5 Effective Benefits of Neroli Oil on the Face

Know all about this exotic skin care product for flawless skin. Take a closer look at the uses and benefits of neroli oil on the face.

Benefits of neroli oil on the face1

There are various skin care products available in the market. However, even if you are aware of most of them, there are chances you’ll come across a new one every once in a while. Neroli oil is hugely beneficial and useful for organic skincare.

Neroli is an exotic name given to oranges. Derived from bitter orange flowers, neroli oil is made from the same orange trees that used to get the oranges from which we make marmalades.

The oil is made from the flowers with the process of steam distillation; in other words, the fragile flowers go through a steaming process to extract the fragrant beneficial oil from them. The scent profile of neroli essential oil is intense with floral and citrusy top notes. The sweet and exotic scent has the sweet orangey base notes and a bitter undertone.

As the oil has soothing and calming effects, it relaxes you and your senses. The oil is also beneficial for aromatherapy, as a cure for insomnia and patients of depression and anxiety.

Benefits of Neroli Oil On The Face

1. Combats Acne

The oil has strong antibacterial properties that help fight acne and boils. The essential oil also helps in balancing the production of sebum in the face, preventing future breakouts as well. 

Neroli oil is rich in antioxidants. This property helps fight the free radicals and soothes inflamed skin and acne for healthy glowing skin.

2. Hydrates the skin

Benefits of neroli oil on the face2

Apart from locking in the moisture with a healthy barrier, neroli oil replenishes and rejuvenates the skin. Above all, the skin-reviving properties of the oil, stimulates the growth of new skin cells, for a glowing and radiant face complexion. The oil creates a protective barrier that keeps your face fresh the entire day.

3. Purifies the face skin

Owed to its antibacterial properties and cleaning citrus elements, neroli essential oil cleanses the skin. However, like other citrus products, neroli oil is not phototoxic. The feature makes it an ideal ingredient for the daytime skincare regime as it doesn’t increase the skin’s sensitivity towards the Sun.

4. Has anti-aging properties

Benefits of neroli oil on the face3

Neroli essential oil is beneficial in reducing the signs of aging as well. In conclusion, when applied regularly, it helps reduce fine lines, laugh lines, age spots, and wrinkles on the face.

5. Beneficial for All Skin Types

As the essential oil is lightweight, it is hydrating and useful for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

How to Use Neroli Oil for Face

The essential oil is potent and should be used in moderation. For example, you can add a drop of the essential oil to a dollop of aloe vera gel or your regular face cream and apply on your face on an alternate night for flawless skin.

DIY Neroli Oil Face Serum Recipe

face serum

You’ll need:

  • Five tablespoons of jojoba oil
  • Five drops of neroli essential oil
  • Three drops of geranium essential oil
  • Four drops of carrot seed essential oil


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a clean dropper bottle and shake well.
  2. Take a few drops of the serum on your palm and apply all over your face and neck.
  3. Use the neroli face serum at night before bedtime for best results.

Note: Use the diluted version of neroli oil as the undiluted version is extremely potent and can harm your skin.

Use this citrusy therapeutic oil for naturally boosting your skin’s health. Make your face serum with neroli oil and let us know if it worked its magic on you!


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