50+ Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

From Lady Gaga to Pikachu, we’ve got the most unique, out of the box, and inspiring zero waste Halloween costume ideas you can’t even think of. Check out NOW!

1. Alice in the Wonderland Costume

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 1

Dress like Alice by putting on a blue tank top and a blue flare skirt. Complete the look by wearing a white apron and stockings. You can put on an ankle strap ballerina but if you don’t have it already, you can even wear a black pair of heels. The goal is to go zero waste so you may have to compromise on certain things rather than ending up buying them. Wear light and blushy makeup to spruce up the look.

2. A Witch

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 2

Wear a simple little black dress with black stocking and a little witch hat to dress up like a witch. For makeup, you can go for a black eyeshadow and a dark lipstick. If you don’t have a witch hat already, refer to the video here.

3. American Psycho

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 3

To dress up as the American psycho, wear a navy two-piece suit with a light blue shirt and a red tie. Next up, wear a white raincoat and you’re done. This zero-waste Halloween costume is easy and simple and requires no special attention. You can carry a faux axe as an added accessory.

4. The Mummy

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 4

Compliment a nude bodysuit with a yard of some white cloth wrapped around your legs, torso, arms, and head. You may repurpose any old white fabric or use some toilet papers as a wrap around. But using toilet papers would be considered a waste, so look around your home and we are sure that you’ll find an old fabric to go with your mummy outfit. Wear a very light makeup with dark eyes to opt for a deadly look.

5. The Zombies

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 5

Dress up in whatever outfit for this costume idea, it’s your makeup that counts in this. Wear a scary makeup with dark eyes and dark lips to give yourself a Zombie like look. For the outfit, you can wear a pair of your old jeans and a top with cloth patches on it.

6. The Corpse Bride

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 6

You’ll need a white bodysuit or a top, a white wrap around or a simple flare skirt, and a veil. You may turn everything into a little bit blue by using the tie-dye technique for a more advance The Corpse Bride outfit. Wear heavy bluish makeup to go with this outfit.

7. Robin Hood

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 7

Style a green hoodie with a brown vest jacket and tan jeans to complete a Robin Hood costume. Wear brown or black gloves and a broad belt across the shirt. Additionally, you can opt to carry a bow and arrow with the outfit but if you don’t have the time to DIY it, you can skip it.

8. The Nun

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 8

Wear a white turtle neck with a white A-line long skirt; if you have a white maxi dress, it’s better. Then, wrap a grey piece of fabric around your forehead and put on a black veil like the Nun wears it. For the veil, you can cut a shirt in half and put it on while hiding the arms. Go for a intense black makeup to bring out the essence of the costume.

9. Cat Woman

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 9

Cat woman Halloween costume is an all-black costume idea which you will love more so because you don’t have to purchase it. A black full length top, black legging, boots, and a faux cat ears are all you need to replicate this costume without creating any waste.

10. Eleven from Stranger Things

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 10

Eleven from stranger things has been the most iconic character since 2016 and the fun part is that it’s easy to recreate her costume. A blue jacket and a little pink dress is all that you need.

11. Exorcist

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 11

The exorcist is among the scariest movies ever! Wear a nude dress and stain it red paint all over to replicate the costume. Wear ankle length boots to finish the look.

12. Dorothy from The Wizard Oz

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 12

Couple up a balloon sleeve top with a blue checkered apron and white stocking with red ballerinas to be like Dorothy from the Wizard Oz. Tie up your hair in two pony tails and wear light makeup.

13. Clown

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 13

If you know sewing, this will be an easy costume to DIY. Sew a shirt with half section of blue and half section of red fabric. Likewise, sew a pant with the same color combination and you’re halfway done. If you avoid putting paint on your face then you can only apply red lipstick on the tip of your nose. Otherwise, paint your face white and apply red paint over the tip of your nose. Draw thing eyebrows and apply red lipstick to complete the look.

14. 101 Dalmatians Cruella De Ville

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 14

Wear a little black dress and red gloves with a white with black polka dots drape around your waist. You can paint a white fabric with black polka dots to create the drape. Instead of putting on a wig, you can tie your hair in a messy bun. If you’ve a choker then it’s fine, if not then you wrap a little black fabric around your neck. Optionally, you can keep a faux paper cigar in your hand as an added accessory.

15. Elsa from Frozen

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 15

Dress up as the iconic Elsa from frozen by simply putting on a blue maxi dress and braiding your hair in a messy side braid. Additionally, you can net sleeves to your dress to spruce up the look.

16. The Tarzan – Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 16

If you have got an old nude dress, you can easily convert it into a Tarzan costume for your husband or friend. Paint the dress with black imperfect polka dots to replicate Tarzan’s dress. Wrap the dress around the guy’s body in such a way that you leave one of his shoulders naked. Hide the sleeves of your dress by tucking them in the dress. Or you can even cut the sleeves and make a headband for the complete costume.

Alternatively, cut the ends of a brown wrap around skirt in a zig zag pattern and the outfit is done.

17. Sherlock Holmes

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 17

Dress up like The Sherlock Holmes and make an impression among your friends about your cunningness and intelligence. Simply dress in a dark colored suit and put on a long coat on the top. Wear boots and a hat to compliment the look. Also, don’t forget to wear a navy scarf!

18. Superman

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 18

Wear light blue pants and a yellow belt and keep a long red fabric as the iconic superman drape. Ask someone to draw the superman logo on your chest and you are good to go for the Halloween party! Or you can wear a blue t-shirt with a superman logo drawn on it.

19. Little Mermaid

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 19

To be like the little mermaid, dress up in a blue full sleeve top and a few shades darker skirt with white heels. You can add a little blue bow to finish the look.

20. The Joker

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 20

One of the trending zero-waste Halloween costume ideas, wear a red suit with a yellow vest and black formal shoes to complete the Joker look. Or, you can wear white shorts and a white shirt with Joker makeup.

21. The Wolverine

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 21

If you’re a hairy guy, the wolverine is probably one of the best fit for your Halloween dress up. Put on black jeans with a wide-mouthed belt and black boots. Instead of buying or investing time in making metal claws, check out this tutorial to make claws with popsicle sticks.

22. Pennywise the clown – female version

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 22

Put on a off-shoulder white dress and compliment it with white heels. Do your makeup like the clown to complete the costume.

23. Jessica Rabbit

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 23

If you’ve a long red bodycon dress and a few red gloves, they’re all you need to look like Jessica Rabbit. Wear a red lipstick and purple eye shadows for makeup and a red pair of heels.

24. Lara Croft

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 24

For a Lara croft costume, you’ll need a grey tank top, black shorts, a faux gun, and a pair of black boots. Watch this tutorial to learn how to make a paper gun.

25. The Dead Newly-Married

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 25
Image credit: bespoke-bride

If you’re a newly married, this is one the best and funniest costume ideas you can try. Bring an alternate reality to being and try a dead newly-married costume theme this Halloween. Dress up in your wedding dress and put on a deadly and smudgy makeup and show off your creativity to others.

26. Watermelon Sugar

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 26

If you’re a massive Harry styles fan, this is the costume that will fit all your needs. Choose a yellow lacy shirt and a pair of shorts to go with to dress up like the watermelon sugar singer.

27. Parasite

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 27

The parasite has been declared the best movie for a reason. Dress up in the Parasite theme by putting on a bottle green bottom and a grey top or shirt with black sleeves. Now cut a black fabric strap and wrap around your eyes. Ask someone to mark the area with your eyes so that you can cut out the part to be able to see. That’s all, your zero waste Halloween costume is ready!

28. Lady Gaga

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 28

Lady Gaga has always been known for her amazing and unique creativity with her outfits. You can pick any of her outfit and recreate it with the items that you have in your home. Or you can go with the famous little black dress but with a little Lady-Gaga style makeup.

29. Slenderman

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 29

Dress like slenderman by putting on a black suit with white gloves on. Next, wrap a shear white fabric around your face and wear a hat, that’s all.

30. Posion Ivy

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 30

This outfit should be easy if you’ve a little green dress and a few green leaves with you. Decor your dress with a few green leaves here and there and your poison Ivy dress in all ready to rock!

31. Pikachu


Put on a yellow hoodies with a yellow bottom to feature like the ever-so-cute Pikachu! You can make black eyeliner circles around your eyes, red blushes and a dark lipstick to go with the outfit.

32. Butterfly

Dress up all black with a colorful and patterned fabric around your neck as a drape to replicate the wings of a butterfly. You can even attach the ends of the fabric at your wrists to give a realistic look.

33. Cops Couple

Cops Couple

An all-black outfit and a cops-like hat is all you both need to dress up like the cops. Put on a badge of your local police on your chest and you’re done.

34. Zombie Cheerleader

Zombie Cheerleader

There are so many things that you can do when it comes to a zombie outfit. Dress up in your cheerleading outfit and put on some red paint around your legs to resemble blood. You can even make a few blood marks on your face with lipstick.

35. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Who wouldn’t want to be Marilyn Monroe? It’s as simple and yet difficult to replicate the iconic actress that she was! A simple white dress and a similar hairstyle with a black mole on your lower cheek will give you a similar look as hers.

36. Money Heist – Nairobi and Tokyo

Nairobi and Tokyo

Replicate the money heist famous character Nairobi for your Halloween dressup this year. If you’ve a best friend, one of you can be Stockholm or Tokyo too. A simple black tank top, red hoodie, and red pants are everything you need. Put on the clothes and wrap the hoodie around your waste, that’s all.

37. The Professor


If you wish to keep your Halloween costume minimal this year, The Professor from money heist is your best bet. Put on a black suit with a blue shirt and a black tie to look like him.

38. Breaking Bad

For a breaking bad costume, wear a bottle green shirt with a grey jacket and tan pants and boots. Compliment the overall look with a hat and square spectacles.

39. Riverdale

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 39

Try on a combination of a black top with red checkered skirt and a black leather jacket to look like Toni Topaz from Riverdale.

40. Ariana Grande

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 40

Your long hair can be an advantage for this costume. Look up the web and pick out one of her outfits that you think you’ll be able to recreate with already available things and recreate it without second thoughts!

41. Ninja

Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas 41
Image Credit: Pinterest

Over a little black dress or jumpsuit, tie a red fabric around your waits and carry a faux knife attached to the fabric. You can try a minimal makeup with open hair or a high ponytail to add on to the look.

42. Black Widow

Black Widow costume

Add a buckle belt and a faux gun to a black jumpsuit and pair it up with long boots. This one idea is a must do for all the die-hard Avengers fans!

43. Rider

rider costume

If you don’t feel like trying on any outfit but yet want to stand out, we suggest you dress up as a rider. This is exceptionally a great idea for females as this will help them stand out more than it will help a man.

44. Angel and Devil – Zero Waste Halloween Costume Ideas

angel devil costume

For couples or any duo, one of you can dress as an angel in all white will a little cardboard angel halo crown on your head. While the other person can dress as evil in an all-black outfit with DIY horns on your head.

45. Night and Day

night and day costume
Image Credit: EightPepperBerries

This costume depends on how creative you can get. For a basic costume, you can wear black outfit and your partner can wear white outfit. Or you can wear a sun and moon themed hat.

46. Celebrity and Paparazzi

You and your partner can easily go for this idea without having to spend much money on outfits. You can pick any outfit from your wardrobe and carry a camera for being a paparazzi, it’s as simple as that!

47. Salad

salad costume

For being a salad, wear black tights and zip up and pin green tissue paper all over me. You can use tissues from gifts to repurpose them. Next, use the cardboard boxes from online shopping to cut out little veggies and a spoon and fork to attach to your costume.

48. Vampire

vampire costume

Wear a white shirt and black bottom outfit and tie a black cloth around your neck to act as the Dracula drape. Go for bloodshot eye makeup and don’t forget to draw blood drips around your mouth with lipstick.

49. Flour Bag

Image Credit: Pinterest

Working in a bakery has its own perks, one of which is this flour bag costume idea. Repurpose a 50lb flour bag to dress yourself as a sack of flour. Wear a white hat or cover your head with cotton to resemble the flour.

50. Kim Possible

Kim Possible

Dress as the famous Disney character kim possible by designing an outfit with black crop top and olive green bottoms. Attach a belt to your bottom and you are good to go.

51. Skeleton


To stylize as a skeleton, wear a black outfit and have someone to draw the skeleton outlines on your outfit. If you’re pregnant, let the person draw a little baby skeleton over your belly and celebrate your baby’s first Halloween already.

52. Velma from Scooby Doo

Velma from Scooby Doo

Wear an orange sweatshirt or turtle neck on a red skirt and pair it up with red shoes and orange socks. Even if you’ve long hair, you can still fake a bob haircut for this look. Try it with this DIY.

Here are a few additional tips for you to try and go zero-waste this Halloween.

  1. Use last Halloween costume with some modifications
  2. Avoid cheap synthetic costumes
  3. Rent a costume
  4. Swap with your friend
  5. Avoid costumes that involve face painting
  6. Avoid costumes that require plastic accessories
  7. DIY your accessories with recyclable materials
  8. Look in your closet
  9. Get creative to think your own zero-waste Halloween costume ideas

We love to hear back from our readers. Be sure to drop your comments on what you think about these zero-waste Halloween costume ideas!


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