5 Road Trip Basket Ideas | Basket Ideas For Road Trip

Here are 5 road trip basket ideas that you can try to gift to your friends and family as a token of love whenever they go on a road journey.

What To Put in a Road Trip Basket?

Road Trip Basket Ideas1

There are various items that you can add to a road trip basket for keeping yourself busy and entertained while you enjoy the trip experience. They can come in handy during long road trips. Here is a small list of items that you can put in a road trip basket.

  1. Portable travel board games
  2. Magazines or books
  3. A less messy craft activity or playing activity book such as coloring books.
  4. Puzzles
  5. Music tapes/ CD’s
  6. Journal
  7. Fruits
  8. Headphones
  9. Sheet masks for relaxation
  10. Electronic items such as power banks, headphones etc.
  11. Blanket

What Not to Put in a Road Trip Basket?

Depending on the place you are traveling to and who you’re preparing the gift basket for, you must keep a few things in mind before putting it in the basket. Here are a few things that you can essentially avoid in the basket.

  1. Any food items that can spoil quickly. Check for expiry of products before you put in the basket.
  2. Any beverage that can spill. Make sure you properly seal the beverages in the basket.
  3. Avoid adding excessive salty food. Consuming high salty food can cause bloating and uneasiness during the trip.
  4. Cosmetics that can spill or spoil in high temperatures.
  5. Any flammable products such as perfumes, or deodorants.
  6. Try not to put anything valuable in the basket.

Foods to Avoid on Road Trips

Foods to Avoid on Road Trips

1. Heavy Dairy Items

Having a lot of dairies can upset the stomach and might not be easy to digest. It’s advisable to avoid dairy products during a long journey and rely on lighter food items.

2. Salty Items

Salty snacks can cause excessive bloating and upset stomach during long road trips. Avoid snacks or wafers that have excessive salt or spices in them.

3. Caffeine

Having a lot of caffeine during the road trip can cause hyper bladder activity. That is why it is best to avoid them so that you don’t have to stop often for restroom breaks.

4. Sweets

High sugar food can give an instant boost of energy but can cause discomfort later. You may eat sweets in moderation during a road trip but don’t overdo eating sweet items.

5. High Carbonated Energy Drinks

These kinds of drinks can cause dehydration and can elevate blood sugar levels. It is best to avoid highly carbonated beverages during a road trip and rather switch to water or other natural energy juices.

Road Trip Essentials

Gift baskets are a great way to show that you care about the person and customized gifts leave an impression that no one ever forgets. While there are a number of things that you can put and not put in a road trip gift basket, it is essential to bring it all together to avoid making it look messy and unorganized.

Here are a few points to keep in mind while making a road trip care package:

  1. When making a gift basket, it is important that you choose the right size and quality of the basket. Since taking any luggage on a road trip can be a little rough, make sure you put it all together in a sturdy basket to avoid items from falling off.
  2. Personalize the basket with colourful labels, decorations, simple notes and other cute items as sweet reminders on the journey.
  3. You can divide the gift basket, depending on your choice. For example, make one just for snacks and food, other one for entertainment, or another one with essential items or necessities such as toiletries etc.
  4. Another option for road trip gift baskets, is a curated box of magazines, books, guides, and maps for keeping them informed during the trip. You can also add gift cards, looking at the route and the food or shopping joints that they may encounter on the way.

Road Trip Basket Ideas

1. Large Road Trip Basket

Road Trip Basket Ideas2

This blog has a list of all the essentials and fun items that you can add to a road trip basket. It is perfect for a personalized gift and is useful for keeping all the items that you might need during the trip. From food cards to pens, to sanitizers and moisturizers this road trip gift basket covers almost everything that one can think about.

2. Adorable Road Trip Basket

Adorable Road Trip Basket

For an adorable and cute way to further lift up the road trip, you can try curating this road trip basket. Fill it up with fun items, such as crosswords, puzzles, journals, audio cd’s, etc, along with gift cards, and cute labels for lighting up the mood during the trip.

3. Travellers Road Trip Basket

Road Trip Basket Ideas3

If you are trying to make a road trip basket for a traveler, then this theme would be perfect for you. Apart from some of the favorite beverages and other items mentioned above, you can add traveler-themed items, such as t-shirts, hats, ornaments, journals, etc. for a fun journey.

4. Food Basket

Food Basket

As a foodie, a road trip basket with lots of food to snack on can be a great idea. Add some energy drinks, and a mix of desserts and salty snacks to enjoy during the trip. It is easy to make and works as a great gift too.

5. Healthy Road Trip Basket

Road Trip Basket Ideas4

A road trip basket full of healthy snacks rather than high-calorie junk snacks is a great idea for people who are health conscious. It is also a great way to keep the energy levels optimum. You can add a few essentials to this basket such as toothbrushes, gums, lotion, etc for a complete basket. Click here.


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