4 Sugar Scrub Uses | Sugar Scrub Recipes

Know all about the sugar scrub uses and the benefits of using it in this article. We also have a special sugar scrub recipe to add to your skincare routine!

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Sugar is an ideal ingredient for scrubs because it is a gentle abrasive that removes dead cells, skin, and other pollutants that clog the pores naturally. In addition to exfoliation, sugar scrubs speed up the skin’s regeneration process and gives you smooth polished skin.

Why Should You Exfoliate?

Pollutants in the air, changing diets, and hormonal changes have a significant effect on your skin. These factors play an active role in skin dryness, clogged pores, bumpy spotted skin, and build-up of excess sebum. Regular exfoliation helps you remove the dry skin, giving your face a fresh look. It also helps in cleaning the excess accumulation of sebum in pores, reducing the chances of acne and other skin conditions.

Benefits of Using Sugar Scrubs

1. Exfoliates and hydrates the skin

Sugar is a natural humectant and a source of glycolic acid. The properties of sugar helps in hydrating the skin and also breaks apart the dirt bonds over the skin for better exfoliation.

2. Clears the skin

The gentle abrasion of sugar scrubs helps clear the skin without creating microscopic tears that can damage the skin. Apart from removing excess sebum and dead skin, sugar also helps to remove and to prevent blemishes, acne, whiteheads & blackheads.

3. Sugar scrubs vs. Salt Scrubs

Various scrub recipes incorporate these natural ingredients for skin. However, multiple experts believe that sugar scrubs are better for your skincare routine than salt scrubs. Know more about the advantages of sugar scrub over salt scrub here.

Sugar Scrub Uses

1. As a Facial Cleanser

Sugar Scrub Uses2

A gentle massage with sugar scrub can help you exfoliate and remove the dirt and pollutants from your skin. Sugar scrubs are ideal for your face as they restore and rejuvenate your skin naturally.

2. Makeup Remover

Fine granulated sugar can help you gently scrub off your makeup without using any chemicals. In addition to cleaning the makeup, sugar scrubs hydrate your skin for a smooth and supple texture.

3. As a Foot Scrub

Sugar scrubs are excellent to heal, exfoliate, and moisturize the lips. However, you have to be gentle when scrubbing the lips as the fragile skin can become raw with excessive rubbing.

4. As a Body Scrub

As a body scrub

The moderate use of sugar scrubs can help reduce stretch marks and cellulite. The scrub removes the damaged layer of cells and reveals the healthy skin below it. Thus, using sugar scrubs for complete exfoliation and skin polish can give you hydrated, soft, and smooth skin.

Ideal Way to Use Sugar Scrubs

  1. Warm water softens the skin and delivers better results with scrubs. So, take a warm shower for ten minutes or soak in a bathtub for an effective scrub experience. If you are only scrubbing your face, soak and rinse a microfiber cloth in warm water and keep it on your face.
  2. Now, wash your skin and remove unwanted hair from the body as they can irritate you with the sugar scrub.
  3. After soaking in warm water and washing the dirt off, massage the sugar scrub in a circular motion with gentle pressure. Be gentle using the sugar scrubs as vigorous scrubbing can damage the skin.
  4. Rinse with warm water and pat dry the skin. Sugar cleanses and hydrates the skin, therefore avoid using shower gels or soap for a bath after the scrub.
  5. After the bath, gently pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Note: For sensitive skin and lips, use sugar scrubs made of finer granules as it is gentler.

Sugar Scrub Recipe

Sugar Scrub Uses3

You’ll need:

  • One cup of sugar
  • Half cup of coconut oil
  • Two capsules of Vitamin E oil
  • Half teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Ten drops lavender essential oils


  1. In a clean bowl, mix all the sugar scrub ingredients well.
  2. Now place the scrub in an airtight clean jar
  3. The recipe doesn’t have any preservatives; therefore, the shelf life of the product is not more than one month.

Now you know the basic sugar scrub uses, so us it for amazingly sweet results and let us know your experience!


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