35 Valentine’s Day Cricut Crafts | Cricut Valentine’s Day Craft

Here are a few interesting and fun to do valentine’s day cricut crafts that you can try with your partner for a romantic and cozy valentine’s day eve!

1. Multiple Craft Ideas

Valentine’s day can be associated with many little items that might be close to your relationship or for the little anecdotes of your life. This tutorial shows multiple ways in which you can use Cricut to create different valentine themed gifts such as mugs, cards, or even a baby onesie if you are new parents.

2. Frames and Banners

You can efficiently use Cricut to make Valentine gifts or decoration items. You can make banners with cute messages or even photo frames with your and your partner’s initials. Follow the tutorial to learn three different ways to make valentine decorations for the house.

3. Valentines Day Decoration Crafts

Valentine’s day calls for decorating the room with beautiful decorations reminding and spreading love. This tutorial shows 5 unique ways to create romantic decoration items, such as frames, cushions. It even shows how you can customize T-shirts for your loved ones using Cricut.

4. Frames and Hangings

If you are looking to decorate your house with romantic decorations, then you should follow this tutorial. It shows multiple ways of making beautiful wall hangings with fun and romantic quotes. Besides, there are other ideas related to hearth themes frames or keepsakes.

5. Valentine’s Day Cricut Crafts

Make your valentine’s gifts special, by customizing them with messages, or any other special quotes. You can use it to transform any basic item into a valentine’s theme product by pressing hearts or love quotes on them.

6. Clear Pencil Case

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts1

You can make this adorable pencil case using Cricut vinyl as a nice little Valentine’s day gift. It is aesthetically pleasing and is a multi-purpose pouch. Follow the tutorial for the detailed process.

7. Owl Treat Bag

Owl Treat Bag

We love to gift chocolates on Valentine’s day and you can make it even more special by making this special treat bag. This bag can be repurposed later and can be used to add other little gifts.

8. Unicorn Valentine Card

Unicorn Valentine Card

Craft this unique valentine’s day card for your special someone with Cricut. These unicorn cards look adorable and can be an instant boost of happiness. Follow the tutorial for a more detailed process.

9. Family Photo Frame

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts2

Give your partner this special photo frame with the memories of the family that you both have built together. You can add a specific quote on the side, and a photo of one of your favorite memories as a family.

10. Pillow Boxes

Pillow Boxes

Pillow boxes can be useful as pretty little gifts to treat your partner. Instead of using the old boring bags, you can place your gift in these and make the extra effort.

11. Felt Headbands

Felt Headbands

This tutorial shows how you can make these valentines day themed headbands with heart-shaped felt attached to the band. Adorn these cute headbands on Valentine’s day or even any other day with Cricut.

12. Place Mats

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts3

You can use Cricut to make these beautiful placemats as shown in the tutorial. Use it for a romantic dinner date, and create a whole theme surrounded with love and happiness craft items.

13. Valentine Prints

Valentine Prints

This tutorial has multiple prints related to Valentine’s day and you can use these to make your own personalized gifts. You can add these prints to different items and customize them as you like.

14. Heart Tree

Heart Tree

Create this beautiful table decoration for Valentine’s day by referring to this tutorial. It uses heart-cut felt to make a whole tree which you can place on the table or shelves as part of Valentine’s day decorations.

15. Cherry Blossom Flowers

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts4

A sustainable and beautiful craft activity, this tutorial shows how you can make these artificial cherry blossom flowers for the vase. This is a perfect addition to the room decorations and lasts long as well.

16. Love Notes Box

Love Notes Box

Instead of giving other kinds of gifts, make this thoughtful box for your partner. Add different reminders or cute little notes in this box showing your love and respect for your partner.

17. Heart Box

Heart Box

Follow this tutorial to make this adorable heart box this Valentine’s day. Add cute little treats or make it a conversation starter box. It shows easy-to-follow steps and is a perfect gift or even a decoration item for the table.

18. Baby Onesie

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts5

Dress up your baby in this cute little onesie for Valentine’s day celebrations. Follow this template for printing a ‘cuter than cupid’ message on it with the help of Cricut.

19. Heart Blocked Quilt

Heart Blocked Quilt

This beautiful red and white quilt pattern filled with hearts is perfect for a nice intimate Valentine’s day celebration. Use Cricut to make out the bold patterns. It will keep you cozy and you can even make a pillowcase to complete this romantic bedroom set.

20. Valentine’s Day Pillow Cases

 Valentine's Day Pillow Cases

This tutorial shows an easy way to make themed pillowcases using Cricut crafts for Valentine’s day decorations. It even goes well with the general décor of the house and is a perfect activity for beginners. Gift it to a friend or your partner, and let it be the cute yet fancy charm in the room.

21. Customized Glasses

Use Cricut to customize any item you like. This tutorial shows an easy way to customize glasses such as making “His and Hers” glasses. You can add messages, important dates, etc. to these with the help of this tutorial.

22. Miniature Craft

This video shows detailed steps for making different kinds of miniature items for decoration, gifting or any other craft project. You can make boards, keyrings, mini desks, etc. together for a complete Valentine’s day decoration.

23. Paper Flowers

Valentine's Day Cricut Crafts6

Learn how to make different paper flowers in different sizes for Valentine’s day. It is a great alternative to regular, natural flowers as you can keep them for a long time.

24. Decoration Board

Take inspiration from this video to make a board with a romantic message for your home décor collection. Follow the steps from the above tutorial and you can customize it as per your liking.

25. Home Décor Crafts

This DIYer shows four different ways in which you can transform different home décor items into Valentine’s themed decorations. Learn how to customize a bottle, hanging, tray, and even little boxes. Follow the tutorial for detailed steps.

26. Valentine’s Day Cricut Crafts

This idea shows different unique craft activities that you can do with Cricut. It has a step-by-step process on how you can customize a wine bottle or a pillowcase and surprise your partner.

Valentine’s Day Cricut Crafts Originally From Cricut

1. Colouring Cards

There are multiple craft activities that you can try this Valentine’s day. It is a small coloring card that can be a fun distraction for the kids or a stress buster for the adults.

2. Tic Tac Toe Cards

It is so much better to add a fun activity with Valentine’s card and this idea shows a nice tic tac toe card for playing with friends or your partner. You can play numerous times on this, as long as you do not lose the parts.

3. Heart Earrings

DIY these cute, little dainty earrings using Cricut. It goes perfect with your Valentine’s day outfits and you can use such craft projects to make a whole collection of funky earrings for yourself.

4. “I Love Us” Card

It is time to appreciate your relationship by way this beautiful and classy card inscribed with the words “I love us”. The design, pattern, and the color palette are sleek on this card, and you can make it with Cricut. It is different from the usual card as you appreciate how you and your partner are together.

5. Octopus Foil Card

A fun and quirky way to let them know your love, this card is unique and amusing. With the octopus theme and the words ‘I am a sucker for you’, your partner will surely love it and maybe laugh about it too.

6. Romantic Cushion Cases

Gift these cute cushion cases to your partner with customized personal message. Make these in pairs with the help of Cricut and add a soft, loving message, reminding both of you about your love for each other.

7. LOVE Card

A unique and classy design for Valentine’s day cards is surely going to make your partner feel special. It looks elegant and is perfect for a chic Valentine’s day celebration.

8. Valentine Bookmark

This is a perfect craft idea for an avid reader. Make a cute bookmark, with a short and romantic message for reminding them of you whenever they open a book and start reading. You can easily make this with Cricut, and show your creativity with different kinds of bookmarks.

9. LOVE T-Shirts

Cricut can be used to transform basic t-shirts into funky ones, with cute little notes printed over them. Make these in pairs for you and your partner and surprise them with this lovely gift. Try different kinds of patterns and colors for the t-shirt.


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