44 DIY Shoe Box Crafts | DIY Shoe Box Ideas

44 DIY Shoe Box Crafts and projects you can’t resist to miss.

1. Modern Shoe Display

Modify a paper box into this modern and lovely shoebox with a plastic sheet. It’s a simple and effective way to store your shoes while protecting them from dirt. Visit IKEA Hackers.

2. Foosball Game

DIY this fun DIY shoe box crafts with your kids using a clothespin, dowel rods, and a shoebox. It’s a great pass time to indulge your kids while you do other works, peacefully! Get it here.

3. Mini School Abacus

Teach your kids the calculative skills of the abacus with this little school abacus. Let your kids observe you while you make it increase their curiosity! The idea is here.

4. Shoebox Theatre

This Arctic scene play craft is suitable for the theatrical aspiration in your kids. Add string lights to the box theatre to sparkle it with unusual effects. You can check the tutorial at Fun Craft Kids.

5. Hanging Shelves

Display a set of these hanging shelves in your kid’s room to give him/her an adorable wall decor. You can put little toys or other decorations to give it a statement appearance. Click here.

6. DIY Shoe Box Crafts Buildings

Let your kids create a city of their own by merely covering shoe boxes with paper and drawing building details on them. Pair them with toy cars and trees to appeal to reality. Look here.

7. Game

In a shoebox, glue wooden beads and straws to create a puzzling path to imitate a maze. It is a great play idea to feature in gatherings or whenever you want to play with your kids. Check it out at Hello Wonderful.

8. Organization Boxes

Declutter the mess in your home with these organizing boxes, which you can create out of shoeboxes. Cover the boxes with decorative paper, attach leather peace to work as the pull, and label them. That’s all you have to do; the tutorial is here.

9. Shoebox Wall Art

Here are three different ways in which you can recycle shoe boxes to decorate your wall. Shoebox art makes an inexpensive craft to turn your dingy walls bright and beautiful.

10. Picnic Box

Craft a handmade picnic box out of a shoebox to make your kid’s picnic experience an easy one. With this picnic box, your kids will not waste much of their time trying to open it. Get it here.

11. Chalkboard Lid

Layer shoebox lids with a thick coat of chalkboard paint and write quotes or puns, as you like. If you run a shop, it’s an inexpensive way to reduce the cost of buying a board to mention prices. Look here.

12. Shoebox Journal

Record your journals or other documents in this shoebox journal by following the tutorial here. You’ll need zip lock bags, shoebox, pencil, sharpie, and index cards.

13. Earrings Organizer

If you have a vast collection of earrings, you are probably in need of an organizer at the earliest. With this earring organizer, you’ll never face any problem while picking up an ornament to match with your outfit.

14. Thread Spool Box

Store your threads upright and untangled with this easy thread spool box idea. You need a shoebox, some needles, and chalkboard paint, that’s it. Visit here.

15. Cord Organizer

Cover a shoebox with a designer sheet and divide sections inside it using some cardboard pieces. This cord organizer will keep the chargers, cables, and earphones separately to prevent them from getting tangled.

16. Wall Art Decor

Embellish a dull wall with these modern and stylish wall art crafts to give it a complete makeover. The most primary things to have is a shoebox, decorative paper, thumbtacks, and stationery supplies.

17. Seed Organizer from Shoe Box

If you’re a gardener, you probably understand the chaos that seedboxes create every time you look for a packet. To solve this problem, consider turning a shoebox into a compatible shoe box. Follow this link to the tutorial.

18. Shoe Box Jewelry Organizer

Cover a shoebox lid with burlap and insert some clear thumbtacks to the cardboard. This is an inexpensive way to keep your jewelry from wadding up in a messy situation. Visit Home Awaits Us.

19. DIY Shoe Box Crafts Night Light

Increase the knowledge of your child about the galaxy and star constellations through this interesting shoebox craft. Check out the tutorial on Instructables.

20. Upcycled Kleenex Box

Although the tutorial here directs you to use a tissue box, you can use a shoebox as well. This upcycled box is a perfect and rustic way to organize your things in one place.

21. Shoebox Organizer

Cut the shoebox in half, either by length or by width then tuck them into a drawer. It saves extra money, which you would have otherwise spent on manufactured drawer dividers. We found the idea here.

22. DIY Shoe Box Crafts Wall Decor

Cover a bunch of shoeboxes in a chevron pattern and display them on your wall. Customize them in a favorable shape or design, as you like. Spunky Junky has the tutorial.

23. Marker Caddy

Place markers, crayons, pens, and other art supplies in an organized manner with this caddy. You need a shoebox and toilet paper tubes, that’s all. Check it out here.

24. Baby Things Storage

Upcycle shoeboxes to create an eco-friendly storage option for your newborn’s diapers and shoes. You only need to cover the boxes with adhesive shelf paper and it’s good to go!

25. Storage Boxes

If you love traveling and exploring the world, this DIY is the perfect choice for you to consider this weekend. Not just great decor but also a possible solution to prevent a mess in your house. Follow it on In My Own Style.

26. Little Organizer

This DIY might not help you to declutter huge things, but at least you can organize your hairpins or other small stuff in it. Visit All Day Chic.

27. Tabletop Tray

There’s no tutorial available for this yet it is an easy craft. Just cover the lip of the shoebox with colorful paper or fabric to make this cool jewelry tray. Make sure to use a sturdy shoe box lips otherwise you can glue another layer of cardboard to make it stronger.

28. Nail Polish Storage

Find an old shoebox and give it a makeover to store your nail polish collection neatly. Here’s what to do.

29. Gift Box

How about DIYing a custom made gift box to give to your family and friends? It’s an excellent way to shower love with originality on your good-wishers.

30. Shoebox Mail Box

Create a fun play post office for your kids to enjoy when they need something different to do. It is useful to teach the kids some bits of how the post services work. Click here.

31. Shoebox Weaving

Get ready for some yarn weaving skills to create this colorful and eye-catching craft. One of the best crafts for keeping your kids occupied especially girls. Get the full tutorial here.

32. Miniature Bakery

Give your kids their bakery to run, not real of course but at least a great way to kill time. Take inspiration here.

33. Sewing Kit

Why buy any expensive sewing kit when you can create one using a shoebox, small containers, and craft papers. This is a two-tier sewing kit, so it has a space for your every essential!

34. Fabric Weaver

Teach your kids the art of weaving through a simple fabric scrap weaving guide using a shoebox. Just wrap the desired number of threads around a shoebox and tie the ends to secure them in place. Everything in detail is available here.

35. Suitcase Organizer

If ordinary organizers are not something, you praise then try making a suitcase organizer here. Paint a shoebox in a distressed manner and finish it off with some leather straps as the holders to give it a look of an old suitcase.

36. Fake Computer

Make an adorable cardboard computer by using any spare box at your home, better a shoebox. Give an opportunity to your kids to decorate and customize it as they like. Visit Red Ted Art.

37. Shoebox Dollhouse

You need a shoebox, colored papers, foam scraps, mini round mirrors, paper doily, medicine boxes, and a crocheted blanket. To see the tutorial, visit here.

38. Fish Aquarium

Paint a sea background in a shoebox and add paper fishes to it. For the floor, you can use oatmeals as the sand. Interesting? Check here.

39. Cable Organizer

Arrange toilet paper rolls inside a shoebox and assemble them with tape or glue. An inexpensive idea to store loads of cables and wire separately.

40. Golf Club

As there’s no tutorial available we’ll try our best to describe the project. Take a shoebox and cut some open sources to pass the ball as you can see in the image above. The rest is to cover the box with brown paper and show your coloring skills!

41. Basketball Court

Paint a shoebox as a basketball and create a hole in it to quickly pass the ball. Set up the basket near a place where your kids can enjoy by using a thick board and basketball net. Use a tennis ball or any small ball to feature as the game ball.

42. Barbie Doll House

Give your little princess a handmade Barbie house with multiple levels that she can decorate as she likes! Sounds amazing, right? Visit here for the directions.

43. Puppet House

This DIY is perfect for the puppet enthusiast in your house plus it’s a fun evening pass time! Hand Made Charlotte has the instructions. Although the tutorial link has used a cereal box, you can use a shoebox as well.

44. Lid Posting Game

This lid posting game will help your kid with improved concentration and problem-saving skills. To make it, click here.


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