30 DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas

No matter how bad your gardening skills are, air plants are always a success. In addition to being absurdly simple to maintain, they don’t require any soil. So read on to discover some amazing DIY air plant holder ideas!

1. Cute Room Decor: 3 DIY Air Plant Holders

If you have trouble taking care of your plants due to your busy schedule, you can always rely on air plants. Follow this simple, cute, and practical tutorial to discover three different ways to add air plants to your home decor. Air plants have numerous incredible health benefits, they are beautiful, plus they don’t cost much, so what’s the wait? Happy Decorating!

2. 5- Min DIY Air Plant Holder

Are you a beginner looking for healthy ways to decorate your home but can’t spare much time too? We have the perfect tutorial for you! This tutorial shows simple and elegant ways to display your air plants that anyone can follow. Further, you only need basic supplies, so you don’t have to worry about the cost either.

3. Creative Air Plant Holder

Follow this tutorial to discover a creative and designer air plant holder idea! For this project, you will need your preferred air plants, copper wire, rock or wood pieces, a wire cutter, and pliers, and you are all set!

4. Air Plant Holder With Rock And Wire

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas1

If you are looking for quick decor ideas for your table, follow this tutorial for a brilliant and easy DIY idea! This perfect rustic air plant display is easily assembled in a matter of minutes using twisted wire fastened to a rock. Moreover, you can easily find the supplies for this project around your house, and it’s quite simple!

5. DIY Air Plant Holders

DIY Air Plant Holders

The benefits of plants are endless, and these air plant holders make it easy to keep them in the house without having to worry about dirt, insects, or unnecessary moisture. You can reap the advantages of having plants close by with this easy tutorial that shows how plants can be an elegant addition to your decor!

6. DIY Air Plant Pots

DIY Air Plant Pots

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make beautiful, classy, and stunning air plant pots with wooden doll heads and dye! They are easy on the budget and look better than store-bought pieces. You have them with just a little bit of expense, effort, and time.

7. Birch Hanging Air Plant Holder DIY

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas2

Do you want to do something creative with less expense? Use this tutorial to DIY a birch hanging air plant holder! You can make this easy DIY hanging air plant holder from a few birch branch candle holders that you can find at the thrift store. Take a drill and some rope and get to work to DIY this exciting project!

8. DIY Gold & Grey Hanging Air Planter

DIY Gold & Grey Hanging Air Planter

Make your space greener by following this easy and fun step-by-step tutorial! It is beautiful, minimalistic, and goes well with all kinds of decoration. You can make this healthy and elegant addition to your workspace or living area.

9. DIY Paper Mache Airplant Pod

DIY Paper Mache Airplant Pod

Follow this tutorial to a unique, crafty, and lovely DIY paper mache air plant pod. You need some locally available supplies that don’t cost much to get started. Although this project might seem complicated, it is quite easy if you stick to the directions from the tutorial.

10. Air Plant Hanging Planter DIY

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas3

Follow this tutorial and make an air plant hanging planter quickly on your own! This DIY project suits all home décors and is very simple to maintain. Further, children and adults alike adore air plants, so you can ask the kids to work with you on this fun and exciting craft project!

11. DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger

DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger

With this incredibly simple DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger built from a salad bowl, you can give your interior a more international air. This easy DIY project, that looks designer and sophisticated, will suit your luxurious tastes and is sure to charm your visitors.

12. Teen Bedroom Makeover DIY Air Plant Holder

Teen Bedroom Makeover DIY Air Plant Holder

Who said air plant holders can only be a female favorite? Following this tutorial to add a healthy and green charm to your kids’ room! Using discarded wood and old napkin rings, you can create a practical DIY air plant holder that your kids will love. Additionally, your air plants will look fantastic on display, thanks to this quick and simple technique!

13. DIY Wire Air Plant Holders

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas4

It makes sense why air plants are so popular. They are a terrific method to add some green while beautifying your home because of their ease of maintenance and our busier lifestyles. Check out these adorable wire air plant holders you can make with things you already have around the house.

14. Triangle Air Plant DIY

Triangle Air Plant DIY

These triangle-shaped air plants can spruce up a boring white wall with minimum effort and materials! Follow this tutorial to learn the steps.

15. DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make ombre pots with air-dry clay to store your plants. They are creative, beautiful, and better than store-bought decor pieces, and you can customize the colors according to your home decor. Happy Crafting!

16. DIY Floral Wire Air Plant Holder

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas5

Do you want to add a touch of gold to your desk or table? Follow this tutorial to DIY a beautiful, elegant, minimalistic, and practical floral wire air plant holder. It is easy on the budget and does not take much time to finish.

17. Mini Macramé Air Plant Holder

Mini Macramé Air Plant Holder

If you are looking for some DIY inspiration, follow this tutorial for a fun, unique, and adorable project that is totally worth your time! This mini macrame air plant holder is a fantastic project for those enthusiastic about honing macrame skills.

18. DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

DIY Painted Air Plant Bell Cups

Follow the tutorial to DIY this amazing project in 20 minutes! These cups make an excellent spring gift or an addition to an Easter basket, cost little, and look good anywhere you put them! They are the perfect addition to any home!

19. Orb Air Plant Holder

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas6

Follow this tutorial to make a straightforward and beautiful orb holder using flat jewelry wire. Because of the strong tasteful, elegant, and versatile vibes in the design and shape, it will go with just about any room. Moreover, it requires basic supplies and minimal time to finish this project.

20. House-Shaped Air Plant Holder

House-Shaped Air Plant Holder

Do you adore the many house-themed home accents? So why not create house-shaped air plant stands for your miniature plants? In just a few minutes, you can create this simple DIY air plant holder, or in an hour, you can create an entire village’s worth of displays. Follow this tutorial to display your favorite air plants in a modern and aesthetic house-shaped plant holder!

21. Triangle Cement Airplant Holder

Triangle Cement Airplant Holder

Follow this descriptive tutorial to make a DIY triangle cement airplane holder. Although this project might seem a bit sophisticated and time taking, it’s really quite worth it. It is not only beautiful, unique, and extravagant, but practical and minimalistic too!

22. DIY Clay Air Plant Holders

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas7

If you love clay and are looking for some air plant holder inspiration for home decor, we have the perfect tutorial for you! Impress your guests and visitors with these fun, amazing, and adorable clay air plant holders that are budget-friendly and quick to make!

23. Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders

Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders

Do you love to decorate your space with hanging air plants to enhance the overall ambiance and the health benefits? Follow this tutorial for a fantastic inspiration to DIY clay hanging air plant holder using terracotta air dry polymer clay.

24. DIY Driftwood Air Plant Holder

DIY Driftwood Air Plant Holder

Follow this tutorial to learn how to use driftwood from the beach to make a DIY driftwood air plant container to showcase air plants in your house! It is a unique way to display your creativity and win over your guests. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot, both on time and money.

25. Hanging Air Plant Holder

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas8

Follow this tutorial for a fun, bright, and cheerful DIY air plant holder idea that will be ready for decoration in 15 minutes! Further, you only need a bell cup, hammer & nail, cord, wooden beads, and acrylic paint.

26. Ceramic Planters For Air Plants

Ceramic Planters For Air Plants

With simple tools, air dry clay, paper, and paint; make ceramic planters to display your air plants! It is creative, easy, beautiful, quick to make, and cost-friendly too! Follow this step-by-step tutorial for complete information.

27. DIY Mini Plant Stands

DIY Mini Plant Stands

Do you love plants and are quickly running out of space and ideas on how to decorate them? Follow this tutorial to learn to DIY stylish, affordable, elegant, quick, and decorative mini plant stands that fit well wherever you put them!

28. DIY Paper Mache Airplant Pod

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas9

You may have seen ceramic pods in stores being sold for a fortune, but are you interested in DIYing a personalized paper mache air plant pod? If yes, then follow the detailed tutorial for complete information! Happy Decorating!

29. Air Plant Display

Air Plant Display

Air plants are simple to maintain, and you can grow a cool indoor garden out of them or simply arrange them in a display to liven up your room. With hooks, a tray, paper, paper fasteners, small rocks, air plants, and strainers, you can start crafting and showcase your creativity!

30. Romantic DIY Air Plants Display

DIY Air Plant Holder Ideas10

Want to put some air plants on display? There’s a stylish and charming way to go about it! You’ll need the following materials – galvanized steel chicken wire, some air plants, and a set of metal snip pliers for cutting. Follow the tutorial and have fun!


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