during this period. Meditate daily for better focus and clarity.

59. Do Yoga

Learn and practice yoga. Not only does the ancient art form teach you to align your body and mind, but it also helps in keeping you healthy.

60. Practice Dance

With no one to judge you or time you around, take this time to learn and practice a dance form at your own pace. Practice and perfect your moves during your time at home.

61. Scrapbook your Past Travels

Create a scrapbook of your fond travel memories from the past. Also, leave some pages blank to fill them up in the future.

62. Rearrange your furniture

Change the look of your room by simply rearranging your furniture. Try different placements to see if you have been missing out on basking in the Sun from a certain point in the living room.

63. Do Wall Painting/Arts

Fun Things and Ideas For Home Isolation9

Learn how to change the look of a simple wall with amazing art pieces here. Moreover, give your wall a glam makeover with these simple and inexpensive ideas.

65. Play With Your Pet

Have you heard the phrase ‘We don’t deserve our pets’? It is because we never have enough time for them when they only know how to love us and give all their time to us. So, give some much-deserved time to your pet and play with them, to their heart’s content.

66. Solve Puzzles

Pick up difficult puzzles and try to solve them. You can find interesting puzzles online or order one from below:

67. Binge Watch Any Epic Movie Series

Pick up a movie series of your choice or from recommendations binge-watch an epic saga. For instance, if you are a superhero movie fan watch the Avengers series, if you are a fan of the wizarding world, watch Harry Potter, or The Lord Of Rings, The Hobbit. You can also indulge in series based on real events like Chornobyl.

68. Watch Youtube

Have you ever felt like you started watching a genuinely informative video on YouTube and four hours later you ended up with some Korean show, you don’t even understand? Well, you are not the only one. Indulge in a YouTube session and watch whatever you want.

69. Plan a Movie Night

Get a popcorn bucket ready, drink on the side, switch off the lights, and enjoy a special night with your favorite movie. Plan a movie night and binge-watch your favorites till dawn!

70. Try Clay Crafts

Create beautiful home accessories and more with clay at home. Learn and try clay crafts with the help of video tutorials online.

71. Reach Out To Help

You can also reach out to help people who need it at present. Find out the best way you can help and reach out.

These were some interesting and productive fun things and ideas for home isolation, if you know some other, let us know through the comments section!


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