34 Crafts Made with Lace | DIY Fun Lace Craft Ideas

Go through these 34 crafts made with lace and make use of the underlying lace fabrics in a fun and decorative way to astonish your guests and friends.

1. Lace Lantern

Few tiny details in the house make a lot of difference to the vibe and the ambiance of the room. Lightning plays a big role here. You can either go for the expensive lamps available or take inspiration from this DIY tutorial to make a lamp made of lace and easily available materials. A little effort can help you add timeless charm to any room.

2. Decorating Candles with Lace

Crafts Made with Lace1

If you are going for rustic decor for your house or for an event, have a look at this below tutorial. You can uplift the basic white candles by wrapping some homespun burlap and lace around them. It gives a more natural and country-side look and would really complement wooden furniture.

3. Lace Burlap Art

Lace Burlap Art

Another way of combining burlap and lace is by creating art pieces for decorating a room. This tutorial shows how you can create a bunny using lace and paste it on a burlap canvas in a step-by-step approach. You can use any design you want and design a simple yet adorable-looking canvas for your room.

4. Lace Furniture

Lace Furniture

Lace has very intricate designs that can be imprinted on basic furniture. It gives a striking look as these designs look very timeless and charming. This blog shows how you can spray paint the pattern of lace over a flat surface and transform a furniture piece.

5. Lace Scarf

Crafts Made with Lace2

Stitching a nice wide lace on the two edges of the scarves can complete the whole look. You can use colored laces to go with a particular dress or simply revamp your scarf. This is a great craft activity and needs only the basics of stitching.

6. Lace Wreath

Lace Wreath

A simple yet innovative idea to create a decoration for Halloween using old lace and ribbons. This idea is great if you have an old fabric that might be discolored and cannot be used completely.

7. Lace Patterned Pebbles

Lace Patterned Pebbles

If you are a huge collector of pebbles or want to indulge in a fun activity, you can create these beautiful decorative pebbles which can be used as centerpieces or for outdoor decoration. Instead of directly using lace, this tutorial shows how you can use it to create lace patterns over the pebbles. Along with that, you can learn to trace other patterns and designs as well over the pebbles.

8. Lace Table

Crafts Made with Lace3

Create an antique table to go with your other basic furniture by topping over the table with a lace cover. It is a useful way to enhance the look of basic furniture and gives a vintage theme to the whole set. Click here.

9. Earring Holder

Earring Holder

Laces are made in an open web-like pattern and this DIY blogger very cleverly uses this to her benefit by making an earring holder for herself using lace. It looks very beautiful and can be used to hang earrings with backings.

10. Decorating Flower Pots

Decorating Flower Pots

Decorate your flower pots with a lace wrap around them to add some cheerfulness to your nature corner. These look very adorable when placed in a group and can also be used to cover up any unevenness in the flower pots. Have a look at this idea.

11. Wall hangings

An economical yet stylish way of decorating walls is through wall hangings. Try making this delicate wall hanging using some leftover laces, which creates a nice look when consolidated together. The wooden log gives a natural vibe but you can use any type of rods available to hang laces from.

12. Scrapbook

Crafts Made with Lace4

Covering your notebook is a good way to protect it from scratching or peeling and also makes it look much nicer. Though we usually use paper to cover them, you can take inspiration from this tutorial to wrap them in lace.

13. Decorating Mason Jars

Decorating Mason Jars

You can decorate a mason jar and accessorize it with other handmade crafts such as flowers made from burlap. Another easy way to accessorize them is by adding ribbon over them. A decorated jar will look great as a vase. You can keep it in your kitchen to create a fresh and romantic ambiance.

14. Burlap Lace Wreath

Burlap Lace Wreath

Burlap and Lace go very well with each other for decorating. The rough casual look of burlap with delicate lace creates a beautiful balance between the two different worlds. Try this tutorial to create a wreath using burlap and lace.

15. Lace Headband for Girls

Crafts Made with Lace4

Create a cute headband for your little daughter by using some ruffled lace. This idea shows an easy way to make a flower out of lace bands and make it a part of a headband. It goes really well with little girl dresses and your child will surely like it.

16. Princess Crown

Princess Crown

Talking about little girls and lace headbands, you can also create a princess crown or tiara using lace. These delightful crowns can be used for a princess theme party as well and unlike the metal tiaras, you can stop worrying about children getting hurt with them.

17. Mason Jars

Mason Jars

This tutorial shows a variety of ways in which you can use lace to decorate mason jars. Adding flower bands, just wrapping them around, adding vertical lace patterns are just a few of the ways in which you can enhance the basic jars and use them for decoration.

18. Lace Flowers

This tutorial shows a quick and easy way to create fabric flowers using lace. These multi-purpose lace fabric flowers can then be used to enhance the décor of any item, such as candle holders, storage boxes, wall hangings, etc. These can also work for making a corsage that will look graceful and will also not fall apart.

19. Lace Bowl

One of the easiest crafts you can do with lace is to create a lace bowl. It just involves 2 steps where you can dip your lace in a fabric stiffener and place it over a balloon to dry out. Once dried, you can pop the balloon and you have a decorative lace bowl. Even though it is not as functional, you can store some light items in it such as potpourri.

20. Dress Lace Flowers

Follow this tutorial for another way of making a lace flower. It uses matching lace to go with your blouse and can be used to add a fashion element to your look.

21. Earrings

Crafts Made with Lace6

Earrings are one of the details which you can add to your outfit and complete the whole look. Try these DIY lace earrings which can add a vintage charm to your outfit and make a whole difference.

22. Colorful Dreamcatcher

Colorful Dreamcatcher

Have a whole bunch of scrap lace fabrics and no idea what to do with them? Get playful in creating a dreamcatcher using all the scraps of fabric you have. It is a colorful addition to your bedroom and useful too. You can use a lace flower or a lace pattern for the center.

23. Dreamcatcher


If you want to create a more classic dream catcher, you can follow this tutorial. It uses a white palate for the dream catcher and accessorizes it with feathers and beads.

24. Decorating using Lace Cutouts

Crafts Made with Lace7

This lace theme DIY tutorial shows how you can use lace cutouts to decorate a variety of items in your household, such as vases, mugs, and even tiles.

25. Shorts


This tutorial teaches you to easily add some length to your shorts by stitching lace on the ends. It is useful to add a feminine touch to basic shorts. These look cute and since lace is a favorite material for spring and summer, it can add that vibe to the whole attire.

26. Lace Headband

Lace Headband

Design a dainty lace headband to go with pretty dresses using thin lace patterns. Stitch 2-3 layers of lace together at the ends which can be tied up as a headband. Take inspiration from here.

27. Table Runner

Crafts Made with Lace8

The flower patterns and geometric designs in lace make them a great fabric to create doilies for a table. To step it up a notch you can create a whole table runner by stitching these doilies together.

28. Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

Wrapping a gift is not given extreme importance but if done beautifully, it appreciates the gift even more. Take tips from this tutorial on how you can wrap your gifts using lace and add that extra impact.

29. Pillowcases


If you are a fan of those historic shows depicting those large rooms with their antique decor you might want to follow this craft idea. A lace pillowcase is easy to make if you know your way around a needle. It gives a vintage romantic look and depicts a medieval design.

30. Lace Dress

Crafts Made with Lace9

Bored of a plain dress? This blogger used her creativity to uplift her whole dress and save a lot of money as well by sewing lace bands across her dress. It modified the whole look of the dress and added a chic romantic vibe to it.

31. For Cutlery

For Cutlery

Another great way of using lace is for setting up your dinner table. Take a strip of any lace and tie it around the napkin and the cutlery. This not just holds the pieces together but also creates a romantic look on the dining table.

32. Glass Jars

Glass Jars

Add a vintage look to basic glass jars by wrapping lace around the rim of the jar. You can reuse these pretty glass bowls as candle holders or for potpourri. If not as decorative, these can be used to add an edge to your kitchen glass jars.


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