32 Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener – Natural and Easy Recipes

DIY gel air freshener keeps your home smelling fresh affordably with just a few ingredients. The best thing is that you’ll avoid toxic chemicals in commercial products.

1. DIY Gel Air Freshener

Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener 1

This all-natural DIY gel air freshener using liquid potpourri and essential oils is not only lovely to look at but also gives you a natural way to eliminate dingy odors from your living space. Find the recipe here.

2. Low Cost Air Freshener Gel

Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener 2

This low-cost and easy-to-customize gel air freshener recipe has the power to keep you addicted in making unique ones for the purpose of gifting your loved ones.

3. Sea Salt Air Freshener Gel

Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener 3

With sea salt as a natural preservative and some food color for a mystical appearance, this fragrant air freshener recipe will make you wonder why you ever turned to toxic chemical ones for your indoor space.

4. Easy Gel Air Fresheners

Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener 4

This air freshener recipe makes changing fragrances with the season an easy task, for instance you could whip up apple pie scented gel for fall or cinnamon scented ones for the holidays.

5. Natural Odor Eater

Homemade DIY Gel Air Freshener 5

This handy home freshener recipe is an easy way to spruce up your home with the zesty scent of citrus, sans toxic residues, and sky-high costs. Here’s the complete DIY.

6. Super Easy DIY Gel Air Freshener

Usher in summer to your home with this sweet orange thyme infused gel air freshener recipe that comes together under five minutes.

7. Gel Air Fresheners With Essential Oils

The best thing about gel air fresheners with essential oils is that they’re ridiculously easy to customize and give you endless possibilities to create delicious scent combinations. Find more details in this video.

8. 3 Ingredient Gel Room Freshener

This DIY shows you how to rustle up a jelly room freshener with just three, low-cost supplies, so you won’t feel guilty about changing the fragrance when you feel like.

9. Scented Air Freshener with Gelatin

DIY Scented Gel Air Fresheners

This easy recipe of DIY scented gel refreshes your home within minutes and gives you the satisfaction that your family is breathing toxin-free air.

10. Vodka Gel Air Fresheners

Vodka Gel Air Fresheners

Making a gel air freshener can’t get easier than this! All you need is some gelatin and a scent of your choice. Food coloring and plastic flowers are a nice way to get a decorative look. Here’s the DIY.

11. Natural Gel Air Fresheners

Natural Gel Air Fresheners

Including vodka, gelatin, and essential oils, this versatile gel air freshener comes handy for deodorizing the fridge or making your clothes smell nice in the closet. Plus, you can add a wick to it and use it as a candle. Here’s the DIY.

12. Leaves Gel Air Fresheners

diy gel air freshener 12

Dress up your ordinary gel air freshener with berries and maple leaves to welcome fall or give away as gifts. This DIY has all the details.

13. Colored Gel Air Freshener

diy gel air freshener 13

If you want complete control over your gel air freshener recipe in terms of color, fragrance, and decoration, consider this DIY. It even gives you easy hacks to layer using colored gels and seasonal scents.

14. Easy Scented Gel Air Fresheners

With essential oils and unflavored gelatin, this simple recipe makes for a permanent deodorizing solution for stinky spaces. Add in some food coloring and pretty packaging to make the perfect hostess gift. Here’s the DIY.

15. DIY Gel Air Freshner with Essential Oils

DIY Gel Air Freshner with Essential Oils

How would you like to live amid the warm, toasty smells of ginger, clove, and cinnamon around the year! Well, this DIY shows you an easy way to achieve that.

16. Christmas Scent Air Freshener

Imagine the fragrance of gingerbread cookies and cinnamon, and you have an idea of what this air freshener smells like. Here’s the DIY.

17. Rose Gel Air Freshener

This gentle, non-toxic air freshener gives you a way to get the smell of rose wafting through your home without burning wicks or spraying aerosols. Here’s the DIY.

18. Mason Jar Air Freshener

Mason Jar Air Freshener

Devoid of chemical odors or wicks to burn, these pint-sized air fresheners are small enough to fit in cup holders and perfect for sprucing up small spaces like closets, car or even a desktop. Here’s the complete tutorial.

19. All-Natural Gel Air Fresheners

All-Natural Gel Air Fresheners

Potpourri, simmer pots and essential oils are all fine, but when you live in a home full of pesky creatures that topple things from tables and make a mess, you want no-spill solutions to deodorize your living space. Here’s an eco-friendly DIY to do that.

20. Watersorb Polymer Crystals Gel Air Fresheners

Watersorb Polymer Crystals Gel Air Fresheners

Homemade gel air fresheners packaged in a holiday-style theme are perfect as thoughtful gifts that hold a lot more meaning than their synthetic counterparts. Find the DIY here.

21. Mojito Gel Air Freshener

These summer-special gel air fresheners refresh and deodorize your home, filling it up with mojito-like scents that are perfect for beating Monday blues. Here’s the DIY.

22. Lavender Air Freshener Gel

Lavender-scented gels are great for people with undefined allergies and chemical sensitivities and especially safe for use around children. Get the complete DIY here.

23. Holiday Scents Gel Air Freshener

Filled with Christmasy colors and holiday scents, these beautiful gel fresheners make pretty presents to give away as party favors. Make them within minutes with this easy DIY.

24. Summer Gel Air Freshener

Style up your home for the warm weather with this zesty air freshener recipe that also gives you a golden chance to upcycle all those cute glass bottles that you have been saving in your DIY stash.

25. Agar Agar Gel Air Freshener

Using agar-agar that is easy to find and cheap as well, this DIY guides you how to make subtlely scented air fresheners that even gives you control over how strong or how mild you want it to be.

26. Homemade Essential Oil Air Freshener

If you like to have a combination of essential oils in an allergy-free, toxin-free air freshener combo, this DIY will tell you which scents match and which ones don’t.

27. Rare Gel Air Fresheners

The brilliant blue color of this coupled with its mood-uplifting lemony scent and an organic base makes it one of those rare gel air fresheners that look good and work well. Make them with these instructions here.

28. Cute Mason Jar Air Freshener for Gifting

If you’re apprehensive about gifting a jar of baking soda to your loved one, consider the prettier version: a fragrant gel air freshener packaged in a cute Mason jar and wrapped with a pretty bow. Find complete details here.

29. Air Freshener without Essential Oil

These lovely air fresheners liven up a dull corner with delicious aromas of the forests in fall, making them perfect gifts for a housewarming party. Find the DIY here.

30. Easy Gel Air Freshener

You won’t find a more lucid and detailed guide for making inexpensive air fresheners at home. Complete with pictures and hacks, this DIY is just what you need to get your feet wet.

31. 5-Min Air Freshener

5-Min Air Freshener

Whether you swear by cedarwood or have a nose for lavender, this easy, five-step DIY shows you how to whip up a batch of organic air fresheners that can be customized with ease in terms of color and quantity.

32. Natural Gel Air Freshener

Natural Gel Air Freshener

These 100% organic air fresheners are not only compostable but also travel-friendly, so you’re never too far away from comforting smells even when the trip gets too nauseating to bear. Find complete instructions here.


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