59 Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas | Christmas Room Decor

Find out the best Christmas decorating on a budget ideas in 2023 in this inspiring post! It has everything to get your home ready for the big event.

1. Hang Ornaments from a Branch

diy christmas decorations ideas

A no-work DIY! Tying Christmas ornaments to a painted branch and putting it in a glass bottle will give you minimal festive decor!

2. JOY Galvanized Bucket

diy christmas decorations ideas2

Decorate three galvanized buckets with letters using a chalk pen, a ribbon, fairylights, and plants, that’s all! Understand this 10 minute DIY here.

3. DIY Floral Tree

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 3

Do something out of the box and step out of the traditional decoration of the Christmas tree and try this DIY floral tree decoration instead.

4. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 5

Not just a great tabletop decoration but also an economic way to cut down on the plastic waste if you’ve spoon underlying at home. Get the instructions here.

5. Iced Branches

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 6

Christmas is nothing unless you’ve snow falling down in your porch and covering all the trees in sight, that’s just a marvellous sight! Get some cold feel inside your house with this iced branches DIY.

6. Wood Sign

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 7

Celebrate the holiday season with the authentic winter woodland sign with your favorite quotes and some snowflakes! Visit Blooming Homestead to know more.

7. Wooden Clock

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 8

Create this rustic advent calender to boost up the Christmas feel and decoration to a whole new level. Reuse it every year to countdown the advent, click here.

8. Scrabble Ornaments

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 9

If you’re bored of the contemporary ball ornaments to decor your Christmas tree, try this scrabble ornament instead. Learn it here.

9. Scarf Wreath

diy christmas decorations ideas10

Wrap a wire wreath form with a long scarf in a similar way as here to do this idea in just 10 minutes. The fun part is that you will still be able to use the scarf after you decide to dismantle it from the wreath.

10. Christmas Lights Garland – Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas

diy christmas decorations ideas11

Create light shaped from colored papers and tie them to a string to replicate this DIY garland for Christmas. Ask your kids to help you and excite them for the holidays!

11. Colored Christmas Lights

diy christmas decorations ideas12

Dip clear light bulbs into glossy paint and create this fake Christmas lights garland to decorate various spots in your house. We found the idea here.

12. Ribbon Candy Wreath

diy christmas decorations ideas13

If you manage to find a stripped ribbon that replicates the Christmas candy, this wreath DIY is the right choice for you. It not just emits a festive spirit but also add a minimal yet catchy decor to the front door.

13. DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

diy christmas decorations ideas14

Make this burlap art to either decorate your table top or give it to someone as a handmade Christmas present to show love and affection.

14. Wood Slice Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas15

Yet another interesting and unique Christmas tree idea is this stacked-up wood slice Christmas tree here.

15. DIY Tree Shelf

diy christmas decorations ideas16

Ditch the traditional notion of how a bookshelf should be and instead make a tree shaped shelf to welcome the Christmas zest! Visit Ana White.

16. Felt Sockings

diy christmas decorations ideas17

DIY a felt stocking with nature theme on it and cut down on the expense of having to buy a new one. Check out the tutorial here.

17. Merry Christmas Garland

diy christmas decorations ideas18

For this garland, you’ll need some red and green scrapbook papers, clothespin, chipboard alphabets, scissors, and twine. Refer to the steps here.

18. Christmas Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas19

Inside a classical light bulb, fit in a miniature bottle brush tree and sprinkle some white glitter to recreate this globe ornament.

19. DIY Star Ornaments

diy christmas decorations ideas20

Feature these little star ornaments in decorating your christmas tree to showcase your creativity skill among the guests you’re expecting!

20. Twig Arrow Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas21

If you don’t want to over do your Christmas decoration and wish to keep it as minimal as possible, this rustic boho twig arro ornament got your back!

21. Photo Transfer Ornaments

diy christmas decorations ideas22

Customize your ornaments with the pictures of you or your loved ones using just wooden ornaments, matte gel, craft paint, and a few supplies here.

22. Snowman Hat Ornaments

diy christmas decorations ideas23

When it comes to making ornaments, you’ve a wide range of things to minimize and feature in your Christmas tree. For instance, make a hat ornament here.

23. DIY Snow Village

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 25

As snow cover all your city outside, build a miniature village covered into snow as a last minute DIY christmas decoration ideas.

24. DIY Paper Cube String Lights

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 26

Cover the bulbs of a string light into small paper cubes made using the origami technique for a unique decor idea. Learn to make the cube here.

25. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 27

If nothing has admired your interest till now, this cheap and easy mason jar craft is sure to catch your attention. Fit in a miniature wreath inside the jar, click here.

26. Christmas Countdown DIY

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 28

A genius and economical way to rage the excitement of the holidays by doing a day-to-day countdown, check it out here.

27. Wine Glass Dioramas

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 30

A diorama is a 3D model of an actual scene enclosed in a glass showcase and so is this wine glass holiday diorama! Create this with the help of these directions.

28. Picture Frame Luminaries

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 31

Not just for the Christmas season, this picture frame luminary can be a great idea for any season decor along with a purpose to serve. Check it out here.

29. Christmas Tree Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas32

Cut out two tree shapes from felt, sew them together and embellish it with a few colorful buttons. The bottom depends on whether you want your ornament ot hang or stand freely, check here.

30. Mosaic Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas33

Upcycle some old CDs; break them into pieces carefully and stick them on a glass ornament using hot glue, that’s all. Visit here.

31. Bottle Cap Snowman

diy christmas decorations ideas34

Probably the simplest of all the Christmas decorating on a budget idea till now that even kids can do without any guidance. All you need is some bottle caps, paint, hot glue, and this tutorial.

32. DIY Galaxy And Planet Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas35

All you need to do is get creative and make the impression of the galaxy inside a glass ornament to redo this idea here.

33. DIY Wishlist Ornament

diy christmas decorations ideas38

This wishlist ornament is as simple as putting down all your wishes down on paper! It just takes the least number of supplies and a lot lesser time, click here.

34. Reindeer Thumbprint Balls

diy christmas decorations ideas39

Cover your thumb in paint and leave the impression on the ornament and further do the facial details, simple! Little Bit Funky has the details.

35. Glitter Twine Ball

diy christmas decorations ideas40

Wrap twine above an inflated balloon and soak it inside a mod podge-glitter solution, wait until dry and then pop the balloon. Decorate the ball with string lights to use it as a Christmas light.

36. Christmas Tree Wreath

diy christmas decorations ideas41

You’ll need mason jar canning lids, twine, ornaments, pinecones, evergreens, and hot glue to implicate this DIY.

37. Paper Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas42

If you’ve found nothing to style your kitchen countertops or other tabletops in your home, make a snowy paper tree here.

38. Sparkly Reindeer – Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas

diy christmas decorations ideas43

Not the pro DIYer type? Then try this basic and sparkly reindeer portrait to feature as your centerpiece this holiday season!

39. Pallet Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas44

If you’ve been looking for something original and ultra showy to do this season, this might be the right choice for you. Understand the steps at Redhead Can Decorate.

40. DIY Window Decoration

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 45

Simply hang Christmas garland from your window using twine and color coordinate them to match the festive spirit. We found the idea at this site.

41. Advent Countdown

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 46

This advent countdown is not just great for decorative purposes but serves its purpose well enough too. Check it out here.

42. Pigeon Hole Christmas Ornament Display

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 47

Showcase some of your most attractive Christmas ornament creations through this pigeon hole display or create new ones to match the theme altogether.

43. Wrapped Front Door

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 48

Upgrade your front door’s look to a pure cathedral makeover to emit the goodness of christ and the holiday season. Learn how you can do it here.

44. Reindeer Garland

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 49

Try something out of the box this season by rejecting old garlands and creating one with paper reindeers instead. You can get the tutorial at Proper.

45. Cone Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas50

Go economical and feature small paper cones to be your Christmas tree instead of installing a big one, make these shiny cones here.

46. Canvas Tree Art

diy christmas decorations ideas51

Represent your favorite holidays’ quotes through this canvas art on a Christmas tree or simply put it against a wall, it looks great both ways.

47. Joy Wreath – Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas

diy christmas decorations ideas52

A joy wreath to put up at your front door and collect as many applauds for the creativity you inhibit, look here.

48. Deck The Halls

diy christmas decorations ideas53

While you decorate every corner of your house for the festivity, don’t skip on the entry deck; for it is the most important to put up a first impression among your guests.Take inspiration here.

49. DIY Nativity Display

diy christmas decorations ideas55

Pay your respect to Christ’s birth by recreating this nativity display and a pallet art to release positivity into your surrounding.

50. Felt Mitten Garland

diy christmas decorations ideas56

Craft out multiple sets of little mittens and secure them to twine or ribbon to complete a similar mitten garland. DIY like this gives you a chance to indulge your kids and give wings to their creative skills.

51. Memory Card Recycled Art

diy christmas decorations ideas57

Recycle an old computer memory chip to create a similar Christmas ornament to hand from the tree-like in this DIY at Recyclart.

52. Wall Collection Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas60

If your kid happens to be an item-collector, you can put all those articles into use by creating this basic wall art. All you need to do is to secure them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

53. Sticks Christmas Tree

diy christmas decorations ideas61

Stack up wooden sticks starting from the longest at the bottom and the shortest at the top and further decorate it with pom poms and lights. Have a look here.

54. Newspaper Art

diy christmas decorations ideas62

Follow this amazing art by Mother Earth Living to upcycle your newspaper clutter and make something useful and pretty out of them.

55. Pom Poms Tree

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 63

In case you’re expecting or have become a parent recently, this vibrant Christmas tree is perfect to suit both your moods- the joy of parenting and the excitement of holidays!

56. Punny Tree Ornaments

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 64

Use these punny ornaments as the highlight of your Christmas party to invite fun and joyful laughter from your friends and family.

57. Light Baloon Garland

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 65

Add a cute and pretty statement decor to the Christmas tree with this light balloon garland at Studio DIY.

58. Cranberry Wreath DIY

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 66

Stick raw cranberries to a styrofoam wreath and finish it off with the ribbon of your choice. Get the idea at A Beautiful Mess.

59. Mini Super Stars

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Ideas 67

Use DIY stars instead of the wreath to embellish your front door or simply hang them from the Christmas tree or from your ceiling, it looks whimsical! Click here.

Hope you loved these Christmas decorating on a budget ideas as much as we loved collecting them for you. Leave your comments below if you have a creative idea to inspire the world!


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