7 Health Benefits of Drinking Maple Water

Pure sap maple water is picking up in popularity as a natural health beverage. Know more about the health benefits of drinking maple water in this article.

Health Benefits of Drinking Maple Water1

What is maple water?

The pure sweet sap tapped from a maple tree is known as maple water. It’s collected from the maple tree during winters through its roots and is filtered by the plant/tree. Since it remains in the tree from winter to spring, it soaks all the nutrients present in the plant. The transparent hydrating and nourishing thirst quencher is subtly sweet and delicate in flavor. You can either consume it in the natural form or can add to your tea, coffee, and cocktails, as well. Since the health benefits of drinking maple water are many, it’s not a bad idea to include it in your daily lifestyle.

Here are some health benefits of drinking maple water:

1. It Is Packed With Electrolytes

Maple water is a rich source of electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc. Studies show that this water increases oxygen intake in the body. And hence, it proves to be an excellent choice for people indulging in longer durations of exercise. The natural beverage hydrates and charges you, without the added sugar/sweeteners and preservatives. Therefore, it is a natural, healthy energy drink for workout recovery.

2. It Helps With Hangovers

Relieves Hangovers

Are you a party lover? We probably have the best news for you. Maple water can help you prevent hangovers. The natural water lowers the blood concentration of alcohol and acetaldehyde. Due to these properties, drinking maple water before the consumption of alcoholic drinks helps increase the rate at which your body metabolizes alcohol. Maple water is thus an excellent option to limit the severity and risk of a hangover.

3. Is Beneficial To Cure Skin Problems

The antioxidants present in maple water make it an anti-aging elixir. Apart from drinking in moderation, the maple sap used as a moisturizer enhances the skin texture and hydrates it naturally. The liquid has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties that aid skin rejuvenation and fights skin conditions like eczema and acne.

4. Is Beneficial For The Bones

Health Benefits of Drinking Maple Water2

It is incredibly beneficial for bone health, so much as it is known as bone-benefitting-water in Korea. A high carrier of magnesium and calcium, maple water is useful in the reduction of osteoporosis like symptoms. Regular consumption of maple water is thus perfect for the bones.

5. Helps In Regulating Blood And Sugar Level

Owing to its high concentration in potassium ions, maple water is an ideal substitute for the beverage to regulate blood pressure. Regular consumption of the sap is also beneficial for people who have type 2 diabetes and obesity-induced inflammation in the body.

6. Helps Fighting Inflammatory Diseases

The pure water has up to 24 different antioxidants that help reducing inflammation and chronic diseases like IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome), arthritis, and cardiovascular issues. Several antioxidants present in maple water are lost in the process of transforming the sap into maple syrup. It is thus advisable to enjoy the medicinal sap in its original form.

7. Boosts Immunity And Fights Health Issues

Boosts Immunity

The polyphenols found in maple water inherit chemopreventive cancer effects that include anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory activity, and cell cycle arrest. Maple water plays a vital role in boosting the immunity system and fighting general health-related issues like sore throat, mouth ulcers, and digestive problems. The pure sap holds exceptional medicinal properties and is a good option for disinfecting and sanitizing surface wounds.

Even as maple water is delicious and hydrating, being sweet, it is best to take maple water in moderate amounts for the best results. You can find several brands of the sap on e-commerce websites. The popular drink is slowly making its mark in the beverage market. Give this trending drink a try today and realize the health benefits of drinking maple water yourself!


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