32 Best DIY Murphy Bed Ideas You Can Find On The Internet

Save space and money by switching to a DIY Murphy Bed instead of the traditional ones. Here’s a list of some of the best DIY murphy bed ideas on the Internet!

1. Wooden Murphy Bed

This tutorial shows how to build a hardwood murphy bed from scratch that is useful as an alternative to bedding in a small room. It looks like a wooden block or cupboard on the wall without affecting the room’s look. Moreover, it will help you make room for other activities. This tutorial shows in detail the costs, the products, and the step-by-step process to DIY a murphy bed.

2. DIY Modern Murphy Bed

Construct a wooden murphy bed to clean up the clutter in the room. Although it looks like a cupboard, you can add similar wooden shelves on the side to make up some storage space or act as nightstands when you use it as a bed. Besides, the wooden cabinet gives a nice luxurious and classy look to the room and is an excellent combination if you have hardwood floors.

3. Basic Wooden Bed With A Detachable Headboard

Make a wooden murphy bed with a nightstand, extra shelves, and sturdy construction for regular use. Moreover, it uses a creative way to make a detachable headboard to prevent pillows from falling. It is a resourceful addition to any utility room.

4. Murphy Bed With Shelves

If you want to make a murphy bed for your house without being obvious, then this tutorial shows a unique way of covering up the woodblock with shelves. You can use the shelves for decoration, which makes it challenging to recognize it as a wall bed. Additionally, it acts as a support to give height to the bed.

5. Murphy Bed With Headboard Space

Take inspiration from this video to make a murphy bed with shelves on the bottom. The shelves are useful for placing objects and other decoration items when not in use. Furthermore, it has a unique headboard that you can turn to decorate or use as a nightstand.

6. Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas1

DIY this modern farmhouse murphy bed with bookcases for a country house décor. It creates a cozier and relaxing environment with the bookcases and still leaves plenty of space. In addition, it blends perfectly as a bed without looking out of place.

7. Simple Cupboard Style Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas2

Create this spacious murphy bed IKEA style with the help of this tutorial. It is a simple and essential furniture addition with some extra space on the sides to hang lamps and other stuff when you pull the bed out for use.

8. Ikea Style Murphy Bed

Ikea Style Murphy Bed

IKEA has a lot of practical furniture that works as both storages and as useful stylish furniture. This tutorial shows how to make a modern bed that is not clumsy or takes a lot of space.

9. Couch With A Murphy Bed

Couch With A Murphy Bed

This idea is a stylish approach to the whole concept of murphy beds. You can take inspiration from it to create a couch with a murphy bed on top of it. The stylish legs and convertible approach make this extraordinarily unique and creative way to have a murphy bed in the house.

10. Folding Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas3

Go for a basic wooden bed tutorial that folds into the wall. This tutorial shows a simple way of making a minimalistic wooden murphy bed. You can use your creative skills to paint it in ways that fit the house’s interiors as appropriate.

11. Murphy Bed With Detachable Legs

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas4

Would you not fancy an incredible hack to add a bed next to your desk within a limited space? This tutorial shows how to do precisely that. The small murphy bed has detachable legs, and hence you do not need to use the area from the floor. Moreover, you can turn the back of the bed into a blackboard or whiteboard for taking notes as you use the adjoining desk.

12. Large Murphy Bed

Large Murphy Bed

Here’s another DIY murphy bed idea on making a large murphy bed with or without the attached shelves. It has some creative ideas on making bed legs that can rotate in if you want to pack it up and swivel out when you take it out. It adds an excellent height to the bed as well. Furthermore, you can find some tips on creating storage space for beddings.

13. Horizontal Murphy Bed

Horizontal Murphy Bed

Instead of using the vertical length of the wall, you can make a murphy bed on a horizontal side, making it look like a dresser. It is easily accessible for kids and does not occupy the whole wall space. And, you can easily place items on the top, making space for extra decoration.

14. Vintage Style Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas5

This idea shows how you can make a classy vintage-style murphy bed. It is an eye-grabbing piece of furniture that can quickly become the room’s focus. It is excellent, purposeful, and cozy as a wall bed.

15. Mini Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas6

Do you want a spot for yourself to sit without making it clumsy and don’t have any extra space in the house to do that? Take inspiration from this tutorial to make a mini-bed! This mini murphy bed is easily convertible into a sitting space and looks like another cabinet in the house.

16. Cheap Rustic Style Wall Bed

Cheap Rustic Style Wall Bed

If you are looking for cheap alternatives to making a murphy bed, you can take inspiration from this idea. The benefit is that it seems like a rustic bed and does not feel like low-cost furniture. Moreover, it easily fits in with the other furniture of the house.

17. Solid Wood Murphy Bed

Solid Wood Murphy Bed

Bring in the charm of a vintage household with this DIY solid wooden murphy bed with attached bookcases on either side. This modern yet rustic design brings a luxurious look and does not look like a wall bed.

18. DIY Murphy Bed With Hydraulics

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas7

This tutorial shows in detail the step-by-step process to make a basic murphy bed with hydraulics to make it easier to pull it out and push it inside the wall frame. Overall, it is a manageable wall frame with bar stools as nightstands It is a perfect addition to guest rooms or kids’ rooms.

19. Wilding Wall Bed Kit

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas8

Looking for a sturdy hardwood bed that blends with the other furniture of the house, then you can buy this wilding wall bed kit. It has cut-out pieces and boxes that you can attach to the DIY process to make a wilding wall bed. You can also take inspiration from this idea to make such a bed for your house.

20. Basic Murphy Bed

Basic Murphy Bed

Go for a simplistic look with this basic yet modern murphy bed. Made using wood, you can easily find all the supplies in one place and DIY it for your room. It is ideal if you are looking for a simplistic approach with just a bed and no other accessories that take up extra space in the wall.

21. IKEA Style Murphy Bed Wall

IKEA Style Murphy Bed Wall

If you are not confident about your carpentry skills or do not have enough time to build a murphy bed from scratch, you can take inspiration from this tutorial. DIY it along with other cabinets to make a coherent cupboard wall with a murphy bed installed. Additionally, it creates a lot of extra storage space and is similar to what you can find at IKEA.

22. Modern Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas9

A modern murphy bed that blends well with the contemporary style of your house interior, this DIY murphy bed is a perfect addition. It helps keep the modern and minimalist look while also making a purposeful space as a bedroom.

23. Small Space Guestroom With Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas10

Follow the tutorial to learn how to make a convertible guest room cum office space using some great DIY ideas that are economical and space-saving. Turn it into a comfortable guest room using a murphy bed and add a little extra to your house.

24. Cupboard Style Murphy Bed

 Cupboard Style Murphy Bed

If you are looking to install a murphy bed in your room and are not sure how to go through with it, you should take inspiration from here. Along with the DIY process, you can find helpful tips and questions to help you decide on having a murphy bed for your bedroom.

25. DIY Wooden Murphy Bed

DIY Wooden Murphy Bed

Learn how to make a wooden murphy bed with this easy-to-follow tutorial. It has all the steps, including attaching a bookshelf, making bed locks, buying supplies, etc. It is a perfect DIY if you are looking for an economical way to set up a large bed in a room without taking any space.

26. Twin Murphy Beds

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas11

This DIY bed idea shows how to make twin murphy beds without using expensive materials. Ideal for sharing, it can help have two beds in one room without eating up a lot of room space, making it accessible and flowy. Moreover, it is not directly attached to the wall and can be kept in any room.

27. Dog Murphy Bed

DIY Murphy Bed Ideas12

A unique way to have a dog bed, this tutorial shows how to convert a cabinet into a dog murphy bed. Unlike traditional dog beds that lie around and become a hindrance, this bed is compact, easy to use, and does not take up space. This tutorial shows a creative way to DIY faux doors to make a simple pull-out tray bed and make that look like a door cabinet.

28. Economical Murphy Bed

Economical Murphy Bed

If you want to add a bed to a room and not spend a lot of money on it, then you can follow this tutorial to make a cheap and useful murphy bed. Undoubtedly, it is the best economical way to add a wall bed with cupboards on either side, making up for extra storage space. It helps turn the room into a guest room, otherwise, you use it as an office or a recreational room when required.

29. Movable Murphy Bed

Build a murphy bed with shelves on the side in a wholly detached frame from the wall. It is easier to move around in any of the rooms and is helpful if you do not want to make permanent changes in the house.

30. Budget-Friendly Murphy Bed

Another alternative to the expensive murphy bed DIY, this tutorial shows how to make an utterly usable murphy bed without any costly material. Add little hardwood shelves that can act as the base of the bed and make it look classy and elegant. Further, you can paint it in shades that fit your interior and design your murphy bed.

31. Simple Murphy Bed With Metallic Stand

This DIY uses a rotating metallic stand to heighten the bed and can be customized to make it in any size you want. This bed has a metallic base with wooden covers and works perfectly as a wall bed. It is light and easy to pull out without putting in much effort.


All in all, all of these ideas are fantastic and incredibly useful. They help you give your home a better, cleaner, and more elegant look while allowing you to declutter your space too!

A cleaner space is proven to make you more productive and less irritable. Therefore, you can choose whatever suits you best from the list we have compiled for you on DIY murphy bed ideas, and let us know your thoughts, experience, and insights in the comments below.


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