40 Painting A Plate Ideas | Plate Transformation DIY

Here’s a list of unique and creative painting a plate ideas that you can adapt to sharpen your painting skills while spending some quality time decorating your home!

1. Spring Plates

Use your creative skills to make these beautiful floral designs on the plates and brighten your house this spring season. The tutorial has a detailed procedure on how you can paint the designs. Moreover, painting is an excellent relaxation activity as it cheers you up. Therefore, not only would you be decorating your home but boosting your productivity as well with these painting a plate ideas.

2. Paper Plate Décor

This tutorial shows an economical, quick, and safe way to make plate decorations by transforming the paper plates entirely and using them for wall decorations. This is a perfect solution if you have kids or are unsure about hanging ceramic plates on the wall.

3. Floral Plates

Flowers have a unique way of adding delight and cheerfulness when you look at them. While having fresh flowers in the house every day might not be an option, you can add these floral patterns to your home instead. Besides, it gives a positive environment to the house.

4. Mandala Plates

Bring in the sense of calmness and tranquillity with these beautifully crafted mandala plates in the house. Mandalas bring in the sense of balance amidst the chaos. Therefore, you can use them for decorating plates to bring in the same peace. Follow the tutorial for tips and tricks for painting mandalas on the plates.

5. Pattern Painting

Painting A Plate Ideas1

Painting patterns on the plates brings in a diverse set of ideas that you can try and use for decorations. Further, they are easy to paint and help rationalize the room. Take inspiration from the tutorial to learn how to make different patterns for decorating the plates.

6. Landscape Paintings

Want to paint different landscapes on foam plates for practice and later use them as decorative pieces? This beginner’s tutorial can help you to easily paint such styles on foam and ceramic plates!

7. Spiral Paints

Spiral Paints

For a set of spiral and breath-taking paint designs, use this blog to take inspiration for painting captivating patterns on the plates. Spiral paints are easy to make and come in action themes, interior decoration themes, etc. Moreover, they add a quirky charm to the room.

8. Plate Wall

 Plate Wall

Follow this tutorial to get ideas on how you can make a whole decorative wall with different plate designs. In addition, you can hand-paint the plates with different styles and effects. For example, a set of interrelated patterns for a theme room or making random patterns with plates for decoration!

9. Plate Stories

Painting A Plate Ideas2

Instead of making patterns or styles on the plates, you can use them to add elements of a story that you would like to convey and use as a keepsake. Whether it is a travel story, a wedding story, or a friendship story, each has an emotional value and works as an excellent gift.

10. Hand Painted Styles

Hand Painted Styles

If you are looking for inspiration, then follow this tutorial for different styles and painting a plate ideas by hand. It ranges from easy to detailed ones and has several styles you might like. Hand-painted plates are an excellent gift idea and perfect as decorative pieces in the house.

11. Design Plates

Design Plates

Make an intrinsic and detailed painting on the plates for the decorative purpose that goes with the theme of your house’s interior decoration. Additionally, you can paint different styles and put them in a pattern on the walls for a complete decorative look.

12. Different Painting Techniques

Painting A Plate Ideas3

This tutorial shows different techniques that you can try to paint the plates. These are unique techniques and have an exciting and abstract look. For instance, marble plates, bubble plates, etc.

13. Painting Plates With Acrylic For Beginners

Painting Plates With Acrylic For Beginners

Ceramics are an integral part of the kitchen. Follow this tutorial to learn tips and tricks to painting with acrylic paints for personalized ceramics. It is a step-by-step guide for beautiful and customized decor.

14. Mother’s Day Plates

Mother's Day Plates

A beautiful gifting experience, paint these personalized plates to surprise your mother. Add a cute little message on these hand-painted plates that they can have as keepsakes for their life. Easy to paint, these have some basic designs that even children can use as inspiration.

15. Tips For Painting Ceramic Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas4

If you want to paint the ceramic plates in your house but do not want it to be messy and unsuccessful, you can follow this tutorial. It shows steps from the beginning that you need to follow for painting the ceramic plates perfectly. Once you are more confident, you can use your creativity to paint whatever designs you want.

16. Gifting Plates

 Gifting Plates

A personalized gift can be an impactful one, therefore use your painting skills to paint a plate and add a beautiful quote. Furthermore, you can write down a personal message that you want to say or even make one for yourself as daily reminders. Paint with beautiful and vibrant colors and make it a gift to remember.

17. Winter Wonderland Plates

 Winter Wonderland Plates

Bring in the Christmas spirit and the winter wonderland feels with these four different designs for painting a plate ideas. They make an excellent gifting choice and help decorate the house with the fantastic scent of freshly baked cookies. Follow the tutorial for inspiration and make your own set of winter wonderland plates.

18. Swan Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas5

This tutorial shows how to make a set of plates with a fixed pattern such as swans, but in different colors to create a dining table set. It uses adhesive vinyl and a stencil set to have consistency in the designs.

19. Decorative Marble Plates

 Decorative Marble Plates

Marble has a very refined and natural look that can make it the center of attraction when used on the dining tables. Combined with some gold, these plates fit easily on the modern and the classic dining table. This idea is an easy and economical way to modify the holding plates using a marble paint adhesive sheet, which gives the same marble look without any high costs.

20. Family Plate

Family Plate

With a personalized plate for decoration, you can add the names of the family members. You can literally use it as nameplates in the house. This idea shows a cute way of decorating the plates. However, you can always try different styles for painting beautiful nameplates.

21. Painting a Plate Ideas

Painting A Plate Ideas6

Take inspiration from this image to make shiny and bright fruit plates for the kitchen. You can add a funny message and use it for making separate plates for different fruits.

22. Watercolor Plates

Watercolor Plates

Painting a plate is a fun and quirky way to add a pop of color to your dining room. You can use beautiful and vibrant watercolors for varied patterns and styles on different plates. They have a soft yet rich look and can become dishwasher safe once you bake them. Follow the tutorial for a more detailed workflow.

23. Vintage Plates

Vintage Plates

This tutorial showcases an exquisite and classic way of using plates as artistic decorative pieces. Using a classic floral pattern with bold letter prints, you can use these plates for a personalized decorative message for the wall. Remember to use a sharpie to paint the letters for a clean and tidy pattern.

24. Edged Color Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas7

Transform a plain plate to add something extra and improve its look by painting just the edges in different vibrant shades and making a new set of plates. Moreover, these plates look beautiful as dessert plates, serving dishes, dining plates, etc. They are excellent for bringing some colorfulness to the table.

25. Easy Polka Dot Christmas Plates

Easy Polka Dot Christmas Plates

Christmas holidays are full of warmth and coziness and, a simple design can bring that warmth to the dining table. Made with a simple sponge and paint, you can modify the plates by just adding a few red or green polka dots on the borders of the plates.

26. Halloween Decorative Plates

Halloween Decorative Plates

A quirky and unique way to add a Halloween celebratory message, this design shows how you can paint a happy Halloween message. You can reuse such decorations every year and have an elegant texture.

27. Decorative Fall Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas8

Try making these decorative fall plates with peel and stick fall patterns for a celebratory look. Further, you can easily use it for making multiple decorative plates. This is excellent for making any designs you like, for different seasons and occasions.

28. Colourful Hand-Painted Plate

Colourful Hand-Painted Plate

Want to add charm to the plates without much detailed painting skills? Add some color with these hand-painted plates, basic paint designs, and simplistic patterns with different colors that are easy to make.

29. Plates With Sketches

Plates With Sketches

Take inspiration from this idea to have sketch-like paint designs over the plates for a classy and fresh look for your dishes. These designs give liberty for different styles, abstract paintings, and a subtle and elegant look for the dishes.

30. Plate Souvenir

Painting A Plate Ideas9

Instead of painting a design, you can use plates as beautiful souvenirs or make personalized gifts. Add a personal message and paint a memory on the plates to make it a lifelong memory. Take inspiration from this idea and personalize it as per your choice.

31. Dye-Based Painting

Dye-Based Painting

Try this easy way to paint the plates using just a paintbrush on the outer edges of the plates. You can create beautiful dye-based boundaries with shaded painting and give the dishes an elegant look similar to an open flower.

32. Vintage Plate Designs

Vintage Plate Designs

It is challenging to find particular designs you want for your plates. Moreover, finding vintage designs with a delicate and unique design style is rare. Follow the tutorial on how to add beautiful vintage designs to your dishes using a transfer technique.

33. Customized Christmas Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas10

Take inspiration from this image to make customized plates or trays for everyone in the house. These personalized trays have a Christmas-themed design with stockings and initials for a personalized touch.

34. Tropical Plate

Tropical Plate

Revive the simple plates in your house with this tropical-themed painting over the borders. It is a simple yet delightful way to change the tableware for a more summery and lively look on the dining table. Furthermore, you can use these for decorations areas holding trays for other objects.

35. Christmas Plates

Christmas Plates

Christmas celebrations should not be dull, and you can take inspiration from this idea to add the Christmas spirit even to the tableware you use. Made using an oil sharpie, food-grade, you can add some Christmas theme objects on the plate for an extra special Christmas dinner.

36. Spring Floral Plate

Painting A Plate Ideas11

Whether it is the dining room, kitchen, or living room, a decorative plate can add charm and vibrancy to anywhere you place it. Use this floral plate for lively room décor in the house.

37. Mismatched Painted Plates

Mismatched Painted Plates

In this quirky style of painting the plates, try mix-matching different painting styles and patterns in one dish for an eccentric tableware range. It is a great idea to transform the old dishes that are still usable but have the design coming off or if you are bored with them.

38. Glass Plates DIY

Glass Plates DIY

Use positionable spray adhesive to paint customized glass plates that are beautiful, fun, and practical! Watch the tutorial video to learn how to transform a plate into a Boho chic theme!

39. Sharpie Plates

Painting A Plate Ideas12

Go for a bit of makeover for your simple plates by adding some pattern on the outer edges using just a sharpie. The plates look new with the design, and you can do it in different colors and shades as appropriate. Remember to heat them in the oven before using them to fix the paint. Follow the tutorial for detailed steps.

40. Halloween Plates

Halloween Plates

Take your Halloween decorations up a notch with these classic silhouette Halloween-themed plate paintings. The spooky effect of the sketch paintings gives a classy and gentle addition to the decorations. Moreover, it uses transferring paintwork using mod podge, therefore, you can use different unique styles even without any artistic skills.


Painting is a calming and relaxing activity and an excellent way to utilize your time productively. Since it requires concentration, painting chases away the overwhelming stress of the day and lightens the ever-increasing weight of the over-cluttered thoughts that continue to pile up. Therefore, you can use the list of ideas we have compiled to decorate and personalize your kitchen.

Lastly, thank you for reading! We hope these painting a plate ideas help you make your kitchen and room spaces prettier. We look forward to reading your thoughts and experience in the comments below!


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