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Pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle can directly impact hair quality. Might we suggest that you use Ylang Ylang for hair betterment? Let’s find out why!

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Ylang Ylang is a star-shaped flower that grows on the Cananga tree. It is native to countries surrounding the Indian Ocean, such as India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and parts of Australia. This aromatic flower has a nice distinctive fruity scent, making it a popular choice for perfumes. The flower is used to extract essential oil as well that you can use to reap the many benefits of this flower. It’s proven in certain research studies that ylang-ylang is an effective mood enhancer and thereby, relieves depression symptoms. Besides enhancing the mood, ylang ylang helps alleviate anxiety and lower blood pressure. Apart from these benefits, you can even use ylang-ylang for hair as it effectively improves the strength and quality of the hair.

Ylang Ylang for Hair Benefits

1. Treats Hair Woes

You can get rid of many hair woes by using a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil daily. Besides remedying the hair problems, it will help you to get soft, shiny, and strong hair naturally.

2. Natural Hair Conditioner

Ylang-ylang oil could be a miracle oil if you have dry and brittle hair. Your hair can become dry if there is insufficient sebum production in the hair. This can eventually turn the scalp dry and make the hair brittle and dull. Applying ylang-ylang oil on the hair naturally increases the sebum production and lends a shiny look to your hair.

3. Reduces Head Lice

Ylang Ylang for Hair Benefits2

The essential oil has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties, which can help in eliminating scalp infections. In addition to treating scalp infections, the oil is effective in treating head lice as well because it prevents the eggs from attaching to the hair. Mix 5-6 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it to the hair from the roots to the tips. Massage the oil well into the scalp and leave overnight.

4. Hair Growth

Using ylang ylang essential oil regularly as part of your hair care routine can help promote hair growth. It penetrates the hair shaft and helps in making the hair follicles stronger, preventing hair loss. Moreover, it provides essential nutrients to the hair that facilitate healthy hair growth.

5. Treat Dandruff

Since the oil helps in nourishing and moisturizing your hair, it can reduce scalp itchiness due to dryness that eventually leads to dandruff. It prevents the occurrence of flakiness and controls dandruff formation early on before it becomes a problem.

How To Use Ylang-Ylang for Hair

1. Massage Oil

Massage Oil for Hair

Combine a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice and heat up the oil combination. Once the oil reaches a bearable temperature, use your fingertips to massage the oil into your scalp in a circular motion. Wear a shower cap or cover your hair with a hair cover and leave them overnight, Wash your hair the following day with a natural hair shampoo.

2. Hair Spray

If you have dry hair, taking the shelter of ylang-ylang essential oil is one of the best ways. Combine a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil into warm water and transfer it to a spray bottle. Spritz this solution throughout the day whenever you feel your hair needs moisture and solve the problem of dry hair.

3. Shampoo Routine

If you don’t have time to oil your hair every weekend, you can add ylang-ylang essential oil to your shampoo so that you get the benefits every time you wash your hair. This will not only improve the hair but will save your time as well.

Other Benefits of Ylang Ylang Oil

1. Reduce Stress

The flower essential oil has a calming fragrance that can reduce anxiety, relieve stress and tension, and boost mood. Since it boosts the mood, it can help relieve the symptoms of depression and loneliness. Simply, add a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil with a few drops of rosemary oil in a diffuser and enjoy the aromatherapy.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Ylang Ylang for Hair Benefits3

Since the oil reduces stress and anxiety, it can lower blood pressure, and control the heart rate. This in turn will provide an overall relief to your mind and body, giving you the ultimate relaxation that you crave all day.

3 Increase Sexual Desire

The aroma of ylang-ylang essential oil increases the overall libido and boosts the mood, which is linked to enhanced sensuality. Add a few drops of the essential oil to a diffuser to begin the aromatherapy.

4. Treat Fungal Infections

Ylang-ylang has antibacterial properties, that can help in treating fungal infections and skin rashes. It could eliminate conditions caused due to the Candida Albicans, which is a kind of yeast.

5. Skin Moisturizing

Ylang Ylang for Hair Benefits4

Ylang-ylang has moisturizing properties that can help in treating dry skin. However, it is not advised to use ylang-ylang oil if you’ve oily skin. Combine 2 drops of ylang-ylang oil with almond oil and apply it to the dry skin and let it sit overnight. Besides treating dry skin, it can even help in reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes.

6. Insect Repellant

Ylang Ylang has insecticidal properties, which makes it a popular choice for insect repellants to keep bugs and insects away. You can combine a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil with coconut oil and apply it to the exposed skin to keep insects away.


  • Since essential oils can be harsh to the skin if you apply them directly, it’s always advised to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to the hair or skin.
  • Store the essential oil in an opaque bottle/container and away from the sun.
  • Before including ylang-ylang into your daily routine, do a patch test to rule out any side effects or allergies.
  • If you’re pregnant or lactating, it’s advisable to refrain from using the essential oil as it may cause nausea, vomiting, and headaches.
  • Always use top-graded high-quality and organic essential oil.


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