60 Sports Crafts for Preschoolers | Preschoolers Craft Ideas

Engage your preschooler in a productive session with these 60 sports crafts for preschoolers ideas that can intrigue their creativity and hone their motor skills!

Get your kids to replicate their favorite sports team logo using colorful tissue papers and glue. While doing this, you can educate your kids about the sport even further.

2. Baseball Out Of Coffee Filters

Your kids will love creating baseballs out of coffee filters on a Sunday evening and devour a tasty snack afterward. Check out the idea here.

3. Mini Football Craft

Cherish the football excitement in your child by letting them build their own popsicle football goalpost! We found the idea here.

4. Paper Plate Football

Let your kids transform a simple plate into a football with some basic supplies and lots of fun! Find all the details here.

5. Potato Football Stamps

Use a potato as a stamp and ask your kids to imprint football or their favorite games’ equipment shapes all over a piece of paper. Little kids are sure to enjoy this DIY.

6. Fingerprint Baseball Craft

Hosting a baseball-themed party soon? These fingerprinted baseballs might just be the right choice of garland for it! Check out the idea here.

7. Footprint Bowling Craft

Take your child’s footprints to replicate a fallen pin in a bowling game. This is an exciting sports craft for preschoolers if they’re obsessed with bowling!

8. Cardboard Hockey Stick Craft

Cut the cardboard in the shape of a hockey stick and paint it accordingly to ignite your child’s inner hockey lover! You can find the idea here.

9. Paper Plate Ice Skate

Kids are often fascinated by ice skating as they are by snow. Praise this fascination by making a DIY ice skater that has your child’s face!

10. Fingerprint Football

Get your kids on board in making this super easy yet interesting fingerprint sports craft that your kids can show off among friends. Check out the details here.

11. Paper Plate Baseball

How about indulging your preschooler in making this baseball craft while gaining some knowledge of the game? Here’s the idea in detail for you.

12. Paper Plate Tennis

If you wish your child could build up interest in any sport, these sports crafts with you. Make this DIY kid’s table tennis with the details here.

13. Surfboard For Kids

Kids will enjoy seeing one of their favorite toys surfing on the water with this easy surfboard idea. Follow the instructions as described here.

14. Cheerleaders Pom Pom

Track the next match of your kid’s favorite sport and give them this cheerleader’s pom pom to celebrate each step. Take the details from here.

15. Football Placemats

Sew up your kid’s favorite sport into a placemat to make the decor even more exciting for them. Take help from the kids on the shape and cutting of the sheet to give them a sense of involvement.

16. Football Bookmark

Combine your kid’s love for books and football together into this Origami soccer bookmark idea. Watch the video for further details.

17. Sports Jersey Pillows

Every child has a favorite player and every favorite player has a Jersey! Why not turn this into a lovely memory for your kids whenever they go to sleep? Check out these sports jersey pillows!

18. Ribbon Stick for Gymnast

Kids learn at an early age and these learnings can easily turn into a dream that they’ll yearn to achieve! Make a ribbon stick for your budding gymnast!

19. DIY Paper Plate Disc

It’s surprising how easy it is to recreate a disc out of simple paper plates! You can even turn this DIY session into a disc-throwing session later.

20. Washer Baseball Necklace

Let the kids paint a washer into a baseball or a football and attach it to a necklace chain through this DIY idea.

21. Cardboard Basketball Hoop

For preschoolers, there are no playgrounds to play basketball in. Praise the budding talent via this basketball hoop made of cardboard.

22. Table Top Hockey DIY

Get your kids to work together in making this tabletop hockey DIY with just cardboard, a bottle cap, and a glue gun. It will be fun for your kids to manifest playing in a bigger hockey ground someday.

23. Baseball Toss Game

If your kids are simply fascinated by baseball, you can give them this toss game project to work on over the weekend. Take inspiration from here.

24. DIY Miniature Doll

Make a team out of miniature dolls and have your kids play around with them in an imaginary football game. Little things simply excite kids a lot!

25. Water Balloon Target Practice

Have your kids draw a target on the ground with chalk and later hit the “BULLSEYE” with a water balloon. Check out the idea here.

26. Sports Scrapbook Ideas

Give your kids the excitement to record their sports achievements in a customized scrapbook. Here are 5 ideas to get inspired by.

27. Sports Themed Key Chain

Prep your kids for their next game with this personalized key chain that they can cherish. Take inspiration from this idea here.

28. Foam Finger Craft

Cheer your kids during their game with these foam fingers and a personalized slogan to scream whenever they achieve a point.

29. Basketball Planter

Transform a basketball into a hanging planter in no time to cherish your kids’ love for basketball forever. Follow the instructions here.

30. Sports-Themed Shadow Box

A shadow box or a glass display case is something that you can always use to showcase your child’s achievements and happiness. Here’s the tutorial.

31. Baseball Paper Plate Clock

This DIY is the best if you wish to give your kids a lesson about clocks and how to tell time accurately.

32. Sports Card Booklet

Preserve these memories before they become the past! Let your kids select their favorite game card and get going on this booklet.

33. Medal Display

We know your kids won’t be able to give you a hand in this DIY, but they can always watch from afar and the excitement will remain intact.

34. Football Finger Puppets

It will be an exciting session with the kids to create football finger puppets for their roleplay games! Check out the instructions in the video.

35. Olympic Medals

Are your kids a big fan of the Olympics? Why not DIY some Olympic medals to encourage their enthusiasm about the games even more?

36. Handprint Baseballs

Trace and cut out your child’s handprints and paste a paper baseball card on it to recreate this idea. Check out the idea here.

37. Mini Hockey Sticks

Encourage the hockey enthusiast in your child by letting them copy these hockey sticks as a summer project. We found the idea here.

38. Football Puppets

Celebrate the World Cup with these finger puppets that will make your kids look forward to each match. Get the instructions in detail here.

39. Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Making a celebration pom pom can not get any easier than this tissue paper craft idea. This is suitable for a Sunday evening craft project for kids.

40. DIY Sports Crafts

Indulge your kids in creating one of these paper plate sports crafts on a rainy day when they can not play in real life. We got the inspirational ideas here.

41. Baseball Charm Necklace

This baseball charm necklace is easy to customize as per your kids and will call for a fun session with your kids.

42. Baseball Jersey

It’s hard to gather kid’s attention on a craft unless it includes something that they are fascinated about. Create this origami baseball jersey with your child.

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43. Travel Baseball Game

Kids absolutely can not go without playing games and it gets hard while you’re on a road trip. Let them create their own portable game with this idea.

44. Football Fan

Turn a paper plate into a football fan for your little munchkin. Let your preschooler help in the activity to invite maximum attention.

45. Football Player Puppet

Take inputs from your kids on how they want their puppet to look and start recycling a cereal box for it. Check out the instructions here.

46. Snorkeling Eggs

These snorkeling eggs will be a great addition to your Easter egg collections, especially when you’ll have little hands helping throughout.

47. Handprint Baseball

This idea is pretty simple for Preschoolers to follow and get satisfactory results without many complications.

48. Football Mason Jars

Mason jars in the theme of football or any of your kids’ favorite game is one of the best showstoppers for your next sports-themed parties.

49. DIY Putting Green

DIY some crochet snowballs and prepare your kids for an indoor snowball fight or an indoor golf game. Take inspiration here.

50. Olympic Sudoku

This Olympic sudoku is probably one of the best ways to teach some of the games to your kids and the rules within.

51. Ski Jump Craft

Ask your kids to cut the prints of trees, and clouds, and a ski buddy to involve them in making this easy ski jump craft idea.

52. Olympic Rings

Teach your kids about the Olympics and its significance in many regions while creating this Olympic rings sports craft.

53. Olympics’ O

Instead of Froot Loops cereal, you can color-coordinate washers with your kids and use them in this DIY. Here’s the idea with more details.

54. Olympics Bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by the Olympic flag and is not a hard sports craft for preschoolers to copy. Find the details here.

55. Sports Themed Necklace

Your kids’ whole game team and their mothers can contribute to making a sports-themed necklace to exhibit team spirit.

56. Ceremonial Torch

Amp up your child’s excitement for the Olympic games by letting them DIY a simple ceremonial torch. Be the craft guide to your kids and follow the instructions here.

57. Olympic Athletes

With some geometric and craft supplies, you can create this easy athletic Olympics craft in no time. Ask for help from the kids to give them the feeling of achievement once the DIY is complete.

58. Golf Flamingo

Transform a golf ball and tee into this soothing and beautiful flamingo to put up as a showcase of your child’s gold achievements.

59. Baseball Lacing Activity

Give a lacing activity to your kids to teach them how to fix laces and hone their motor skills with a fun session.

60. Father’s Day Sports Craft

This is one of those sports crafts for preschoolers that can give them a way to express their love and affection towards their father. Check out the details here.

We hope you loved these sports crafts for preschoolers and that you will try one of these ideas on a rainy evening! Let us know your take on the DIY you choose, we’d love to hear them!


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