49 Paper Squishy Ideas DIY | DIY Paper Squishy

Creative Crafts: Unleash Your Inner Artist with these paper squishy ideas DIY and encourage your kids to showoff their creativity as well!

1. DIY Paper Donut

Get your kids to help you make these cute squishy crafts out of paper. You can try your kid’s favorite things and shapes to get their engagement high!

2. DIY Kawaii Squishy

DIY paper squishies at home for your kids or pets to play with or collect! These are easy to make but will be a fun activity.

3. Paper Squishies at Home

Making a squishy has never sounded so easy! Just some paper, foam, and tape can get you a cute squishy in no time.

4. Squishy W/O Foam or Puffy Paint

Little pieces of bread with puppy eyes are enough to keep your little one engaged for a while. Instead of foam or puffy paints, you can use plastic bags to stuff your squishy.

5. Squishy Without Foam

Stuff your squishy with a bag and there you have it, a DIY paper squishy in no time! Watch the video to learn more.

6. Paper Squishys

You can choose anything to make a squishy about, that’s the greatness of paper squishies. Ask your kids to draw things for you and turn them into squishy as a sweet surprise.

7. Boba Paper Squishy

If you’re a fan of boba tea or if your kids love it, this tutorial is just for you! Learn the steps and supplies requirements in the video.

8. 3D Paper Squishy

3D squishies are on every child’s wishlist these days. Save up money while loading your kids with whatever squishy they demand through this idea.

9. Paper Squishy Ideas

Encourage your kids to eat fruits by DIYing a cuter version of the fruits with paper squishy. Get the directions in the video.

10. Cute Squishy Ideas

Whatever your child loves the most, turn them into a squishy real quick! Let them collect all these squishies as a memory to come back to when they’ll be grown up.

11. Paper Squishy Ideas DIY

Take ideas from this DIYer collection of 100+ paper squishies and get creative to recreate them on a fine evening!

12. Paper Cat Squishy Toy

Cute Hello Kitty! squishies in the comfort of your home! It’s amazing how these DIY squishies require the least effort but turn out so good!

13. DIY Emoji Squishy

If you want to make a paper squishy without using foam, this DIY is what you’re looking for. Get some paper, tape, and pillow stuff to get started.

14. DIY Tissue Paper Squishy

Paper Squishy Ideas DIY1

Fill your squishy with tissue paper to give it the fluffy texture that the kids will enjoy. Check out this idea to get the visual representation.

15. DIY Paper Squishy

Cute little milk cartons with patterns and lovely eyes are all you need to pump up your mood. You can even turn them into a keychain, how cool is that!

16. Cute Squishies DIYs

Be it a hamster, a cat, or a dog; nothing can beat animal squishies! Pick your favorite animal and start replicating this idea.

17. Paper Squishy Ideas

You can use a variety of things to fill in your DIY Paper squishy such as cotton balls, plastic bags, and toilet paper, among other things. Check out this idea for inspiration.

18. DIY Homemade Squishy Toy

DIY toys are a great way to express your love towards your kids or your friends’ kids because of the effort and thought. Check out the video for the details.

19. Rising Paper Squishy

Draw your favorite item on a paper with a Sharpie and cut it out. Then you just have to tape it and fill in the stuffing to recreate this squishy idea.

20. Jumbo Paper Squishy

This one is for the sweet tooths among us who will never say no to an ice cream! Create a little ice cream keychain squishy or a giant one, it’s up to you!

21. DIY Unicorn Squishy

When they said that you can turn anything into a squishy, they weren’t lying! Try this unicorn DIY squishy with the idea described here.

22. Paper Squishies

Paper Squishy Ideas DIY2

Besides being all cute and squiggly, squishies are pretty easy to make and require minimal supplies. You can refer to the idea here.

23. Panda Paper Squishy

Let your kids snuggle a panda by creating this super cute panda paper squishy. Watch the video to get the tutorial.

24. Milk Cartan Squishy

Whether you draw the figure or get a printout, it’s your choice but we can assure you that either way, your squishy would look cute! Find the details in the video.

25. DIY Galaxy Paper Squishy

A DIY galaxy avocado or a galaxy pizza, you can go wild with your creativity while DIYing a squishy at home. The video above has all the details.

26. Jumbo Squishmallows

Turn your child’s favorite cartoon character into a portable squishy and sit back to look at their cute little happiness! Learn to make DIY jumbo squish mallow paper squishies in the video above.

27. Pizza Paper Squishy

Add a pizza squishy to your squishy collection and use them as dining table decor for a party that you will host. It will be fun to let each guest have their own squishy as a parting gift.

28. Squishy Without Foam

DIY Hello Kitty donuts at your disposal with minimal supplies and effort that too without using foam. Watch the video to learn more.

29. Lucky Charms Squishy

Squishies can be a stress-relieving activity to pass the time while burning your stresses away. The video has all the details.

30. Paper Squishy Tutorial

Paper Squishy Ideas DIY3

Let your kids drive their creativity into a cute squishy and preserve their drawings forever as lovely keyrings. Follow the tutorial here.

31. How to Make a Squishy

Paper Squishy Ideas DIY4

Ask your kids to draw each of your family members through their creativity and later transform that into squishies. You can find the tutorial here.

32. DIY Kawaii Skittles Squishy

Kids can relieve their anxiety and stress from a hard day at school easily just with a squishy toy that you can make in no time. Make these skittle squishies with the tutorial from the video.

33. DIY Fidget Bubble Squishy

Little pumpkins pop the balloons out as you squeeze them and inhale as you leave them be! Check out the tutorial in the video.

34. Slow Rising Paper Squishies

Use a commercial fiber fill to make a slow-rising squishy if you don’t like the effects from stuff like garbage bags and tissue paper.

35. Squishy Gummy Bear

A gummy bear packet with 2 gummy bears that are not only cute but squishable at their best. Learn the DIY steps in the above video.

36. Halloween Sugar Cookies Paper Squishy

Halloween is around the corner and you can always give a sugar cookie squishy along with treats for scary visitors. Make them today and get excited for Halloween!

37. Rainbow Unicorn Paper Squishy

Children always admire fairy creatures like unicorns and what’s better than a squishy unicorn pillow? You can make them as giant as you like for your kids.

38. DIY 3D Burger

Make a 3D burger out of paper and memory foam that looks as delicious as the real one. You can do this with your kids’ favorite snack as well.

39. DIY Avocado Squishy

Encourage your child to eat this superfood by giving them a squishy that they can play with while learning about the benefits of avocado.

40. DIY 3D Paper Pizza

Another pizza 3D squishy that you can start making with your kids this evening to make it fun and memorable for them.

41. DIY Macaron Squishy

Macarons are always delicious and cute to look at! Recreate your favorite macaroons but with paper and stuffing this time.

42. Paper Squishy Ideas DIY

Use toilet paper to DIY a super easy DIY squishy idea without having to spend half your pocket! The video covers all the details that you’ll need.

43. Paper Santa DIY

With the Holidays around the corner, you must be looking for some creative Christmas ornaments for your tree. Make a Santa squishy and attach it to a hoop to make a quick Christmas ornament.

44. DIY Flip Octopus Toy

We have all seen this flip octopus and no wonder it’s so costly these days! Make this at home but in a form of squishy to surprise your kids or your loved one!

45. Squishy Nutella

Who doesn’t love Nutella? Remake the Nutella jar with paper and stuffing at home in no time with the aid of this DIY video.

46. Jumbo Watermelon DIY

It’s always a great idea to replicate fruits squishy and educate your kids about their benefits. This will not only encourage them to eat the fruits but will increase their knowledge too.

47. 3D Skittles Toy

Be it Skittle, gudetama candy bar, KitKat, or any other candy, you can make a squishy replication of each quite easily! Watch the video for more information.


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