6 Uses of Marigold You Should Know

Incredibly popular and beautiful! Know what are the possible uses of marigold flowers and what all is has to offer to you.

Uses of Marigold1

Known for their fragrance and prominent place in certain rituals, marigold flowers have multiple uses apart from adorning your homes. Marigolds have several medicinal purposes, including treatment of swelling, headaches, wounds, toothache, and various skin problems. Let’s learn more about the unconventional uses of marigold flowers.

Uses Of Marigold

1. Gives Relief from Bursitis

Uses of Marigold2

Bursitis or bursa sac inflammation is a health condition that causes severe pain and swelling. Marigold flower paste made with Calendula and Tagetes is useful to alleviate the inflammation and discomfort caused by the condition.
When the paste is applied to the affected areas, it penetrates the skin and provides warmth to the affected muscles. For quicker results, you can also use the herbal paste and put a heating pad over it. The heat helps relieve pain and inflammation. The marigold paste works as an effective natural and gentle way to treat the condition.

2. Treats Skin Issues

The marigold flower and plant have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic properties. Not only does the extracts of the marigold flower help in soothing the skin, but it is also useful for treating other skin conditions—notably, skin infections, wrinkles, fine lines, and active acne. The flower also controls and balances the production of sebum in your skin.

3. Marigold Face Pack with Honey and Milk Cream

Uses of Marigold3

A face pack prepared using marigold paste with honey and milk/cream is ideal for dry skin. In addition to the minerals and lactic acid, the face pack is packed with marigold’s beneficial skin properties that hydrate your skin and improve skin texture. On the other hand, honey has anti-aging benefits and helps in creating a protective barrier for the skin. Therefore, the face pack helps you get flawlessly radiant and hydrated skin.

4. Marigold Face Pack with Yogurt

A face pack made with marigold flower petal paste, lemon juice, yogurt, and rose water soothes, nourishes, and hydrates your skin. The yogurt in the pack provides alpha hydroxyl acid and lactic acid along with skin-enriching properties of marigold for your face. This pack can also help remove dead skin cells, exfoliating the skin, and preventing breakouts. Furthermore, rosewater retains the skin’s pH balance, hydrates, and nourishes your skin. In addition to that, the lemon juice in the facemask has natural bleaching properties, and hence, it is perfect for oily skin.

5. Marigold as a Healthy Tea

Healthy Tea

When you dry the flowers of the marigold plant, you may use it to prepare different types of healthy products, including the marigold flower tea.
Add dried marigold flower petals to a pot of boiling water, nearly a cup. After that, cover the pot and turn off the flame. Let the tea brew in hot water. The floral tea can help you detoxify and lose weight naturally. Moreover, the tea regulates your heart rate and treats issues like stomach ulcers as well.

6. Is a Natural Mosquito Repellent

The strong aroma of the flower, along with the antioxidant properties, acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Therefore, several people plant these aromatic flowers in their gardens and homes. It is also used in scented mosquito repellent candles.


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