61 Cardboard Box Projects | Cardboard Craft Ideas For Kids

Recycling cardboard boxes are eco-friendly and a fun activity to do with kids at home! Create amazing art pieces with these cardboard box projects.

1. Cardboard Box Theater

Cardboard Box Projects1

It’s time to use the long-forgotten cardboard box that lies in our storeroom by way of this real puppet show themed box. A couple of penguins and smartly inserted fairy lights will snatch the limelight once it is done. Follow the instructions here, and make your kids revamp that cardboard box!

2. Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard Playhouse

Big appliances bring along big cardboard boxes that not only eat up a lot of space but also become useless once the guarantee period is over. Instead of making it eventual trash, turn it into your kid’s playhouse. Choose something bigger than your tiny human as this DIY can be his or her favorite hideout.

3. DIY Cardboard Cafe Kitchen

DIY Cardboard Cafe Kitchen

Too many appliances equal to too many boxes! You can use these boxes as an opportunity to set up a cardboard cafe for your kids. Follow this easy to understand DIY to know more about the project.

4. Cardboard Slider

Cardboard Slider

Kids of any age always welcome a slider, and nothing’s better than a cheap yet effective cardboard slider. Adjoin all your large cardboard boxes and set up a miniature amusement park-like fun in your home!

5. Cardboard Box Ramps for Hot Wheels

Cardboard Box Projects2

A little challenging to build but a perfect replacement of the expensive car racing ramps – this one is a quick and smart structural design with some really easy steps. Find out here.

6. Cardboard Stove Oven Set

Cardboard Stove Oven Set

Cooking is one of the popular games that kids love to play with their friends and parents. Why not gift them their own stove-oven setup to double up the fun? The next picnic plan is going to have a lot of make-believe food on the menu, though.

7. Cardboard Grocery Store Setup

Cardboard Grocery Store Setup

If your kids are your constant partners for grocery shopping, this is the ideal project for them. Build your very own Target or Walmart right in the middle of your backyard. Click here to know the instructions.

8. Cardboard Box Elevator

Cardboard Box Projects3

Push-button obsession is a reality among kids. Instead of annoying the elevator guard, bring them a fantasy elevator with creatively installed push buttons at home. Follow these steps to make one.

9. Cardboard Box Camper

Cardboard Box Camper

If you are dreaming about countryside road trips in a vintage air-stream camper right now, then imagine how much your kid would want to explore the outdoors! But, when you have large boxes on board, here is what you can do to cheer him or her up, till its safe to travel again.

10. DIY Cardboard Furniture

DIY Cardboard Furniture

It’s nearly impossible to carry your favorite chair or table on your family picnics, but with this idea, you can carry your own furniture on every trip! This one is for your leisure and relaxed outdoor activities. Make your kind of furniture by following a few steps here.

11. Cardboard Lantern

Cardboard Box Projects4

This DIY can be your perfect décor item placed next to your bed or maybe in the hall. Learn how you can make a lantern out of the already hoarded, unused cardboard boxes at your place.

12. Cardboard Foosball Table

Cardboard Foosball Table

Whether you are a beginner level foosball player or your kids love playing it, this mini foosball table will be perfect for you both. Easy to make and super fun to play with, learn how to go about its DIY process.

13. Up-cycled Cardboard Shelves

Cardboard Box Projects5

Shelves are the most utilized spaces in every house but they can be expensive at times. Instead of buying shelves that make a hole in your pocket, try this thrifty cardboard box shelve. Learn the how-to here.

14. Cardboard Box Labyrinth Game

Cardboard Box Labyrinth Game

The marble labyrinth game is probably a go-to game for every kid. Not only a fun game but a great way to enhance your kid’s focus and solving abilities. Make a homemade marble labyrinth game to gift to your kids here.

15. Cardboard Guitars

Cardboard Guitars

Introduce the art of music and probably build a music interest in your kids with this DIY cardboard guitar. It’s the least you can do to make your little ones an active performer in the making.

16. Cardboard Storage Box

Cardboard Storage Box

Invest your free time in making these diaper cardboard storage boxes to keep your home mess-free from the pile of diapers in your home! The DIY is here!

17. Duct Tape and Cardboard Organizers

Cardboard Box Projects6

If you don’t like the idea of a simple cardboard box as a storage box, spruce it up with a combination of duct tape. Follow these steps to upcycle old cardboard boxes as pretty organizers.

18. DIY Storage Cardboard Boxes

DIY Storage Cardboard Boxes

Organizing everything correctly and in designated spaces or places is a tedious task until you get more organizers. So, let’s not sit idle, instead make a few organizer boxes with these amazing hacks here.

19. Cereal Box Mailbox

Cereal Box Mailbox

The majorly used mailbox can cost you nothing if you look at the corner where you have hoarded all the cereal boxes. Here is how you can make a useful organizer for all your important letters, envelops, and cards.

20. DIY Fabric Storage Box

Cardboard Box Projects7

There is no better way to de-clutter your house than giving a trash-to-treasure makeover to all those boxes already straying at your place. Learn the hack here!

21. Cardboard Box Vehicles

Cardboard Box Vehicles

An ideal pass-time for kids, especially young ones, learn how to make these amazing vehicles for your kids with cardboard boxes here. These are an amazing alternative to store-bought plastic-vehicles.

22. Cardboard Suncatcher

Cardboard Suncatcher

Make this 3D suncatcher from a cardboard box with your kids and introduce them with the reflective law of science. Know more here.

23. Cardboard Town

Cardboard Town

Let your kids explore their creativity by giving them an opportunity to build a whole cardboard town! However, always keep a check on them as they will be working with scissors and more. Find inspiration here.

24. Multiple Cardboard Box Ideas

Cardboard Box Projects7

Recycle a huge pile of cardboard boxes with these ideas that are full of excitement and creativity for kids. From a mailbox to a boat, you can create it all with a box!

25. Cardboard Sports Tunnel

Cardboard Sports Tunnel

Take your kid’s train game up a notch by giving them a cardboard tunnel to pass through, interesting and fun way to keep them busy. Click here.

26. Cardboard Dressing Table Setup

Cardboard Dressing Table Setup

A dressing table is a great way to promote your kids taking care of themselves and embrace their looks as they are! Know how to make it here.

27. Cardboard Racing Ramp

Cardboard Box Projects8

Here is the perfect car racing ramp for your car-loving kids without burning a hole in your pocket and equally interesting.

28. Homemade Drive-in Theater

Homemade Drive-in Theater

Bring theater to your home and especially for your kids with this easy project here. This will keep them engaged while you finish your quarantine office hours and get back to them!

29. Personal Cardboard Cave

Personal Cardboard Cave

For all those story reading evenings and nights, gift your little one with a DIY light cave and make the sessions super intriguing. Your kid is going to thank you forever for this.

30. Storage Box Craft

It’s fascinating how you can spruce up a simple cardboard box with paint and fabric to create a beautiful organizer box. Look at the video to understand the DIY.

31. Cardboard Rocket

Cardboard Box Projects9

Let your kids engineer this project and build up their sensory skills along with some knowledge about rockets and space! Here is how the young scientists are going to make their space station starting with a rocket.

32. Cardboard Dollhouse

Cardboard Dollhouse

Dollhouses these days cost a lot and not everyone can afford one. As an alternative, DIY this big dollhouse for your kids without wasting much money. You’ll not just save money with this DIY but also contribute towards reduced plastic consumption.

33. Cardboard Easel

Cardboard Easel

If you don’t wish to spend much on an easel, then you could recycle one from old cardboard boxes. Have a look at this DIY and make a cardboard easel today.

34. DIY Cardboard Computer

Cardboard Box Projects10

DIY this faux cardboard computer for kids who shouldn’t be wasting their time and energy on these devices. You might as well introduce them to the device beforehand without straining their eyes with this idea.

35. Cardboard Shoebox School

Cardboard Shoebox School

With schools closed in this pandemic, your kid must be missing their school a lot! Bring their classroom environment at home with this shoebox school craft.

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36. Cardboard Skeeball

Cardboard Skeeball

If you are all determined to give your kid a sense of outdoor activities with some creative toys and games, here is a perfect DIY to add to your list.

37. 18 Cardboard Box Projects

5-minute crafts are famous for it’s innovative and interesting ideas. This time they have come up with some amazing cardboard box projects for you and your kids to try!

38. DIY Cardboard Town

Cardboard Box Projects11

Bring your kids to explore their creativity and build a small town themselves with people, buildings, and more. They could always drive their mini cars through the streets of their town!

39. Cardboard Box Lap Tray

Cardboard Box Lap Tray

Lap tables are great when you don’t wish to work or study on a table and chair. Instead of buying a lap tray, make a custom-designed one with this easy tutorial.

40. DIY Cardboard Laundry Set

DIY Cardboard Laundry Set

Want your kid to share your laundry load as they grow up? Then introduce a DIY washing machine using nothing costlier but readily available life-size cardboard boxes.

41. Collapsible Cardboard Tent

Cardboard Box Projects12

Upcycle cardboard boxes in your home to create a camping-like experience for your kids by DIYing a tent! Learn how to make yours here.

42. Cardboard Cash Register

Cardboard Cash Register

With a cash register machine, you can make your kids do maths problems and improve their calculative skills. Learn how to make something super cool and similar here.

43. DIY Cardboard Sewing Machine

DIY Cardboard Sewing Machine

Instead of letting your kids learn sewing with a real machine, introduce the basics with a play sewing machine. All the information will come handy when they start doing actual sewing. Have a look at this DIY.

44. Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

Give way to your kid’s pirate ship fantasy with this easy to do DIY pirate ship at home. You have a huge box getting wasted in your storeroom, and we have an idea to give a perfect makeover to that.

45. Cereal Box Piggy Bank

Cardboard Box Projects13

Saving money is one of the most important lessons that your kids should learn. To make it a little more interesting, here are some fun piggy bank designs made of cereal boxes.

46. Cardboard Door Numbers

Cardboard Door Numbers

A door number comes handy when directing your address to someone, not just this; it looks elegant and stylish too. Customize a DIY door number as per your liking, and you might couple it up with a wreath for added statement for your door.

47. DIY Tote Bag

DIY Tote Bag

These belted totes can also be used as an indoor organizer or to store your garden tools. You might even reduce their size and hold a fake shopping spree at home for your kid with a tote bag of their own.

48. Decoupage Cardboard Trays

Decoupage Cardboard Trays

You can always DIY a jewelry tray with clay, but an easier DIY would be to create them out of old boxes. Get your supplies list and the steps here.

49. DIY Cardboard City

DIY Cardboard City

Another DIY cardboard city for your kids to try and put their imaginative town into reality. All you’ll be needing are some boxes, paint, some glue, and this tutorial.

50. DIY Drawer Organizer

Cardboard Box Projects14

The small items in your wardrobe, such as scarves, socks, etc. can easily get lost in the pile of clothes. Save them from disappearing with this perfect organizer, following these simple steps right here.

51. Recycled Cardboard Storage

Recycled Cardboard Storage

With more things to organize, spend your time creating even more organizers to keep your home mess-free. DIY this recycled storage box here.

52. Cardboard Cars

Cardboard Cars

Keep your kids engaged in this constructive idea with paper and cardboard boxes to create a creative car. Learn how to make these cars here.

53. Storage Boxes

Cardboard Box Projects15

If you have boxes in different shapes and sizes, chances are you can get an equal number of creatively made and well-decorated organizers in every shape and size. Learn how here.

54. DIY Cardboard Desk Organizer

DIY Cardboard Desk Organizer

Let’s make your desk neat, clutter-free, and unique altogether with this idea without having to spend money on expensive organizers.

55. Geometric Cardboard Lamp

Geometric Cardboard Lamp

If lanterns with geometric shapes or patterns on them excite you, this project idea is the best project you have to try your hands on. Besides, this can be a handmade gift for your loved one as well.

56. Cardboard Stationery Box

Cardboard Stationery Box

This one can be a little tricky, but you are going to gift your kid a much-needed organizer at the end. Try making the stationery storage box here.

57. Cardboard Marker Caddy

Cardboard Box Projects16

Got a handful of markers and need a holder to keep them all in one place? Here is the easiest caddy that you can make using one of the straying packaging boxes at your home.

58. Cardboard Furniture Silhouettes

Cardboard Furniture Silhouettes

This DIY project has some brownie points for you. One, you are putting those useless cardboard boxes in some fair use. Two, your kid’s room is no more boring but full of decorative silhouettes.

59. Pop-up Cardboard Desk

Pop-up Cardboard Desk

Like you, your kids should also have their own work station to do all those pending homework, paintings, and a lot more. Follow here to build a desk for your little ones.

60. DIY Cardboard Solar Oven

Cardboard Box Projects17

This project aims to revive the scientist in you and make your children understand the advantages of solar power and sustainable energy. Plus, it will work and can be put into practical use as well.

61. Target Golf Box

Target Golf Box

Golf lovers, rejoice! Here is a DIY box project that will help you nurture your inner golfer alongside making your kids familiar with this club-and-ball sport. Like in the image, you can make the compartment doors and label them accordingly.

We hope that these cardboard box projects inspired you to create something new and innovative from stray boxes in your home! If you have more ideas then feel free to share them in the comments below!



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