49 Memory Wall Ideas | Ideas for Wall Photo Display

Check out these 49 memory wall ideas and spruce up an otherwise boring wall in your home with your precious memories down the lane!

1. Memory Wall Idea

Memory Wall Ideas1

Hang a frame on the wall and surround it with polaroids of your memories to recreate this DIY memory wall idea. We found the inspiration here.

2. Giant Frame

Pick your favorite photo and hand a giant picture frame of it on a wall as a centerpiece. Check out the idea here.

3. Black and White Wall

Arrange black and white photos on a wall to create this monochromatic memory wall in a day! We picked the idea from Pinterest.

4. Photo Tree DIY

Memory Wall Ideas2

Draw a family tree with real photos on a staircase wall to get creative while talking about your family. You can find the idea here.

5. Rustic Wire Hanging Photo

Hang your photos with a rustic wire to give it a vintage look and maintain the farmhouse vibe of your home. Learn how to make it here.

6. Unique Memory Wall Ideas

Here are 11 short but descriptive ways that you can use to DIY a photo memory wall display in your house. Some of the ideas are unique and will leave your family members in awe!

7. Scrabbles Photo Frame

Memory Wall Ideas3

We all hate boring walls. It’s time to spruce up your bedroom wall with this creative Scrabble wall display. You could choose between your family member’s names or the destination name where the picture was taken!

8. Clothespin Picture Display

Get the prints of your favorite photos and display them with clothespins, nails, and a string. It’s as easy as it looks but is great for a customized wall display.

9. Wall Corners Photo Collage

Most of the wall display ideas only focus on the center point and leave the corners entirely. This DIYer has done the opposite and we are impressed!

10. Geometric Photo Display

Memory Wall Ideas4

Arrange the braided ropes on the wall in a geometric shape and hand your photos with paper clips. Choose the shape that you like and get going!

11. DIY Heart-Shaped Photo Display

With just washi tape and some pictures, you can replicate this wall corner heart-shaped photo display. Check out the idea here.

12. Teen Memory Wall Ideas

Surround your door with photos to recreate this exquisite and unique teen memory wall idea. Let your teen collect all precious photos and redo this idea.

13. Yarn Wrapped Photo Mobile

Memory Wall Ideas6

Choose a small twig or branch and wrap it with multi-color yarn. Hang your photos on this mobile to create an eye-pleasing picture display.

14. Floral Photo Hoop

This DIY floral photo hoop is definitely a great idea for a wedding day picture display but you can even use it to display your memories on an otherwise boring wall.

15. Chalkboard Photo Wall

Arrange your photographs on a chalkboard with the dates and quotes on them to replicate this idea. If you don’t have a chalkboard, paint a wall with chalk paint and get going!

16. DIY Homemade Postcards

Memory Wall Ideas7

You can choose to recreate this idea with just the sweet memories of your life till now and some masking tape. Give different borders to your photos and that’s all!

17. Pegboard Photo Display

There’s a lot that you can do with pegboards and hanging your pictures on it is definitely a great way to enhance the background wall.

Also See: 22 Pegboard Ideas for Craft Room

18. Wooden Photo Board

This wooden board is so minimalist yet so fancy just like the modern decor that we all look for. Not only attractive, it is equally easy to make too!

Memory Wall Ideas8

If you don’t want to damage the paint with tape and stuff, you can attach a ledge shelf and place your photo frame on it. Attaching the shelves would come naturally to our DIYer friends!

20. Memory Wall Idea

Hanging photo frames around each other might be the easiest and most basic idea of all time! But for those who love minimalist decor, it is the perfect choice!

21. How To Create a Memory Wall

Just some photo frames hanging in an abstract manner is all that you have to do to copy this idea. You can choose any boring wall and transform it with this idea.

Memory Wall Ideas9

Catch your growing years with your partner in a picture and display them year by year on a wall! This is an amazing idea to see how far you’ve come with your partner.

23. Memory Wall Ideas

Surround the space around your TV with some of your personal favorites in a white frame for a modern display. Check out the idea here.

24. DIY Photo Wall Pocket Organizer

These DIY wall pocket picture organizers will come in handy for storing your child’s artwork near their study area. Take inspiration from here.

25. DIY Hula Hoop Photo Display

Memory Wall Ideas10

Combine the art of a wreath with pictures to make an exclusive hula hoop picture display for this holiday season. Find the idea here.

If you don’t wish to DIY a frame for your wall, you can always outsource and get it customized as per your needs. Follow the steps from this site.

27. TV Wall Picture Display

Transform the background wall of your TV entirely with some hanging plants and picture frames. Take inspiration from this idea.

28. DIY Collage Photo Frame

Memory Wall Ideas11

This DIY sliding collage photo frame is crazy easy to assemble and replicate and requires minimal supplies. Whether you wish to showcase nature portraits or your pictures, it’s up to you.

29. Photo Tile Puzzle

It would be fun to let your kids solve a puzzle of their picture and later hang it on the wall. Take inspiration from this idea.

Create a wall decor with an ombre effect that compliments your decor while displaying your photos efficiently. Check out the details here.

31. Memory Wall Ideas

The greatest thing about the Internet is that you get to take inspiration from creative minds from across the globe. Check the details about this idea in the video above.

32. Instax Wallpaper

Memory Wall Ideas12

Cover an entire wall with Instax pictures such that it looks like a large customized wallpaper. The picture size will depend on your requirements and wall, you can take inspiration from here.

Keep all your favorite pictures of your family in front of your eyes all the time by displaying them on a center wall. Check out the idea here.

34. Creative Picture Display

There are 5 creative ways through which you can display your family pictures while maintaining the aesthetic of your indoor decor.

Memory Wall Ideas13

If you’re a keen traveler and love to explore new places with unique cultures, display your memories through this travel-themed gallery wall.

36. Photography Wall Display

All you need is some nails, a wire, a clothespin, and your precious memorable photos. Follow the tutorial here.

37. DIY Rustic Pallet Frames

Transform waste pallets into a creative picture frame by following the tutorial here. A pallet will give a farmhouse and rustic look to the wall.

38. Heart Photo Wall

Memory Wall Ideas15

Get your photos and arrange them on the wall in a heart shape or any other shape you like for a quick DIY wall decor. We found the idea here.

39. DIY Hanging Picture Display

Prettify your memory wall with tassels to amp up the wall decor that you created with the most memorable pictures of your life.

40. How To Display Photos

This video is perfect for students staying in hostels or if you live in a rented flat. Simply follow the steps in the video and you’ll be done!

41. Windows to Photo Frames

Turn an old window frame into something as precious as a picture frame, that too without much hassle. Look up at the tutorial on this site.

42. Family Clock Wall

Showcase your family values with a quote and pictures of your family members arranged on the wall at the hour hands of a clock.

Memory Wall Ideas17

If you have some leftover chalkboard paint at your disposal, there’s no better way to use it than this idea. It looks basic and attractive!

44. Geometric Photo Display

Play around with shapes by recreating this geometric photo display on a wall that you would like to decorate. Find the idea here.

45. Summer Memory Wall for Kids

This summer break, get your kids to work on a memory wall as a project that they could talk to their friends at school. Follow the idea here.

46. Love Bug Memory Wall

Memory Wall Ideas18

Celebrate the journey of your love from engagement to having a baby together just by keeping the pictures in front of you always! If you like the idea, visit here.

47. Embroidery Hoop Picture Display

Sew your favorite pictures onto an embroidery hoop with interesting boundaries to preserve the memories forever. Take a look at the idea here.

48. Memorial Wall DIY

In the loving memory of your beloved family member, you can always have a memorial displayed on the wall as a tribute. Here’s the idea.

49. Memory Wall Ideas

Memory Wall Ideas19

Take help from the kids to complete this little summer project. Let your kids unravel their creative side and hone their DIY skills.


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