There are endless ways of making slime and having a good time with it. Today we’re listing seven of most fun things to do with slime. Check out!

PS: If you haven’t got the slime made already, here are some cool recipes to check out.

1. Blow Bubbles

Making giant bubbles out of soap and water is a popular summer activity that every person has likely done at one point in their lives. But how many of them can say they ever made a slime bubble? Let’s face it, slime makes everything even cooler! Adding slime to the bubbles formula will give you endless hours of fun. All you need is some slime and a straw. When trying to make bubbles out of slime it is important to get the proper product. Buying a thinner slime from the store is going to make your bubbles easy to make. However, a thicker slime will make up for it by being more resilient to stretches and pops. If the slime you purchased is having trouble doing the job, adding some drops of dishwashing liquid will get things bubbling in no time. Alternatively, you can make your own slime. The process is easy, as it requires no more than three materials. Get yourself some liquid starch, Elmer’s glue (liquid glue) and some food coloring, put them in a bowl and experiment. There is no correct amount that you have to put, so figure out for yourself different combinations that you might enjoy. Once you have your slime, you are ready for some fun time. Grab the nearest straw, stick it in the slime and get to blowing!

2. Slime Art

Even if you are not the best artist around, painting on your slime does not require a lot of skill to be entertaining. Due to its soft nature and gooey texture, painting over the slime will leave you feeling satisfied. White, transparent or light-colored slimes work best for this type of activity. Once you are done with your drawing you can stretch it out and see your art turn into funny different forms. Finally, when you are ready to start afresh, wipe your slime with a tissue, or simply fold your slime until that drawing has disappeared. Now, go grab yourself another set of colorful markers and start drawing your next masterpiece.

3. Scented Slime

Fun Things To Do With Slime1

Everyone loves a good scented candle. So why not make scented slimes? Smelly slimes are fun to make and have around the house. For this project, you will need a large slime that you can separate into many small sludges. Once you have split up your slime into many small slippery parts, it is time to start adding some scents. Get creative! The scent can be acquired from your favorite perfume, essential oils, or even shampoo. Put on your rubber gloves and start adding a few drops for a start. Like all the other activities listed, experimenting is what makes it awesome. You might as well come up with a sweet new scent! Playing with smelly slimes is a very enjoyable activity as they are probably gonna leave your house (and hands!) smelling fresh and pleasant.

4. Stress Ball Slime

Fun Things To Do With Slime2

It’s one of the most practical and fun things to do with slime. If the regular stress ball is not working for you, add some slime in the mix! For this one, you will simply need a slime, a plastic bottle, and a balloon. Take the plastic bottle and cut it in half. The upper part will act as a funnel where your balloon will be attached through the opening. Then carefully place your slime in the funnel and push it into the balloon. Once done, take out the funnel and tie it tightly. You will end up with the perfect stress reliever, more entertaining than a regular stress ball. The softer surface will make it satisfying to fidget with and flexible enough to put it in your bag and carry it around. It’s the same as playing with a regular slime, but the balloon makes the experience mess-free and even more enjoyable.

5. Alphabet Slime

Fun Things To Do With Slime3

No one is too young to start playing with slimes, thus we have an activity for the youngling as well. For this project, you need to collect small letters from the alphabet, such as magnets or scrabble pieces. Taking your slime and your letter collection, place them in a bowl and start combining. Once done, drop the slimy sentences on a tabletop surface and call over your child. This activity is suitable for kids, as it is both fun and interactive. Entertained by the slime, children will be able to start spelling right away in a fun and enjoyable manner.

6. Sculpting Slime

Fun Things To Do With Slime4

Do not be left with the wrong impression, slime can be fun even by itself. Sculpting comes naturally to us, as the first thing everyone does when grabbing a slime is to twist and squish it. This is one of the coolest slime activities, as there are no rules to follow. Creativity is the boundary here, so make sure to grab the thickest slime possible in order to preserve the shapes you come up with. Possibilities are endless – wild animals, awesome cars, pretty landscapes or even your cat. Exercising your creative thinking regularly will expand your artistic abilities, and is lots of fun.

7. Giant Slime Air Balloon

Making a giant slime air balloon is not for the newbies, as it requires at least one more slime enthusiast. The activity is probably the most entertaining thing you can do with slime, so the effort will be worth it. For this to work, you need a lot of slime. Once you put all the slime you can find in one place, make sure there is enough space for at least two people to grab and hold it. Lift the slime in the air together and start raising it up and putting it down swiftly. If you are coordinated enough with your partner-in-slime, the goo will begin expanding. As it becomes thinner you will notice that the stretchiness will result in an awesome air balloon. When you determine that the shape is large enough or the slime looks like it is about to pop, quickly put it on the ground carefully, as to not rip it yourself. If done correctly, you will now have yourself a large slime dome. Not only does it look awesome, but popping it afterward is going to be the highlight of your slimy day.


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