48 Halloween Storytime Ideas | Halloween Story Books

These 48 Halloween storytime ideas and books will entertain your kid without scaring them too much. Reading can be a fun way to end your day on a relaxing note!

48 Halloween Storytime Ideas

There are many Halloween books that claim to be suitable for kids. However, you should always choose scary books wisely for your kids. The aim is to entertain them without scaring them. Below are 48 Halloween storytime ideas and books that are great for a Halloween storytime!

Why Read Bedtime Stories To Kids?

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There is nothing more important than spending valuable time with your kids. No matter how long a parent’s day is, reading a book to your child at the end of the day helps strengthen the bond between a parent and a child. Reading books that cover different topics also helps the kids to widen their horizons and knowledge. Not only does this activity helps promote their creativity and imagination, but it also helps them learn about new things. Moreover, reading a book is an essential part of your child’s development and helps them succeed as a reader. It also helps your kid grow intellectually and improves their storytelling skills. Therefore, parents must actively ensure that they give their kids an experience like no other in their formative years via new books.

Halloween Storytime Ideas

1. Where’s My Mummy Book

This hide-and-shriek little adventure of a baby mummy with his big mama mummy in the night is a great bedtime read for kids. It is an illustrative story of a suspenseful night out with comical illustrations and a happy ending!

2. Go Away, Big Green Monster

A bestseller through decades, this interesting read can help your little ones get over their fear of the dark. As the book proceeds, the monster disappears in this illustrative delight for your kids. So, chase away those monsters under the bed with this Halloween special story.

3. The Very Busy Spider

An artistic delight, not only does this visual and verbal stunner prove to be an ideal read for kids and adults, but it also provides the same experience for visually challenged people. In simple words, it is perfect for all!

4. Almost a Full Moon

This warm-hearted story of a boy and his grandmother is perfect to give your kids some sweet dreams. An enchanting tale, suitable for readers of all ages, ‘Almost a full moon’ is a must-read.

5. Piggie Pie

Another bedtime story that is perfect for kids, Piggie Pie, is a story of witty pigs that disguise themselves to hide from ‘Gritch the Witch’ craving some pork pie. An excellent option for read-aloud storytime.

6. Room on the Broom

A beautiful story of kindness and compassion, this bedtime story will enchant your kids and will teach them to be selfless. It also has an animated version for munchkins who would like to take their experience to the next level.

7. A Very Brave Witch

A playful read for trick-or-treaters, this story takes you on a journey of a little witch who faces her fears and learns how to be brave, while facing humans for the first time.

8. How I Became a Pirate

In addition to the detailed description of a pirate, the book gives an insight into a pirate’s life to the kids– making them realize that home is the place to be after any adventure!

9. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This read-aloud adventure takes you out on an autumn night with an old lady who was not afraid of anything! The claps clomp and another interesting sound of the book makes it a fun addition for your library, especially near Halloween!

10. Aaaarrgghh! Spider!

This interesting book not only helps the kids widen their vocabulary but also makes story time more fun with colorful and attractive illustrations. The book tells a humorous story of a spider who wants to be a pet of a family, that is scared of him!

11. Anansi The Spider

This story of a great folk hero takes you through the ups and downs of Anansi, the spider’s, life through bold and traditional African illustrations. It also has the perfect combination of old and new rhymes to describe his life.

12. Skeleton Meets the Mummy

This recollection of Sammy’s walk through the woods before trick-or-treat, sets up the perfect background for a Halloween bedtime story. Read it to your kids during Halloween to draw imaginary references from real life!

13. Seven Orange Pumpkins

This fun book is about seven pumpkins sitting on a patch. The rhyming counting board is perfect for kids, especially if they are imaginative little munchkins!

14. One Witch

This count-up and count-down activity book is an interesting way to introduce numbers to your kids. A fun-filled book, this monster bash is perfect for a bedtime story, especially on Halloween night.

15. Miss Spider’s Tea Party

This tale of a friendly spider who wants to have a cup of tea with her friends is a refreshing take on perceptions and prejudice. The rhyming tone makes it more appealing for the kids.

16. Night Pirates

Beautiful illustrations and pop-up art makes this book a must-have for your kids! Add more fun to your kid’s bedtime story with Tom who peeps out of his window one night to discover night pirates!

17. Trick ARRR Treat

Another pirate-inspired read for the young ones, this imaginative and creative book is an excellent way to end Halloween night!

18. Leonardo, the Terrible Monster

The book has a sweet ending and is packed with more illustrations than verbiage– an ideal scenario for kids! However, it doesn’t loose impact due to less words.

19. Ghost in the House – Halloween Storytime Ideas

A friendly mummy, a ghost, and a ghoul– this fun pop-up book is perfect for your little explorers looking for some fun before their bedtime.

20. The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat

A lyrical addition for your library, this story follows the journey of a small bat. Realistic illustrations and facts about these winged mysterious creatures, make this book interesting for inquisitive minds.

21. Boo Who?

A funny read that eventually takes your child to the path of self-discovery. Join this illustrated journey of a little shy ghost who is having a tough time fitting in or making new friends.

22. Skeleton Hiccups

This unique story introduces you to a skeleton with a bad case of hiccups! Learn the best way for a skeleton to get rid of hiccups in this funny, bone-rattling tale.

23. The Monster at the End of This Book

Who doesn’t love Grover? When read in the dramatic tone of Grover, this bone-tickling tale makes an excellent lap-time story. As the Muppet keeps begging the reader to stop flipping the pages, inquisitive minds become keener to find the monster at the end of this book.

24. Ladybug Girl and the Dress-up Dilemma

An adorable story of a girl who realizes the importance of being true to oneself, this illustrated book is a perfect way to end Halloween on a sweet note.

25. There’s a Monster in Your Book

This page-turner is an interactive story for both the kids and parents. Colorful artwork and fun discoveries makes it a treasure. Kids can tilt the book, shake it and make loud noises while reading it, making it a more engaging experience.

26. The Scariest Book Ever

Cute illustrations coupled with a sweet story of a ghost afraid of everything, this book is perfect for curious kids. This relatable book can excite your kids for Halloween.

27. Birdie’s Happiest Halloween

Filled with beautiful colors and collages, this book is perfect and relatable for the Fall season! The book inspires you to dream big and yet stay true to yourself. Read this marvelous story of a girl who loves fall season and small things like apple-picking with her mother.

28. Not a Box

Simple, imaginative, and fun, the story is based on a rabbit who tells you that a box is only a box, till you think of fun ways to play with it! Sounds interesting? Check out editorial reviews on Amazon to learn more about it.

29. Bats at the Library

A window was left open at a library and the bats take over the place for the night! From marvelous illustrations to rhyming story-telling, this interesting book has the ability to immerse your kids in a fun storytime before bed.

30. It’s Raining Bats & Frogs

Whimsical, charming, and creative! This illustrative book helps you get an idea of what a witch does when it rains on her favorite parade day! It is an excellent picture book and is also perfect for Halloween!

31. Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat

Another read-aloud story that is fun and fresh to read to your kids. The bright watercolor illustrations make it an excellent book and indulgence for the kids!

32. Vampirina Ballerina

A unique story of a little vampire ballerina that has a cheery personality, however, she goes through various obstacles to be a successful ballerina! Even as the colors of this book are dark, it is nowhere a dull and dark story.

33. Monster Trouble!

A sweet story with a delightful end– know how to keep the monsters at bay that sneak in at night with this unique story. Not only does this book has adorable monsters, but the main character is brave, cute, and oh-so resourceful! PS. Monsters hate kisses! ????

34. The Little Kitten

A cat-centric story for your Halloween bedtime story, this cut-out book has a great interactive quality along with gentle story-telling. The story follows a little girl who finds and wishes to return a witch’s lost cat.

35. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Another classic for your story time! This ‘Peanuts’ adaptation of the pumpkin story is the perfect balance of old and new story-telling. The author brings you the same story with modern illustrations, that too– Peanuts!

36. Boo: Peek-a-Flap Board Book

A post on Halloween Storytime Ideas can’t be complete without this book. This spooky yet interesting book is perfect for your kids! Let them find interesting shapes in this peek-a-flap board book.

37. Llama Llama Trick or Treat

This story of a little llama that goes for trick-or-treating with his mom is an indulgent read for bedtime. The llama and his friends are adorable and so are the illustrations of the book.

Visit the link above to learn more about it.

38. Goodnight, Little Monster

Know all about little monsters bedtime routines in this cute story. With Halloween right around the corner, the kids would love some ‘gross’ but cute-to-the-monster stuff.

39. The Little Ghost Who Didn’t Like to Be Scary

A story of the little ghost ‘Laila’ that didn’t like being scary or shouting BOO! Read this unique story with your kids for a simple yet indulging experience.

40. At the Old Haunted House

A vibrantly illustrated read for the kids, this count-along book is perfect for Halloween night bedtime story. This rhyming take of the song ‘over in the meadow’ is equally beautiful and enchanting.

41. Bone Soup – Halloween Storytime Ideas

If you like the kid’s book, ‘stone soup’, you would love this Halloween take of it– bone soup. In addition to the great story, the book has detailed and engaging illustrations to keep your kids entertained.

42. Lift-the-Flap Tab: Spooky House

Enter a vibrant spooky house with this lift-the-flap book that has fun Halloween characters, and other fun elements to discover or find on each page. There are tricks and treats for every reader on every page of this book.

43. Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!

This entertaining tale is about some un-spooky skeletons who take you through their un-spooky day. Another great addition for the Halloween season!

44. The Halloween Tree

A warm-hearted picture book and story that tells you the tale of a Halloween tree. Playful illustrations and a soulful story makes this book a must-have for your holiday.

45. Ice Cream Every Time I See A Ghost

A bone-tickling story for your kids that will help them sleep with a smile on their faces! Simple jokes for your kids make this book a fun read!

46. Goodnight Goon: a Petrifying Parody

A monster parody of a beloved classic, this book is perfect for Halloween storytime ideas. This can be a fun read for all ages, especially for people who have praised and loved ‘Goodnight Moon’.

47. How to Catch a Monster

So, do you have a monster in your closet? Know how to get rid of them, with this beautifully illustrated edition that tells you the tricks or methods of catching monsters! Your kids will love to listen to it during the Halloween season.

48. Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

Gustavo is a cute, shy, and lonely ghost looking to make friends in this brilliantly illustrated book. Finding Gustavo take different forms on every page makes it a fun book for the kids.


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