37 Best Cubicle Decor Ideas for 2022

Here are some best cubicle decor ideas for 2022 that you can implement to better your office aura and bring productivity and good vibes to your soul!

1. Cubicle Decor Ideas

This video will direct you to promptly give a makeover to your cubic as per your choice that too under $50. Too much clutter and things around you can make you irritated and unfocused, so why not give it a makeover!

2. Decoration Ideas for Cubicle

This cubicle decor idea will make many people happy as it’s cheap and quick to try this decor idea. Choose your theme and get going!

3. Painted Berry Baskets

Cubicle Decor Ideas1

Baskets can be a useful addition to the desk for storing and organizing things at your desk. Use this tutorial to get to know a cheaper alternative to make classy baskets without spending much money. You can use the classy shades of silver and gold, or even go for a vibrant look with brighter shades to paint the baskets. Whatever color you choose, be sure that its professional while being attractive.

4. DIY Fruit Bulletin Board

To-Do lists do not have to be boring always, you can make a cute fruit themed bulletin board in quick easy steps. Instead of the fruit, you can DIY other such bulletin boards based on what you like.

5. Decorative Cords

If you’re not a fan of too much decor in your space, you should probably implement decorative cords to keep it minimal yet fancy. Have a look here.

6. Customized Tableware

Cubicle Decor Ideas2

This tutorial has a quick way to customize mugs, plates, cases, and whatever you might want to add on your table. You can even customize a DIY pen stand to store small loose items on the table. This will not only bring a nice touch to the table but will aid you in de-cluttering the mess.

7. Office Makeover

 Office Makeover

If you are bored of your office look, and want to give it a makeover, then this tutorial is for you. Fill your space with neutral colors, some accent items, a rug, and other things that make it a home feeling, and improve your productivity.

8. Gold Mouse Pad

Gold Mouse Pad

A simple yet attractive addition to the desk, for improving the desk space, this tutorial shows how you can make a gold mouse pad. The gold shade brings in attention while limiting it to the mouse pad, makes sure it is subtle and not overwhelming.

9. DIY Desk Calendars

Cubicle Decor Ideas3

Desk Calendars can help keep track of deadlines and other work tasks. You can make a calendar as per your liking with this DIY tutorial. It shows a step by step tutorial to make a universal calendar that you can use on your desk or even at other places too.

10. DIY Desk Organizer

DIY Desk Organizer

Want to keep your desk more organized, and clean, then you can follow this tutorial for a DIY desk organizer. It has sections for keeping stationary, notepads, to-do lists etc and help you be more productive and easily find things within reach.

11. Stylish Table Lamp

Stylish Table Lamp

Table lamps can be both functionally and aesthetically useful for an office desk space. Apart from providing enough light to the desk, and brightening the room, a modern and stylish table lamp can make a design statement. The dainty look of the modern table lamps can help make the desk look clutter free and more organized.

12. Attractive Wallpaper

Cubicle Decor Ideas4

Brighten up a dull office wall with some beautiful wallpapers that have patterns and designs as per your liking. It could be a quote, some vibrant patterns, or simple abstract patterns, that can help in keeping the desk more diverse and exciting to work on.

13. Magazine/Book Organizer

You cannot have enough organizers in your desk, and this tutorial shows multiple ways in which you can create your DIY desk organizers for magazines, files and books. It has different DIY ideas depending on what you want as per your personality.

14. Table Clock

Another useful but attractive addition to the desk, is a table clock that can help you keep track of time, while also being an adorable desk decoration item. There are many varieties of table clocks available, from the modern stylish ones to the classic vintage clocks. Depending on the vibe of the desk, place a small table clock, that fits with the texture and desk design.

15. Small Potted Succulents

Plants can help deal with work stress, improve productivity and have many health benefits too. Adding greenery to the desk can help lighten the mood, and bring in positivity. While you can use any plants, but succulents make a great choice, as they are easy to maintain and do not require much attention. They are one of the most popular choices for indoor plants that makes it perfect for office desks.

16. Racks

Mini racks on the desk or slightly larger ones around it can help you organize the office space, increase productivity and prevent you from loosing items. Try keeping some modern and classy racks instead of the boring old ones to avoid bringing boredom to the table.

17. String Bulbs

String Bulbs

String lights create a more inviting space for the office desks and can help accentuate certain items. They create a soft glow, which makes indoor offices look very calm and attaches a lovely ambiance to it. Make sure not to use a lot of it, as that can affect the productivity and takes away the focus from the other items.

18. Containers

With so many items, stationary just lying around, and creating a mess; you cannot have enough containers on the desk. Make use of these containers to create an organized desk space. You can use some bright containers and line them up together to create a beautiful accent design on an otherwise plain desk.

19. Bookends

There are a huge variety of bookends available to adorn your desk but they can be a little costly. Try making this DIY bookend that is according to the color theme of your desk. It can hold your books, files documents and looks quite elegant and classy. Follow the tutorial for a detailed process.

20. Attractive Vase

Attractive Vase

A vase on the desk has a very elegant appeal to it and can be used to hold natural flowers for freshening up the vibe. They look quite beautiful and classic. You can also place artificial flowers for just brightening up the table. There are a lot of different kinds of vases available, such as just a mason jar, cylindrical ones to occupy less space, or even the bigger ones that can help improve the mood while you work.

21. Candles

Candles work as great decorative items for anywhere in the house and can also be one of the best and practical additions to your office desk. They are manageable, easy to handle, occupies less space, and helps in improving the mood and productivity. However, be careful with its placement as you don’t want an accidental fire on your files and other belongings.

22. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re experiencing low focus during the work hours, try an essential oil diffuser with lemongrass, lavendar, or rosemary oil. These oils are scientifically proven to improve the mood and boost productivity.

23. Wall Art

Cubicle Decor Ideas6

Looking up from your laptop and seeing a beautiful wall art can help improving the mood, and can reduce stress as well. Depending on your choice, you can place a wall art just above your work chair. It can be a motivating quote, a portrait, or any other meaningful painting to bring energy to the table.

24. Vibrant Color Scheme

Vibrant Color Scheme

Instead of going with the boring and traditional color palettes for your desk, try a vibrant color scheme in different accents. Office desks do not have to be monotonous anymore, and a vibrant color scheme can help in just that! Try different colors for different items or use a color theme that blends with the room.

25. Frame Art

Frame Art

An alternative to brighten up the walls without painting them or attaching wallpapers, you can DIY a custom sized frame that can cover the front wall of the desk. This can also be customized as a pin board to pin pictures, to do lists etc on a bright background. Follow the tutorial to learn how to make them.

26. Pegboard Organizer

Pegboards come handy for many wall art or vertical storage purposes. Since it only needs a wall to organize a variety of things, it’s more than practical to try this idea.

27. A Photo Dumb

Gather your favourite moments and bring it on the office desk to help brighten up your mood throughout the day and bring happy memories. There are various ways you can create such a photo dump such as shown in the tutorial, although make sure not to add many and make it a distraction for yourself.

28. Vertical Organizers

Cubicle Decor Ideas7

For a compact office space, vertical organizers can be a quick solution to keep more items and not leave the desk messy. There are very handy options available that you can use to keep files, stationary etc. The tutorial has other cubicle decor ideas that you can use for your cubicle.

29. T0-Do List Board

A To-Do list can come in handy if you have too much on your plate and you don’t want to forget things. It’s easy to make a DIY to-do board and move in anywhere in the office space. You can even make divisions in the board and sort your priorities.

30. Wallpapered Cabinets

Wallpapered Cabinets

Add a little extra to your desk, by using your Instagram photos, or create an Instagram wall sort of thing on the insides of the cabinets. This way whenever you open these cabinets, it brings in beautiful memories, and adds some color and delight to the basic cabinet walls.

31. A Simple Neutral Office Desk

A Simple Neutral Office Desk

This tutorial shows how you can create a warm and neutral space for working. A mood board, comfortable chair, vases and such items can keep one calm and composed, that ultimately enhances the work productivity. Follow the tutorial for some great cubicle decor ideas that are practical in real life.

32. Cubicle Decor Ideas/Home Office Decor

Cubicle Decor Ideas8

Looking for a office makeover, and still deciding on which colors to use? Have a look at this tutorial. It shows a beautiful grey and white toned office space with rustic wooden furniture to accent over it. You can also use bright colors instead of wooden furniture, depending on your choice.

33. Spring Minimal Wall Art

Spring Minimal Wall Art

As the season changes, so does the mood in the office, and you can add a little extra effort to declare the seasonin your office. Write the season’s name and draw some resemblance for the season, it’s that easy.

34. Desk Stacked Organizer

Desk Stacked Organizer

A messy office desk can kill the productivity and makes it difficult to manage things. To avoid such situations, this tutorial can be your rescue to make your own compact, stacked desk organizer with sections to hold different items and a to-do board as well.

35. Gold Bar Tray

Cubicle Decor Ideas9

An aesthetic addition to your desk, this gold bar tray can hold a lot of things, while keeping it luxurious and elegant. Make sure you do not do a lot of gold, as it can be overwhelming. These simple items with a gold touch can bring together a charming and lavish style for the office desk.

36. Office Storage Cupboard

Office Storage Cupboard

If you have an office space with lots of items just lying around, then this tutorial is a useful solution for you. Add in a cupboard storage system for organizing them in these IKEA organizers. It has separate sections for different kinds of items, making it easier to find and work with different items.

37. Customized Clipboards

Cubicle Decor Ideas10

A quirky and useful item for your desk, these customized clipboards can be a nice addition to your desk. Use it for holding pictures, or papers, and you can make these customized clipboards that have gold clips and pastel shades to soften the table and bring a fresh look.


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