53 Ingenious Ways to Use Magic Eraser | Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Uses and Ideas

Check Out 53 Mr. Clean Magic Erases uses and ideas, which can make your life simpler!

1. Remove The Dirt From Your Windowsills

If dust films are ruining the aesthetics of your windows, consider scrubbing them up with Magic Eraser. Check here for more on it.

2. Wipe away permanent marker on glass

Having a party? Write the names of guests with a permanent marker then clean it off with the magic eraser to keep the glasses from getting mixed.

3. Cleaning Laptops And Keyboards

Scrub out dark spots from touch-sensitive devices with Magic Eraser. Here’s a detailed article.

4. Clean White Converse Shoes

If your kids’ shoes have stained from all that high-energy puddle jumping, then clean them up with Magic Eraser.

5. Polishing silverware

Here’s a 100% natural alternative to chemical cleaners for polishing old vintage silverware. Use a magic eraser to restore the shine of your worn-out silverware.

6. Clean up your Baseboards

Spring cleaning your baseboards doesn’t have to be tough when you have Magic Eraser by your side. Get complete instructions here.

7. Clean Oven Glass

This little Magic Eraser can fix disgusting decade-old stains from your oven door. Polishedhabitat has a detailed article on it.

8. Give Your Car A Spring Clean Too!

If you hate using chemicals or harsh cleaners on your car, Magic Eraser can help. Learn how to use Mr. clean magic eraser in your car here.

9. Get Rid of Floor Scuffs with a Magic Eraser

One among them is this easy lifehack. Rub out erratic pencil marks from tile floors and hardwood with a Magic Eraser.

10. Make Your Glass Stovetop Look New Again

There are a number of ways to use a magic eraser to promote cleanliness in the home. For a shiny brand new look to your stovetop, consider scrubbing with Magic Eraser to wipe off the grease in a minute.

11. Clean Iron’s Soleplate

For a clean and shiny iron plate sans any fumes and burns, try this magic eraser hack here.

12. Cleaning my Flat Iron

If you thought cleaning your flat iron is way more difficult than cleaning your comb, take a look at this hack.

13. Cleaning Vinyl Fences

Your fences can become dirty and greasy over time, wipe off dirt and mold build off in the blink of an eye with this magic eraser hack.

14. Hard Water Stains

This is probably among the best magic eraser ideas around your home. If hard water is making your faucets dull and dingy, it’s time to give them a good scrub with the magic eraser. Get more details here.

15. Shining my Leather Shoes

Wiping shoes with Magic Eraser can help you restore the original sheen of your favorite pair of leather boots in no time.

16. Remove Grease Stains From Your Dishes

Wipe down long-standing food stains and grime from utensils with a few swipes with Magic Eraser.

17. Clean Leather Bag

A good polish with a magic scrub will refurbish faded leather bags and bring out their original vintage look.

18. Make Fridge Handles Look Brand New

Get your fridge handles gleaming new with a few scrubs of Magic Eraser. More on it here.

19. Clean Dry Erase Board

Cleaning permanent marker stains from a dry erase board has never been more comfortable! Here’s how to do it.

More Ways To Use Magic Eraser

There are hundreds of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Uses, here some more to give you an idea on ways to use Magic Eraser.

    1. Get rid of green mildew from outdoor areas of the home.
    2. Clean salt deposits vase.
    3. Clean mineral deposits from dish drainers.
    4. Get rid of water or other types of marks from the windows.
    5. Get rid of soap and toothpaste splashes from mirrors.
    6. Clean coffee, tea, or other types of stains from mugs.
    7. Remove stains from drink coasters.
    8. Get rid of mold & mildew from plastic stuff.
    9. Clean sticker residue from anything.
    10. Polish gold and silver jewelry.
    11. Clean tennis shoes.
    12. Clean paint from door hinges and handles.
    13. Remove hair dye marks from many surfaces.
    14. Clean and polish silver.
    15. Clean grout stains around the home.
    16. Clean garden ornaments.
    17. Clean the stains from the computer, laptop, keyboard, mouse, mobile, and many more plastic things.
    18. Clean stains and marks on plastic paint walls.
    19. Clean the cavity of the microwave.
    20. Clean window sills to get rid of dirt and mold.
    21. Remove marks from everything vinyl.
    22. Clean the stubborn stains from the countertop.
    23. Clean burnt stains from pans and pots.
    24. Clean range hood over the stove
    25. Clean nail polish stains.
    26. Clean bakeware
    27. Get rid of grass stains from shoes.
    28. Clean soap and toothpaste scums from bathroom faucets.
    29. Clean your motorcycle, bicycle, inside and outside of the car.
    30. Get rid of stains from leather purses, upholstery, shoes, etc.
    31. Remove stains from plastic containers.
    32. Make steel bathroom faucets & fixtures shine.
    33. Make refrigerator shine like new again.
    34. Clean permanent marker from any surface.


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