45 DIY How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room

Here are some wonderful ideas on how to make a trash can for your room or car or any other contained space to keep it clean and decluttered!

1. Pull-Out Trashcan

A pull-out trashcan is one of the most clever solutions for keeping trashcans in the kitchen. It hides in the kitchen, maintaining the aesthetic look, and is easy to use. Watch the video for more information.

2. DIY Cardboard Trashcan

Try this easy-to-follow tutorial for making a mini trashcan for your desk. This DIY is a fun way of reusing the old cardboard lying around in the home.

3. Round DIY Cardboard Trashcan

Another way of using the old cardboard is making a small and cute round garbage can. This tutorial shows an easy way on how you can make it and use it for your desk.

4. Mini Trashcan

This mini trashcan can be both a resourceful and cute decoration for the desk. It can hold small trash like pencil sharpening etc and is perfect for the study desks.

5. DIY Paddle Trashcan

A paddle trashcan is way easier to use and protects your hands from getting dirty every time you use the bin. This tutorial shows how you can make a paddle trashcan. It is for a small trashcan but you can always make larger garbage bins with big cardboard pieces.

6. Character Mini Trashcan

If you are looking for cute inspiration ideas for making a trashcan, then this might be one for you. Adding little character faces can make a trashcan look way cuter and be a part of the desk décor.

7. A Portable Trashcan

Another fun DIY for a trashcan, this tutorial shows a step-by-step procedure for making a cute little portable trashcan with wheels. Watch the video to get further instructions.

8. Disk Trash Can

Since we have transitioned to online streaming services and other forms of computer storage devices, you can reuse the old CDs (compact disks) for making a stylish trash can for your room. It can hold light dry waste and you can spray paint it in any shade that matches the décor of your room.

9. Small Fabric Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room1

This tutorial shows how you can make a cute little trashcan with fabric. This multipurpose trashcan can be used anywhere such as in the car or the desk by hanging it with a thread holder.

10. Repurposed Old Bucket

Repurposed old bucket

If you have an old paint bucket lying around, then this tutorial is for you. Using just some rope, you can restyle the paint bucket and use it as a trash can for your room. It blends really well if you have a lot of natural and rusty décor in the room.

11. Glitter Trashcan

Glitter Trashcan

Transform a basic trashcan into a stylish one, by covering its top with some glitter. Just adding a glittering ring around the top, can brighten up the basic trashcan and not look so boring in the room. Here’s the idea.

12. DIY Trashcan

To match the décor of the room, you can repaint the trashcan that goes well with the color décor of the room. If you get bored, you can add patterns as well to the trashcan.

13. Temporary DIY Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room2

In need of more trashcans for an event or party, repurpose a bar stool by turning it upside down and using the legs of the stool for holding the garbage bags. Take inspiration here.

14. Ice Cream Trash Can

 Ice Cream Trash Can

Follow this tutorial for transforming the trashcan into an ice cream cone. It works really well with themed decorations for baby showers or birthday parties.

15. Book Page Décor

Book Page Décor

Old pages of a book or newspapers for wrapping can add a unique charm to any item. What’s a better use than for covering a wastebasket. You can also stick on some flowers or patterns for extra presentation. Click here.

16. Chevron Pattern for Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room3

This tutorial shows how you can use vinyl for sticking over a trashcan and completely transforming the look to fit with your room décor. This allows you to use all kinds of different patterns, without the hassle of hand painting.

17. Cabinet Trashcan

 Cabinet Trashcan

With some woodworking skills, you can convert an extra-low cabinet into a pull-out trash can. It looks aesthetically much better than just keeping the can inside the cabinet and is easier to use. This tutorial has a detailed step-by-step explanation of how you can do it.

18. Laundry Lint Bin

 Laundry Lint Bin

A laundry lint bin can be a great addition to your perfectly organized laundry room. It can be attached to the wall and can help in the easy disposal of dryer lint and other laundry room debris. Here’s the DIY.

19. Tin Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room4

Repurpose the big tin cans into a small room dustbin using this tutorial. It uses the big popcorn cans available during Christmas times.

20. DIY Stick Trashcan

stick Trashcan

DIY a small bin for collecting dry waste in the room or for your desk, using some wooden paint sticks. You can easily paint it according to the room décor.

21. Rustic Trashcan

Rustic Trashcan

If you like the rustic, and countryside décor, then this tutorial is for you. It uses wooden blocks to make a large recycle bin that works well with the rustic theme. You can size it according to your requirements.

22. DIY Car Trash Can

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room5

To keep your long car rides clean and hassle-free, try this DIY car trash can idea that will fit in the small corners of your car. Follow the DIY here.

23. Decorative Trashcans

Decorative Trashcans

This tutorial shows some more ideas on how you can use vinyl for embellishing the basic trashcans with different unique patterns. Have a look here.

24. Labelled Recycle Bins

Labelled Recycle Bins

You can follow this tutorial to see how you can label the trashcans using silhouette vinyl for different purposes. Just labeling it can make the trashcans look better and save you time in segregating waste.

25. Paint Bucket Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room6

Paint buckets are perfect for repurposing as trashcans. This tutorial shows how you can use fabric to transform them into colorful funky trashcans. Click here.

26. Trashcan On Wheels

Trashcan On Wheels

Make your own DIY trashcan with wheels that can fit any space and can easily be moved from one place to another. It is perfect for the lazy people who can just move the trashcan where they are working and then put it back after completing the work.

27. Recycled Magazine Trashcan

Recycled Magazine Trashcan

Old magazines can be recycled for making a DIY trashcan. These coils of magazine sheets can be glued together for a sturdy bin. It looks vibrant because of the various shades and the glossy nature of magazine sheets.

28. DIY Tree Art On Recycle Bin

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room7

This tutorial shows how you can transform a simple white trash can by painting a tree on it. You can paint anything on it. Also, by painting just one single object in the center you still keep the trashcan basic but brighten up the room as well.

29. Trashcan With Recycled Waste

Trashcan With Recycled Waste

If you have stacks of waste colourful sheets, then you can reuse them for transforming the trashcan. By just covering the can with strips of this colorful paper, you can brighten it up. Learn how to make a trash can for your room here.

30. DIY Marble Trashcan

To fit with the modern décor, you can use this easy DIY tutorial to convert a trashcan with a marble surface texture. It just uses a marble sheet, making it a quick way of transforming the bin you use for throwing the trash.

31. Antique DIY trashcan

If you have antique décor in your house, then this tutorial might just be the one you need. This tutorial uses old wooden furniture for making a unique trashcan for your house.

32. Origami Trash Bin

You can put this origami trash bin on your study or work table and put waste paper waste or other dry waste in it to keep your workspace clean. Watch the video tutorial to know more.

33. Wooden Trashcan

Wooden Trashcan

A DIY tutorial for making your own trashcan using wood. Try your woodworking skills on making this stylish, sturdy and multipurpose trashcan.

34. Sustainable Cardboard Trashcan

Sustainable Cardboard Trashcan

Go green by using cardboard for making a trashcan. It works well for dry waste but might not be as suitable for wet waste. It’s sustainable, easy, and works well as a room trashcan.

35. Unique Tilt Out Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room8

This tutorial shows a unique way of making a tilt-out trashcan below an old wooden table. It hides pretty well in the room and can work as a trashcan or as a storage container too.

36. Origami Table Trashcan

Origami Table Trashcan

This cute little trashcan made using some old newspapers and the origami technique can be placed on the desk to collect the waste. Have a look at this DIY.

37. Wire Trashcan Transformation

Wire trashcan Transformation

Wire trashcans can be difficult to use especially if the gaps are large since the waste either keep falling off or gets stuck in the gaps. This tutorial shows how you can use fabric to cover it up.

38. Monogrammed Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room9

If you like your items to be personalized even if it is just a trashcan then this tutorial is for you. Make your own monogrammed trashcan with woven fabric for a stylish and elegant-looking trashcan.

39. Trashcans With Plastic

Trashcans With Plastic

A green initiative, this tutorial shows how you can repurpose those multiple plastic bags into a stylish trashcan. It is easy to follow and looks great too.

40. Outdoor Trashcan

Outdoor Trashcan

Make a wooden trashcan for your patio, that looks great in the outdoor setting, especially wooded furniture. It is durable and can fit large amounts of trash. This is perfect if you like holding a lot of events in the yard or just enjoy using your patio.

41. Makeover Of A Trashcan

How To Make A Trash Can For Your Room10

Makeovers can be fun, even if you do it on a trashcan. This tutorial shows how repainting and adding a few accessories on it as pom-poms can completely change the look of the trashcan.

42. Upcycled Trashcan

Upcycled Trashcan

This tutorial shows how you can upcycle your trashcan into a stylish wastebasket. The print pattern on a spray-painted basket can look really elegant.


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