40 DIY TV Stand Ideas | DIY Media Console Ideas

Rather than spending your money on expensive TV stands, build and customize any one of these cheap and easy to assemble DIY TV Stand ideas.

1. TV Stand with Storage

DIY TV Stand Ideas1

This simple, modern, and functional DIY idea is perfect for people planning to add a little storage to their TV stand. Besides serving its real purpose, this TV stand gives you extra space to store and organize your things. The idea is here.

2. Open-Concept TV Stand

Open-Concept TV Stand

Get your detailed guide for an open concept TV stand here. The open design has a designated space for your games and console, movie DVDs, or decorative items you might want to add.

3. Minimalist TV Stand

Minimalist Media Console

An ideal addition for people who like minimalist designs and rustic look, this industrial design TV stand idea adds an edge to your decor. The panel beneath the main counter serves as a storage space for all your media consoles.

4. X-Leg TV Stand Design

DIY TV Stand Ideas2

A stylish yet functional design, this TV stand DIY has a chic look to it. See all the details for this construction project here.

5. Tall Media Console

Tall Media Console

Thinking of adding a little height to your media console in the bedroom? Not only does this tall console DIY help you organize and hide all the wires on display, but it also places the television on a comfortable height for you to watch it from the comfort of your bed.

6. Corner Media Console Idea

DIY TV Stand Ideas3

Learn how to make a media console that fits perfectly in a corner, here. Spacious, timeless, and rustic, this media console is a functional furniture piece that also adds on to your decor.

7. Rustic Look Console Table

Rustic Look Console Table

This rustic media console is perfect for organizing your media stuff in your television room. The long length of the console makes it an ideal piece of furniture to be placed against feature walls or on the main TV wall. Know how to make this console table here.

8. Planked TV Table

Planked TV Table

Learn how to remodel and upgrade your TV table into a stylish barn look planked console here. You can also customize and change the material and measurements of the design as per your requirements.

9. Sliding Door Storage TV Stand

DIY TV Stand Ideas4

Besides providing you with a chic TV stand, this console has enough storage to display your collections and accessories in style. Get your construction guide for the design here.

10. Rustic Barn Look Media Console

 Rustic Barn Look Media Console

This media console also has an amazing balance of display and cover. It can help you display the accessories you want and keep the rest away from prying eyes.

11. Luxury Look Media Cabinet

Luxury Look Media Cabinet

Add a luxurious and timeless look to your room with this beautiful media cabinet. This DIY project is ideal for people looking for low cabinet designs. Above all, it adds on to the look of your entertainment space.

12. Box + Plank TV Stand

This video tutorial is your step-to-step guide for creating this easy TV stand with a storage box at the bottom. The storage beneath will act as extra space for a gaming console or decor accessories.

13. Portable TV Stand

If you don’t wish to keep your TV limited to just one room, this DIY portable TV stand opens a lot of options for you. Shift your TV from one room to another as per your convenience.

14. Wall Mounted TV Stand

You can have a beautifully boxed TV console in your entertainment area. However, if you prefer minimalism, this wall-mounted design with a back-board for the TV is ideal for you.

15. Bookcase TV Stand

This TV stand gives you enough space to store your media console, books, and decor items all in one place. This stand could embellish your living room instantly. Refer to the videos for more information.

16. Modern Plank TV Stand

Add a modern touch to your TV corner, with this simple yet stylish TV stand. Not only does this clean and structured stand serve its purpose, but it has enough space to store all the accessories.

17. Modern Barn Look TV Stand

A timeless addition to your entertainment room or bedroom, this video tutorial teaches you how to build this wooden TV console from scratch.

18. Multi-Section Media Console

DIY TV Stand Ideas5

Get your blueprints and construction guide for this multi-section storage media console here. The design has dedicated space for your DVD player, cable boxes, and gaming consoles and remotes.

19. Rustic TV Stand Inspiration

Get inspired and create your own barn crate TV stand today. This functional design is easy to make and adds a rustic touch to your entertainment area. Find a large enough crate for the project and get doing this amazing and cheap TV stand.

20. Antique Plywood TV Cabinet

Antique Plywood TV Cabinet

This antique red plywood media stand will effortlessly add more color and charm to your room decor. This DIY guide will help you get the design details and materials of this antique stand for your TV.

21. Upgraded Dresser TV Cabinet

DIY TV Stand Ideas6

Learn how to upgrade your old dressing table into a stylish TV console in this DIY. Not only does this idea lets you recycle old furniture, but it provides you with good storage as well.

22. Reclaimed Industrial TV Stand

Reclaimed Industrial TV Cabinet

This reclaimed TV stand is minimalism at best. Get details of the base and the DVD platform along with the construction guide here.

23. Floating Media Console

Floating Media Console

Step up your entertainment game with this floating modern media console design. Know everything about the design from cutting and shelving to sanding and staining here.

24. Crate TV Stand and Storage

DIY TV Stand Ideas7

Besides being easy to make, this wooden crates TV stand is a genius console piece for small spaces. Learn how to make this TV stand to add a raw touch to your home decor here.

25. TV Stand on Wheels

TV Stand on Wheels

Know how to make a moving tripod stand for your sleek television sets here. In contrast to your dedicated entertainment area needs, this TV stand helps you take the display on wheels.

26. Three Level Wood Pallet TV Console

This three-level design is complemented with a palette block at the back to attach and support your display screen. The different levels with their own unique storage spaces are perfect to adorn and store your decorative items. Get the instructions here.

27. Classic Wooden TV Cabinet

DIY TV Stand Ideas8

Bring old-world charm to your room with this timeless TV cabinet design. This DIY is an ideal and graceful addition, especially for people who don’t like to update their furniture pieces often.

28. Pottery Barn TV Stand

DIY TV Stand Ideas9

Sort your DVD collections right when you build this barn style TV stand. Apart from the dedicated space for the screen and DVD player, this stand also has drawers to arrange your movie collection alphabetically. Follows this DIY guide.

29. Upgraded Chest TV Stand

Upgrade an old chest to make a TV stand here. In contrast to other upscaled designs, this DIY showcases a rustic and raw look idea.

30. Plain palette TV Stand

Get inspired by this DIY idea and create a simple and plain TV stand that adds on to the display wall, as well as hides the wires too.

31. TV Cabinet on Stand

Create this elegant yet modern open design TV cabinet for your home with this video tutorial. You can also use this stand as a console to display your home decor.

32. Modern Look TV Stand

Looking for the next cool addition to your home? Watch this video tutorial and create this one-of-a-kind contemporary TV stand design for your home today!

33. Modern Media Console

The perfect balance of display and storage in this media console not only makes it an ideal addition for your accessory display, but it also helps create space for better organization.

34.Low Media Cabinet

This interesting and attractive low media console design is perfect for homes, especially if you have your television in the drawing-room. This could be the right way to start adding some modern touches to your home!

35. Mid-Century Design Media Console

Another low design media console, this mid-century design is perfect to keep your television accessories. You can also build a block for the wall where your display screen can be attached to support the design.

36. Contemporary Media Console

This media console is ideal to keep the basics in place. Above all, it is a clean and structured design that can add a modern flair to the decor aesthetics of your home.

37. Two Plank Medial Console

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to make this simple yet modern looking media console. In addition to being spacious, this design has a separate place for your speakers.

38.Industrial Look Media Console

This rustic media console is perfect for modern homes, especially for people who do not wish to keep extra stuff outside or on display. Minimalist yet stylish, learn how to make this industrial console in the video.

39. Organized Pallet Wood Cabinet

You can always purchase a low media console. However, if you have some free time on your hands, learn how to make this organized pallet wood TV console in this video tutorial.

40. Antique TV Stand

Look at this detailed video to learn and make this elegant TV cabinet for your home. The cabinet is ideal for storage. Above all, it is an inexpensive and easy to make stand that would instantly spruce up the look of your home.

Among all these DIY TV stand ideas, which one did you like? We’d encourage if you share your projects and feedbacks with us in the comments below!


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